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[Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeat]

[WAR as the ultimate cover story for the coming financial collapse



as its called, means “death by government,” 

and it exterminated 262 million lives over the last century of so. ]

The Syria Pentagram — Vortex: Conscious and Courageous

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016 

The Syria Pentagram 

The real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid. 

Whoever controls that energy point is very close to controlling the majority of the […]

über The Syria Pentagram — Vortex: Conscious and Courageous


By Hani Dweik

I was once told that cities are like women! Each has its taste, shape, scent and beauty.

If this is the case, then Aleppo is no woman! She is a Goddess. An immortal Goddess that managed to travel through time and still looking young and vibrant as a 15 year old who is full of energy and enthusiasm to look for anything new.

The last time; and the only time I was in Aleppo was back in July 2009. I fell in love with that city instantly. I never knew what the secret that this city in particular has!

Is it the charm of the old and ancient houses that each one of them can tell you a thousand stories of its inhabitants? Was it the smell of spices and rose petals in the old Souq? 

Was it the diversity of people who walks down the street smiling and looking at you with a proud look that says 


If I was asked to describe the city in one word only, it would be MAGIC!

That is because, while you are there, you would lose track of time. You would never realise that you have spent hours walking in the streets of the city, until your legs can no longer support you.

Then came 2011, and everything was changed.

Aleppo tried to stay out of the conflict as much as she could. But they would not allow her. They dragged her in this hateful conflict, which not only destroyed physical actual structures, but also crushed souls and spirits.

The whole Syrian conflict did not hit, until one morning while having my coffee and watching the news.

The Aleppo Souq; which is the oldest running market in the world and a UNICEF heritage site, was no longer there! It was burned. Destroyed. How could it be?! Who can do such a thing?!

It was that moment when I realised that this, is no ordinary conflict.

The city that was once one of the most important cities on the Silk Road; the city that harboured one of the oldest Synagogues, the city that is famous for its cuisine and music, the city that is famous for its hospitality and welcoming … is no longer there. Instead, it was replaced by rubbles, hate, thirst for destruction and blood.

More and more, I’m convinced that this region is destined to be restless. Aleppo is no exception I’m afraid.

From the beginning of time, the Middle East lived and still lives in turmoil. Jerusalem, Beirut, Baghdad and Aleppo, are just few to mention of cities in the Middle East that bled and still bleeding. Who is responsible for that?!

Well, everybody blames everybody else. Everyone claims they are on the “right side”. Everyone claims that their “God” is better than everyone else’s “God”.

However, in my own “text book”, God is love. God is mercy. God is welcoming.

So obviously I believe in a different God. 

A God that tells me hate brings hate, while love will certainly bring love.

So here is my message to Aleppo; hold one my beautiful Goddess. The day will come when you will rise and shine again. The day when your music will be the sound to be heard in the streets instead of artillery, the day when spices and roses are the smell in the streets instead of blood and smoke.

So from Jerusalem, Baghdad and Beirut; I send you love.

Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part IV.7
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Ein Mann, ein Wort.

Die falschen und die wahren Freunde und die eigenen Fehler und Feinde in der Naturheilbewegung, welche der wahren Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft 
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part IV.6
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Wer ist ein Kurpfuscher und wer ein wahrer Arzt?
Kurpfuscher ist der, welcher eine Tätigkeit bei Kranken ausübt, über die er sich keine Rechenschaft ablegen kann, bei vorherrschend 

Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part IV.5
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Das Ende der Kurierfreiheit.
(Mit Genehmigung des Herrn Reinhold Gerling aus der Zeitschrift „Der Naturarzt“ v. März 1898. Verlag Wilh. Möller, Berlin)
Es wirft doch ein scharfes
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part IV.4
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Hutersche Wissenschaft
Die Verbreitung meiner Wissenschaft durch mündlichen und brieflichen Unterricht, Vorträge und sonstige Schriften.
Angesichts dieser Tatsachen und einzig in
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part IV.3
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Über das vermeintliche Können hinaus.
Im Nachstehenden will ich einige Beispiele aus meiner diagnostischen und heilkundigen Praxis anführen, welche bestätigen, dass sowohl die 

Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part IV.2
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part IV.1
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part III.4
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part III.3
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part III.2
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part III.1
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm

Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.13
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.12
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.11
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.10
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.9
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.8
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.7
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.6
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.5
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.4
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.3
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.2
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part II.1
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.12
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm

Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.11
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.10
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.9
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.8
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.7
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.6
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.5
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.4
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - Part I.3
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - part I.2
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde             Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm
Carl Huter: Heilwissenschaft der Zukunft - part I.1
Die psycho-physiologische Naturheilkunde            Bearbeitung: Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Syria Pentagram

The real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.

Whoever controls that energy point is very close to controlling the majority of the energy leyline system on the planetary surface. 

Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to global consciousness of humanity. 

This is why the Jesuits have engineered the creation of Daesh (Islamic State).

The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram. 

In the hands of the Light forces, this pentagram is an instrument of good that can transform the whole Middle East 


can be a huge transmitter of positive feminine energy. 

In the hands of the dark, 

this pentagram can create much suffering, as people in Syria have experienced in the last few years. 

All five points of Syria pentagram are key towns in Syria 

that had a strong connection with the Goddess energy in their rich past. 


These five points are:

Aleppo, a city with a strong Goddess presence:

Homs, the birth place of Julia Domna. Julia Domna was a Roman empress who tried to bring wisdom to the Roman court:

Palmyra, the birth place of Zenobia, a queen that lead the revolt against the oppression of the Roman empire:


Raqqa, the area where the Halaf culture was born:

Manbij, which was the center of worship of the Syrian goddess of fertility, Atargatis:

Three of those points, Aleppo, Homs and Palmyra, have already been liberated from the clutches of Daesh, Palmyra very recently:

Manbij will be free soon, too:

The liberation of Palmyra has cleared the path towards the liberation of Raqqa, the main Daesh stronghold in Syria:

When Raqqa is liberated, that will very rapidly lead to the complete liberation of the Syrian pentagram and will drastically improve the situation in the Middle East. 

Those who feel guided, can help supporting the healing of the Syria pentagram by visualizing this piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria pentagram, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region: 


This piece of Halafian pottery, made 7000 years ago, contains sacred geometry codes that activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from all four directions. 

Victory of the Light!


Many people are asking what is behind the Panama papers. This link explains it all:


  1. Here's link of the pottery

    1. A larger animation of the Halaf pottery can be seen here. Originally posted on November 24th 2014.

      Looking at the pottery can change your very consciousness.

  2. Hello! I have a request to make to those that have in their possession a cintamani stone.
    I am not doing very well in the health department, so I'm asking anyone with a cintamani stone to make a wish for me to get better/heal, it's related to my digestive system/intestines, specifically the stools are very hard and I'm afraid my rectum will be destroyed this time.
    My name is André Lopes Valente born in January 1994, Portugal(Europe).
    I'm not making a joke/lying.
    I appreciate any support on this issue.

    1. Sending you energy. You should also take some probiotics and cut out sugars for now. (Candida infection?) Be well!

    2. andre,
      a quick fix to the condition you describe:

      additional help can be had by adding a small quantity of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (also written as h2o2) to the enema solution. very carefully mix only ONE tablespoon 35% h2o2 to one liter of purified water. place one cup of this solution into an enema bag and proceed with the enema. hold this solution in for one minute or until you need to release. this will provide you with some immediate relief. very carefully read the directions that come with this product.)

      diet is the key here. the saying "garbage in, garbage out" really applies to our health. 

      it sounds to me like you may be eating a diet rich in animal products, sugar and starches with very little raw fruits and raw vegetables and insufficient hydration. a long term solution to the condition you describe can be had by adopting a new diet rich in raw fruits and raw vegetables and water, and reducing significantly the intake of breads, pasta, wheat, potatoes, sugar and all animal products. this is a very simplified approach that i am suggesting. it is only meant as a general guideline to begin resolving your health. there is plenty of help available to you if you choose.  

      i wish you well.

    3. Andre94:
      There is an Ayurvedic product called 'Triphala', which means '3 fruits') and it is very good for digestion and intestines. Triphala is all natural and if you can get some it will help you. Natural food stores have it and you can buy it on line too. 

      Also, drink as much water as you can drink and do a lot of walking and 'lower body' exercise. If you can't walk, lie on your back and "pedal a bicycle" with your feet in the air. 

    4. Sending healing prayers Andre♡

    5. Hello, it sounds like you're suffering from constipation. Instead of relying on Internet strangers' power rocks to heal you, here are a few actions you can take to alleviate your symptoms: eat more foods that are rich in fiber, drink more water, and, if absolutely necessary, take some laxatives. If your condition gets worse, please see a medical doctor for professional advice and treatment. Good luck and take care.

    6. <3 Peace and Love i feel deeply for you will think of you tonight in my meditation before bed ...

    7. Perhaps this will help you. May the Blessings be...


      I'm wearing my cintamani 24/7. Still, i get sick.I hope that people just would take a few minutes to pray for you, and send healing energies to YOU.

      Have you ever tried any NATURAL, HOME REMEDIES?I would suggest you to get the BEST RAW honey available and consume it all by itself. Just have a couple of TABLE SPPON of it early in the morning, and late evening, before going to bed. 

      However, it's is even better when combined with ALL ORGANIC, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. There should be a merky subtance at the bottom, indicating it's not being sterilized. There are tons of research papers, books, articles and videos on HONEY AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. 

      This is one of the MOST amazingly well working and CHEAP home remedy to be used for so many health issues that will take hours to talk about them. Just google them. Watch some videos.

      Another extremely healing and cheap remedy for the hard stools would be taking every morning, (on empty stomach), 3-4 TABLE SPOONS of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, or all natural FLAX SEED oil. Or you can just eat some flax seed oils with your soup, or drink them with a little APPLE JUICE.

      I also suggest YOU to contact people on this site:Critical Health News. com

      They have many great natural stuff for sale and they are much much cheaper than the medicine, (i'm talking here, in the USA).

      Please, take care of yourself, and don't forget to inform us about your progress.

      May angels and Arch Angel take YOU under their powerful, protecting and healing wings and give you your strenght and health back.I LOVE YOU, AND I BLESS YOU!

    9. stop eating meat and start eating prunes and vegetables and fruit.

    10. I asked my stone to help ... I don't know how well I am able to communicate with it, but rest assured even thought I don't know what I'm doing I made a wish to it for you to get better/heal.

    11. Okay, I asked my stone to help you. But you could help yourself by eating a banana or two a day. It will work wonders and is very simple.

    12. Woow... i'm not good in this, but, you have to stay positive, everything will be fine, i wish you well!!

    13. I will be sending you healing but also try a complete detox.There are many modalities and choices that you can find on-line. Also try Senna Leaves tea it really helps and strengthens the intestines too.

    14. Hi Andre. Lots of good advice from all the above. Very simply - I WOULD EAT ONLY FRUITS, VEGETABLES, NUTS & SEEDS & maybe a little whole grain & plenty of water for at least a couple of weeks NO SUGAR, then keep to this as much as possible. The body is a miracle and can improve rapidly with right treatment. Good luck to you!

    15. YEAH and ddon't forget to buy you OWN exclusive JUST for YOU Cintamani STONE here : 

      Because freedom is not just a question of thougth, we NEED your money :) please keep sending :) 

  3. And may SHE finally be at PEACE and know PEACE once again! Peace and Victory of the LIGHT!

  4. I... thank you for clarify what's happeninh in the world right now, you give people reasons to be happy and look the future with hope.

    Thank you.

  5. OK...I have been using This piece of Halafian pottery over Syria daily as part of my daily meditation!

  6. VICTORY of the LIGHT!
    Panama Papers and Syria.
    In both cases, I have had feeling about Syria, and the 'DARK' Cabal' is using OIL as another distraction. For so many congregated in one area of the EARTH, fighting to no end, something much more important than mere oil is at stake. Something, an anomaly, under Syria.
    The Panama Papers sure bust on the scene, all slick and prepared. At first, I got 'fished in', then shortly, it hit me, another DISTRACTION. Sleight of hand, you do not see what the other hand is doing. But the 'showing' hand is quite dazzling (hey, don't look over there). After all, PUTIN actually DID something in Syria.  
    Good luck out there, the only ones that are going to save us, is us. It really helps to FOLLOW THE MONEY, and you will always know what the world is running on.  
    All this distraction, something large, huge, big is about to happen.  
    Think 'ROPE' and 'COLLAPSE'.
    VICTORY of the LIGHT! 

  7. Cobra, thank you for the fascinating information regarding the pentagram in Syria. You have written about the goddess vortex there, but I didn't know anything about the pentagram there. This is fascinating. 

    The author of "Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection. Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle," is a friend of a friend.... 

    The author rode his motorcycle around the world (5 continents, 35 countries) and one of our friends asked him, "Well, which countries were your favorite?"  

    He said "Syria and Ethiopia."  "Why?" he was asked."Because the people there are so wonderful." 

    If this awful mess is cleared up, maybe we can all visit Syria.  

    I want to say something, but i'm not sure if i should do that. So it takes me a few days to decide. And when i'm finally posting it - a few hours later - Cobra is posting a new intel........... 
    So, i had to re-post this. 



    If you have missed reading this posted by me back in December 2015,, then I'm asking you to first read my posting regarding me, Cobra and Rob. Because; only after you've read it, i'll be posting another one closely related to this one.


    TO ALL, who are frustrated with Rob's attitude.

    Believe me, i hate doing this. And after reading this, you'll see - it took me a very long time to get the guts and reveal, talk about this matter. The recent many comments posted by many of you, was a "push the button" point for me to go ahead and do this.

    So without further ado, let’s begin……

    (More to read....)

    1. Thanks Hye Angel.  

      I went back and found your very informative full comment post from Dec. 30, 2015 (which I had not earlier read). I totally understand why you would have Rob call into C2C, and it is great that the Laguna Beach conference was immediately filled up. You helped Rob out and he thanked you. 

      Rob's departure from doing the Cobra interviews strikes me as just another step in his development. He moved to Maui (I am so jealous of that!) and he's trying new stuff and helping Corey Goode on stuff. Why not? 

      I have felt a small kinship with Rob because we both grew up in "surfing towns" on the Calif coast and I understand him, at some level.

      And when he refers to Cobra as "The Cobes" it totally cracks me up. 

      I will miss Rob but hope to be at his Mt. Shasta conference this summer. He will have, among other people, Luis Martens there, the Lake Titicaca "shaman" or whatever his description is.

      I hope Rob checks in with us from time to time.  

      Aloha and Mahalo and Best wishes to Rob in his new adventures. 

    2. Well that was a great thing you did, Hye Angel. 
      Oh, car troubles led to me to losing jobs and leaving California to be near family! 

      I noticed my comment in that thread, a bit above yours, which was a response to someone who seemed to think we were the thought police on Rob. Ger sey responded to those people, and I chimed in to clarify my own position:


      ger seyDecember 30, 2015 at 4:42 AM

      Please stop those disgusting and rude comments about Rob.It is getting boring.....focus only on the positive! Ignore the rest!!Specially in these times, we have to remain UNITED.I think Rob is a very positive guy, if he have some personal preferences about Jesus, ... so what? He doesnt seem to try to impose them...i have my preference about Buddha so what? We are all different ( this is not a sect!!!) and yet, we have a common goal which unite us, the Event.So please, no more attackingIndeed very ungrateful creatures, you are (Yoda)ReplyReplies

      Phoenix BoulayJanuary 1, 2016 at 7:11 PM

      Thank you. I responded to some comments far above in the thread, but I don't see that it got posted, and this was many days ago. Maybe Cobra is busy or maybe he chose not to post it, but I wanted to participate in the discussion to respond to a general accusation I read far above in the thread.

      No one has told anyone to "shut up" about Rob, we have repeatedly urged/requested that people stop making personal attack on him and everyone else. We have also been ridiculed and attacked simply for coming to his defense (not that he needs us to, he is a big boy and has spoken up in his own defense on occasion). Can't people verbalize their issues without character assassination or condemning him or others?

      For example, one person persists at ridiculing Sheldan Nidle at length, thus proving only his own ignorance, IMHO. I urge anyone, if his channelings don't make sense to you, then simply ignore them, and maybe try listening to Sheldan being interviewed instead. Alexandra Meadors did a great interview with him earlier this year. He is extremely intelligent and articulate. Seems to me that his timing may be off, but I sense that his messages and his mission are well-intended.

    3. As for Rob, I like Rob, I respect Rob and yet, I do not agree with him on everything, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying his immense contributions. I like his larger than life personality, too! He makes me laugh, in a good way. I am still not sure what to think about Dave Schmidt, as I find him to be very charismatic and likable, but I know he is a controversial figure, and I don't understand the whole Iraqui Dinar thing, the Ambassadors and various Dragon families, it is all rather confusing to me. So I listen to such things with a grain of salt and an open mind until I gain more understanding.

      I did this with Corey Goode. I was not one of the first to jump in and celebrate him, as much of what I read sounded too fantastic to be true, and it just didn't resonate or grab me at first. However, once I saw video of him interviewed on camera, I had a much different impression. Seeing his eyes as he spoke about his experiences told me a lot about him, much more than I got out of reading his posts. I feel that he is sincere and for real. Notice, I didn't say I THINK so, I said I FEEL so. Intuition comes from your heart, feelings, not from your mind or mental constructs. He is incredibly strong to go through the things he has gone through, and maintain his sanity. Now I only wish I had more time to spend watching his videos.

      One more thing regarding Rob, because people said they don't trust him. I trust Cobra, and he trusts Rob, and that is good enough for me. But I also feel that Rob is sincere and has only the best of intentions in all his efforts as a Seeker and Lightwarrior.

      Of course it is OK to have different opinions than others, and to respectfully disagree! ger sey laid it out, this is bigger than we as individuals, and we must focus on the the greater good and our collective efforts towards The Event, which should be more than enough to unify us.

      I have a quick French temper, so it takes effort and reflection to keep my own kneejerk reactions in check. One of my intentions this year, is to learn to RESPOND instead of REACT to people and situations. (Live sporting events trending on twitter, being the exception.)

      Happy New Year to all. I expect that humanity will make great progress and have amazing breakthroughs in 2016! Keep up the good work!


  9. That Halafian pottery tricky with the eyes lol Peace And Love to all

  10. CAPP Enforcement Action Deadline - Annoucement from Kameran Abdul-Rahim Faily Consultant to The Ancient Royal Families

    You can read all about that here

  11. It seems Soros has started much of the problems in the world. Sure hope that he is on the priority list of The Event.

    1. Just look at his face! His soul is rotten

  12. Thanks for the update. Very interesting what is going on in Syria. I was happy when I heard the news about Palmyra being liberated, and some of the ancient structures are still standing. After The Event we can rebuild there. Two more cities to go! I will be watching this war with great interest.

    Thanks so much for giving info about the Panama papers. I thought it was the cabal, the way they were hammering Putin, and not mentioning too many western politicians in the corporate news being in those papers.

    Victory of the Light! :) 

  13. which proves its not coincidence but a false flag war :(

  14. Im sorry..but this whole Goddess thing turms my stomach. Modern women today treat males like garbage. the last thing I need is "goddess worship". Rolls eyes.

    1. If a woman will be able to see a Goddess in herself, she will be able to see a God in men. You can't see Shiva if you don't see Parvati..

    2. This modern fashion called feminism
      has nothing to do with real Goddess msnifestation, is just a stupid, uggly, fake reaction to machism. It doesnt have any root in the Real Goddess energies. Today feminists are so distant from the Real Goddess like a dead, plastic decoration flower is from a real Rose.
      Feminists are reactionary, like communists or punks. No reality in them.
      One thing is the modern affirmation of womens rights, other thing is this uggly mutation of womanhood, called "feminism"

    3. Any woman who treats ANYONE like garbage is not a goddess. It takes more than a vagina to make a goddess.

    4. Your pseudonym fits well with your message 
      If women treat you like garbage the problem lies definitely within you. Look inside 

    5. So if that was the case, please forgive them, so you can let go your frustration, okay? I wish for you to meet a woman from your soulfamily or soulmategirl that treats you with love and respect and honors who you are, so you can grow together in harmony and enjoy life. <3

    6. Whoa, people. Let's not take the feminine Goddess aspects out of feminism! Angry woman militants do not OWN the word feminism any more than angry male militants do, and "feminism" and "Goddess" actually are NOT dirty words, nor are they mutually exclusive. Sorry guys, but you don't get to define us as women. 

      I am a feminist, a Goddess and sometimes I'm even a bitch. The purpose of these energies are to help bring us all into balance, foster harmony and to provide nurturing, but of course women can be fiercely protective and outspoken as well. BTW, I love men, and their masculine qualities that balance in an interactive dance with women's qualities. Not opposite, not more, not less, but equally important. Remember, we're all in this together.<3 

    7. We all can become a bitch sometimes, women and men, especially when we suffer severe sleep deprivation. This condition is the worst for triggering the "bitchy days", i noticed. Lol

    8. Feminism, like any other "-ism", was created by the globalists, in order to box people into unnatural groups, pitting them against each other, to ultimately only serve the globalist agenda. In case of "feminism"it was to break up family-units, sad to say, so far it's worked pretty well.

      As James Mitchell cleverly pointed out above, "It takes more than a vagina to make a goddess". Yes as a matter of fact, I've met men who possess way more "goddess energies" than many cold and calculating women without any connection to their feminine "goddess side". in the public-eye..I'll pick Hillary and Janet Napolitano, some scary women..

      Where does it begin, or end? Women make babies, yet don't raise their sons to respect women, women give life yet they proudly send their sons to fight senseless wars that are not theirs to begin with, and the cycle goes on until you stop the cycle in your personal life. and take responsibility of their own feminine and masculine sides and balance their hearts into One complete, conscious being.

      Cobra is not talking about worshiping some ancient female goddess, or idol worship!! but "the Archetype and the archetypical 'positive' aspects of the Feminine", such as softness, kindness, patience, compassion instead of the 'negative feminine' qualities. I agree that it ain't all pretty, or easy, in a world ruled by overly masculine energies, such as aggression and greed of and by both men and women but, I can also think of several wonderful masculine qualities without which nothing would ever "get done", stagnant life would be pretty boring ;)

  15. This post of Cobra's is supremely important. We need people to step up and join in healing this region as much as possible:

    In this context, the following 'blurb' feels a bit out of place, but I did previously promise to share my Tachyon Chamber experience come April. Below is the article which I have written describing this experience. I encourage everyone who has an opportunity to visit a Tachyon Chamber to do so - it is well worth the time, effort and money.

    For those who may not have the resources to do so now, please understand - this is why we are all working to make the EVENT happen as soon as possible. Money should not be an obstacle to feeling better and living more happily - all of us have a right to this, and by making the EVENT happen, we make that right a reality for every human on the planet.

    Healing is the common thread between the Syria Pentagram as well as the Tachyon Chamber; we heal that region, we heal ourselves, we heal Mother Earth - all is interconnected.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am glad that you received the healing you so desperately needed. Personally, I bought one of the first tachyonized cintamani stones that Cobra sold. It did have a profound influence on me that was quite tangible. However, eventually that wore off. The energy of our world is just too toxic for the positive effects to last long. That is why we need the Event! Liberation NOW!!

    2. James, Sure we need the event... 

      But go back and read (in one Cobra's last 1 or 2 interviews) how the cintamani stone is not dead -- it is alive and bursting with energy.  

      Once I started understanding *that,* I started talking to it... asking it for protection (it works!) asking it for solutions to things (solutions arrive!) asking it to help me develop to my highest abilities (my personal compass feels like it is getting stronger and I'm more convinced about my choices) ... 

      These "Cinties" are millions of years old. They don't just "wear out" from what I can tell. I don't think the effects wear out either, honestly.  

      To me, this little rock is becoming part of me (I feel a song coming on!)and I always feel better when I'm wearing Cintie.  

      So -- just my humble opinion, of course, but in these crazy times, we need these stones.  

      And they appear to be changing the course of humanity...  

      They are very special. I feel honored to have one.

    3. Hi Megan,

      thanks for sharing your Cintamani experience. When I first got my "Cintie" (I like that) I treated it like a pet, cuddling it, playing with it, feeling where it wanted to be as part of the Light Machine and putting it in different spots all the time. And taking it on walks and drives wherever I went of course.

      In January I got the Urge to wear it closer to me and was shown in my mind's eye how to manufacture a necklace that holds the stone. It worked the first time I tried (no trial and error this time) and I've worn it every day since then.

      The first necklace got dissolved by wear and water after 23 days, the second one lasted 42 days. This third one I'm currently wearing is the best-looking one so far, let's see how long it'll last.But, yeah, keeping "Cintie" close to me feels really good, especially at night. For me it's like having a cat on my lap or under the covers when I'm in bed :-)

      It's a Light I Hold Tight and Treasure in the Night :-)

      And by popular demand it is my pleasure to play for you, one more time . . .One More Time: We're Gonna Celebrate

      Lots Of Love And Light


      ... "Cintie" ... I like that :-) 

    4. Cintamani stones may need recharging in sunlight like gem stones? Just a thought. Do they need purification like gem stones? I don't know. I doubt it but just wondering.

    5. @Megan, I would imagine that each person is going to have a different experience with the Cintamani Stone because we are each different. No one person’s experience is more “correct” or “true” than anyone else’s. If you have different and ongoing experiences with your stone, great! However, that has not been the case for me. As I said, and I stand by what I said, when I first got my stone I had a flurry of different experiences but they have since stopped. My stone is now completely dormant and inert. Perhaps when the Event happens it will become active again. I don’t know. But I know what I experience now and no one else can convince me differently. 

    6. Thanks Rajah,

      My Cintie hasn't started Meow-ing yet, but when she does, I will take her for a drive... :) 

      And James: Perhaps your Cintie just needs a little cuddle or something... (kidding)... Yes, of course, we each have our own experience with these things and I didn't mean to imply everyone's experience is the same (I *did* sort of imply that, though, didn't I?) 

      Who knows, you may find your Cintie on your pillow some night when you least expect it... :) 

    7. Each and every person that is able to visit a tachyon chamber, helps themselves and helps the earth, in my humble opinion. It is a humbling and beautiful blessing. Regarding the cintamani stones, has anyone noticed their stone getting lighter? I am sure I could not see through mine when I received it and now I can. A long time a go my little sister called me cinti which I now recall.

  16. I have been using the pottery visualization over Syria for the last week, sending light, love, and prayers for peace, and will continue to do so. May the return of Goddess energy bring peace and freedom to the planet. Blessed Be the Goddess in Her many manifestations. 

    Victory to the Light.

  17. We created a meditation on facebook Healing Syria Pentagram every Thursday 7 pm utc

  18. The Syria Pentagram with ancient Halafian pottery:

  19. Cobra & crew, the cool "mysticism" that you are involved is in reality sexual foreplay by the Goddess.

    1. Hmmm--- I think I really like this post. Sounds wonderful to me.

  20. can we have some info on the US Presidential race please Cobra (besides Trump news!)

    1. The whole thing is a circus.

    2. The whole world stage is a Circus INDEED! Putin included.

    3. one step up... the whole reality is a circus ;)

    4. business as usual.. :) sound about right as an update.

  21. The feminine/masculine energy is inside each one of us. It is our responsibility to come to self inner balance of our being. Our inner world creates our outer world.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. It would be nice, if you could mention our website in the article, cause you are using it:

    Thanks and nice article.

  24. may Goddess energy smother all the haters with big smooches of love, light and harmony.

  25. Thank you, Cobra! Despite seeming appearance, if we look more closely we can see many indications that things are zipping right along! 

    I did a search to find prior posts mentioning the Halafian pottery, to refresh my memory on the background info.

    Prior related posts:

  26. Cobra I do hope you start activating masculine god portals across the planet as well, I think if we balance the energies things may go alot smoother. So if there is conferences to be held on god portals I think many of us would be interested in attending. I love the feminine energy to but I do think masculine energy balanced with the feminine energies will help the people get out of their victimhood state and fight the dark forces more effectively.- Thanks Tim

    1. Tim, the source energy is both masculine and feminine, cobra only talks about the importance of the Goddess energy because this is the energy that the earth needs the most right now. There is too much negative masculine energy in our planet nowadays(wars, or competition, for example), and the feminine energy will balance everything. 

      If the masculine energy would be the most needed now, we would focus on channeling it also. 

      The God and the Goddess principles are both respected and honored by the light forces.

    2. This ancient Sumerian seal will unlock the divine masculine energies:

      You don't have to ask permission to use either the masculine or feminine energies. You can open as many portals as you want. Cobra is only requesting our assistance in the most critical areas and I am more than willing to help him any way I can.

    3. Cobra - Actually both aspects are distorted on this planet.

      Untwine : Ok. Because it seems that the masculine is also suppressed, people have a hard time to take initiative and action.

      C : Yes it is suppressed. Healthy masculine initiative is greatly suppressed on this planet.

      ---ref ut1114U : Ok. So why are we more talking about the feminine and not of them together ?

      C : It's just because there was such a big imbalance in the past because the feminine was suppressed even more. And of course you and anybody else are much more than welcome to talk about healthy masculine it is also very important. Taking and inspiring action is one of the keys to planetary liberation.

      U : Ok. So what we aim really is balance yes ?

      C : Yes.

      ---ref ut1114

  27. My father was born in Aleppo. He died when i was 18 months old. 

    The wast majotiry of people living in Aleppo are/were Armenians, who survived the most horrible genocide organized by the archons/cabal, and was executed by their puppets and mind controlled army. IT WAS NOT DONE BY THE COMMON, HARDWORKING TURKISH PEOPLE!!!!

    When this Syrian war started, among thousands of other Armenians, my uncle, (fathers' brother) and his family, left everything they had/owned in Aleppo behind, and had to flee to Armenia. 

    I LWAYS LOVED ALL the people on Earth. WITH ALL MY HEART. Long before knowing/learning the truth. I AM A REAL PEACE LOVER, AND A PEACE MAKER.I believed in reincarnation since my very early age. I had little, tiny memories telling me - i was here before. Therefore, my ancient soul could see - WHO THE REAL people are, and WHAT IS THAT THEY REALLY WANT?


    The list goes on and on and on....  


    (This was a spontaneous writng i felt/sensed i had to put together).

    1. Hye Angel,

      Thank you for sharing your heartfelt history & story...You are a cherished soul!

    2. Nice. Agreed! Thanks Hye. 

    3. thank you angel. you and your family's story is very touching. 

      what a beautiful sentiment you express for a better world and so well said. from your words to God's ears.

    4. Thanks HYE ANGEL!!! Beautiful words!!

    5. HYE ANGEL. Well said I couldn't agree more on everything you said. BEAUTIFUL

  28. US gone too far?

    1. Haha! Good joke. US always gone too far.

  29. Guys, check this out!!

    I don't understand what guys at NASA try to prove every time they cut the live feed and try to hide such things! The disclosure of ET's is inevitable, isn't it? 

    1. you will be surprise... the cutting of the feed is just enough to maintain the ignorance alive... People will tend not to ask questions anymore.. they will thing is "normal" event

    2. Yeah, well, it's annoying. But we got to see pretty much in the video.. Haha

  30. Please Cobra , tell Mr Putin that we love and that everything you hear about him is false and we appreciate it. Send him this message of love please . thank you

  31. Thank you for this VERY valuable information, Cobra.

  32. Replies
    1. Praised be HIS name and ALL HIS glory and righteousness. I AM eternally grateful.

    2. NOW YOU're talking! ;)))
      Welcome back, my friend.

  33. Cobra & crew, is there a specific reason you are not mentioning this scientific article about archons?

    Robert M. Stanley mentions this in his website and it's obvious he knows what he's talking about:

    I mean it's... just nothing more but the main enemy here being photographed for all to see in American Journal Of Modern Physics.

    1. These are not Archons; these are sylphs:

    2. How are they?I doubt Wikipedia tell the whole story.

    3. I can tell for 100% first-hand experience that they are archons. Not "hmm, they kinda look like them...", but rather a perfect match.

  34. If you scroll down the following link, you can see another pentagram. The "Great Occult Pentagram of Vatican-Samaritan Evil". It connects the concentration camps in Poland:


  35. Your Love keeps Lifting Me, keeps on Lifting MeAnd We Will LIFT YOUHigher And Higher, Gaia ♥

    Ganz viel Licht und Liebe für Alle


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So Come On. 

      Gaia, sweetie, it' Time to go

      Back To That Same Old Place . . .

      Karlstraße 8, 25524 Itzehoe

      (The codes in the YouTube links are getting ridiculously obvious, by the way; just saying...)




    3. Stop the Presses, this just In ;-)NEWSFLASH: The World's Famous HOT STUFF INTERNATIONAL is Back In Business and ready to Kick some serious Ass

      HOT STUFF, Gaia ♥

      If You want Solid GroundCome on and Try MeOr I can Take You so HighThat You're Never Ever gonna wanna come down :-)

      Drop the pilotTry My BalloonDrop The MonkeySmell My perfumeDrop the bullshit ;-)I'm the Easy Rider[Darkies? This Line's for you:] Don't use your army to fight a losing battle

      Animal, Mineral, Physical, SpiritualI'm The One You Need And You're The One I Need ♥

      And We'll Drink And Dance With One Hand Free, And Love The World So Easily. Oh, We'll Be A SIGHT TO SEE Back In The HIGH LIFE Again ♥

      ReLoad *Five*

      Licht, Liebe, Einigkeit, Freiheit und Frieden für Alle♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

      DKJCLars B.RaJah


  36. The White Heron flies SouthWest. 

    Solar Warden is CLeAR.

    1. Solar Warden? Good old Guys with old Guns?
      Do You like western movies?

  37. Cobra... i think you don't have ANY IDEA what you do when you give us a place like this to TALK without have to being AFRAID of receive mock and/or being betrayed in front of public being condemned to be alone, completely alone because no one understand me... no one understand us, having to HIDE OUR TRUE PERSONALITY and have to remain silent 'cause i don't have any other thing to talk 'cause the only thing that make me feel alive is talk with other persons'bouThis, and yeah... i'm VERY AFRAID of what i'm gonna' see if i meditate, i'm not sure if i'm ready... 

    This blog, Prepare for Change, and the groups of Pleiadians;their page in Twitter follow me, even Cobra Etheric in facebook, THANKS COBRA... 

    Sorry for the capital letters... but i'm not screaming, simply the words are in such way to remark certain parts of my writting... the chance to being informed and talk with such LOVE but also respect... 

    Sorry... little by little i've feeling that i'm not of this planet... I love being in my room studying myself and/or in my things, and knowing what REALLY!!! happens in the world... but now... I really feel that I am loved in this blog, and I've always tried to fit into a group without real success, in the end i grow tired... i... simply thanks for give me the chance to speak freely... 

    I follow too the blog of White Hat Dark Hat, for what i read, seems so good to be real... 

    i salute you, guys...

  38. Dear Cobra thank you for your updates. I see that Rob Potter stopped interviewing you. What happened? And are you going to get someone else to do it?
    I am very concerned because Rob Potter said he doesn't think the Earth will be liberated in his lifetime. What happened? I hope he is wrong, and the victory is close

    1. Maybe here you can find a few answers:

    2. Sara, I thought the same thing.I said to myself, "I hope he's wrong"

    3. Rob just follows His Own Path to the Source like all of us...
      There's nothing to worry about, sweetheart.

  39. "...Regardless of what people may think their purpose is for being on Earth, life is infinite and you are ever seeking growth and your return to the Light.

    At times it must in fact seem that there is no purpose to life, but that is largely down to the dark Ones who have continually confused the truth and kept you in a state of “lack”. It includes the truth of your being from a spiritual perspective, as even that has been distorted to keep you under their control. All that will change in the near future and eventually only the truth will remain. So keep calm and know that each one of you is playing a crucial part in the changes taking place that are all important to the whole.

    The events that are waiting to manifest are so important to your future that the Earth is being monitored and guarded by Galactic Forces that are far more evolved than those of you on Earth. You can therefore live without fear as to the outcome of present events both on and off Earth. The future has already been written and the Light is victorious and the dark Ones removed to ensure that there is no further interference with your lives. You may feel that matters are so out of control that there will be no end to the worldwide problems, but be assured that they are fully monitored. Chaotic times will gradually cease as their actions are curtailed and total peace will return to Earth..."

    Mike Quinsey Message, April 08, 2016

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. <3 Let's come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts! <3
    Join us NOW in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.
    Please join us today, and every day at:
    - 18:00pm GMT for the Emergency Europe/Syria Meditation
    - 19:00pm GMT for the Event Speed-Up Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement's Weekly Meditation on Sundays

    1. I sure hope you participate in the massive energy that is coming tonight. 11:00 p.m. PDT or 2:00 a.m. sunday EDT.


  42. For LIVE interactive conversations with fellow beings of light that are geared towards the aspirations of the Prepare For Change Network, we welcome you to join our Skype group:


  43. The Latest on

    "Mysteries of Light movements clarify.

    Purposes of energetic transformations are viewed and embraced.

    Frenetics calm.

    Harmonics are realized.

    Hue-Beings couple."

    Sweet Soul Music 3:16 ♥Seven Nights To Rock, Seven Nights To Roll

    Ganz viel Licht und Liebe für Alle ♥ ♥ ♥



    1. What hour will it be in Spain... ? Thank you!

    2. In Spain, this energy will start in at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning, 7:00 a.m. in Canary Island area. You must raise your vibration and meditate for 3 hours if you can and listen to soft meditation music and visualize all your friends and family and think of what you would like this world to be after The Event and what you want your life to be like after The Event. Your body will act like a transmitter or repeater of this energy to those you think about. This is the first wave of the event, more to come.

  45. HYE ANGEL. Well said I couldn't agree more on everything you said. BEAUTIFUL

  46. Hi All,

    My new vision was really interesting. I saw that an important public figure was on TV making a speech and suddenly the veil was broken and he became a reptilian creature. I knew then that something happened and he couldn't hide his true self anymore.

    Interestingly nobody seemed that surprised to see this...

    Looking forward for humanity to see the whole truth. so be it.

    Victory of the Light!

  47. Those of you who took the time and did read my posting from December 30th, 2015, know that i love both - Cobra and Rob. Well; that was before.

    This is another time when my inner voice is telling me to shut up, because it's NONE of MY business, but my heart is pushing me to open my mouth and tell just A LITTLE bit. Nicely and with respect, so i will NOT create/start anything bad...

    Therefore: may i ask - NO REPLIES, please..... Just read and think.

    The day I saw and read Rob's "important announcement" posted on the Event Chronicles' site, i immediaetly, smelled it to be "fishy". Something was NOT right.... Actually; the WHOLE thing was not right. Most of his explanations did not make sense to me.However, it made me feel very sad and disappointed to see that Rob had enough with Cobra. (Maybe it was the other way?)

    Unfortunately, many of you who did read it, you MISSED seeing the truth hidden behind his "important announcement", and his new projects, he's so fascinated about. We should be more careful what we read. I mean -in general. Always. We must pay a deeper and closer attention on what that person is really talking about. Always read between the lines.

    For example, did you ask yourself; why is that he does NOT have time to hold Cobra interviews, yet he HAS TIME to do them, (including many other projects), with Corey? Oh, and once again, he did NOT miss another opportunity to advertise about his new projects with Corey.... through COBRA's site?!! 

    ALL OF US should avoid becoming BLIND FOLLOWERS, and use our heart and our brains to think, and yes -TO JUDGE - which is not a bad thing at all like we're forced to believe. There's very little difference between "to judge" and "to discern".  

    The capability of judging shows that you are NOT under mind-control. You're a human, not a robot, who can think and can differ the bad from the good. Just "ask any child", like Cobra said.

    Yet ACTING BADLY, DOING WRONG TO OTHERS is what i concider to be a PROOF, an evidence that one is being mind-controlled and acting like a puppet. (I'll talk about this another time).

    This being said. I hope that one day, Rob will get over his ego; will be truely AWAKENED, and start P-R-A-C-T-I-C-I-N-G UN-conditional LOVE.  (I'd hate seeing him doing it because of the EVENT). I hope soon he will understand what does it mean when you say to a friend:

    >>I have worked diligently and faithfully side by side in the mission with Cobra and I will continue to do so. I stand by my love for Cobra and his intentions as I have understood and shared them<<.

    I really hope he'll keep his words and be a FRIEND IN NEED - devoted, loyal and FORGIVING.And i wish him good luck with his new projects, because i like Corey. He's a very brave and sincere man.

    However, i will NOT be missing Rob's inteviews. Cobra got pepole with lesser egos to handle HIS interviews. (Let's hope they'll stay like that).

    So i salute "FREIA" when she bravely stated: 

    freiaApril 5, 2016 at 6:30 PM

    >>Furthermore, many of us stopped listening to Cobra monthly interviews because of Potter, the o n l y reason to even tune in was to hear the super-star, Cobra - never once "Rob Potter ego-show", which I assume will go on without missing a beat, so nothing's lost for those who so "miss him" so, what's the big deal?

    PS. There will be many more awake, naturally gifted and talented interviewers out there..more than qualified to fill the spot<<.

    1. Rob is gone now. End of story. It is boring to keep talking about it.

    2. Not replying, just adding a thought:

      We can listen to this new Rob And Corey interview on the Prepare for Change website. Hmmmm....

    3. In my humble opinion ego opens the door to trouble. Rob is knowledgeable and has helped many and likely was the target of intense darkness and a good lesson to all to keep your ego in check.

    4. Out of ALL people, you James, got bored?
      Well, then this is all i have to say; FIRST to you, and then -to everybody who found it boring.
      I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

    5. @Hye Angel, yes, it is a little boring to keep rehashing why Rob quit (or the other way around). But the reason I replied is because you told everyone NOT to reply. You should also know that I, of ALL people, don’t appreciate being told what to do. ;-)) 

  48. Thise are ancient anunnaki gods they need access into the Halls of Amenti star gate systems of the earth during this solar activation cycle they need human consciousness for accessing the amenti sphere.

  49. Tusk: I love YOU the MOST!!'
    US: No Contest

  50. TUSK: I Love YOU the MOST.
    US: No Contest.

  51. Love! Forgiveness! Peace! 
    Victory of Light!

  52. Order of the Star thank you so much until you are better paid.
    Proof of Life - it's worth every penny.
    Oh and you already know this of course, but it's pronounced d'Ash.
    LoL - that Hillbilly accent just cracks me up!

  53. Mossack Fonseca was raided in El Salvador. Posted on the main page.

    I hope this might just lead up to another data leak.

    May we all receive utter serendipity. 

  54. Is it just me or are things really stuck at the moment?

    Progress seems so slow and that bad guys seem to be operating with impunity 

    I really need to know if we are getting close to a breakthrough or not

  55. The most powerful spots are already control by the Saturn pentagram you keep showing and in Europe and the islands outside of Europe is the strongest of the fields you speak of.

  56. Strange. Type - phi golden ratio - in google and it gives the wrong number.

    1. that's because it calculates phi^2.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. There is so much going on right now. the false flag "panama papers leak" has backfired - another operation foiled by the "truth energy" that has anchored on this planet. it is true that actions being taken are effective in the lead up to full disclosure.

    As for Rob Potters decision to not continue with Cobra interviews - who cares. All I need is for interviewers to ask the right questions so that we can be well informed. I guarantee most of us cruise around the net looking for new information from a lot of different reliable sources so RP and his decision seems irrelevant to the mission as far as I am concerned. IMHO it is just another distraction if I allow it to be.BE LOVE, BE LIGHT AND BE HAPPY.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You r welcome BR and thank you for supporting my statement. Now is a time for calm and making conscious decisions not to get hooked into OPD (other people's drama). Being OK with the decisions of others is required of all of us - respecting free will choice regardless of assumptions of what may have motivated those choices.I am grateful for all the interviews that RP has done and all others who have assisted Cobra to spread the message and make it clear that our participation is essential to this shift that we all yearn for.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Let there be light
    Let there be love
    Cosmic Love
    For all

  61. Did Putin just out the worlds ruling class as Reptilians?

    1. I don't trust Your Newswire.

    2. If this is true then there is no hope of the dark elite from controlling the narrative now. I am sure he would not have done this without having a plan to follow up what he has said because he is a smart cookie and a top notch strategist.

    3. @Kar Paree
      This game is not about Putin and Soros.
      All is done behind the scenes, Putin is good actor.
      Like you can say same about Obama, he is smart and top notch strategist but the true is maybe far away...

    4. @ orange juice. I respectfully disagree one about Putin and the other about Obama. He does not appear smart, a good strategist or leader. It is obvious to most that he is a mind controlled puppet whereas Putin is out thinking, out manoevering at every turn. I feel Putin is working for humanity. Time will tell and by their actions they will be known.

  62. I think this was the end of last month

    Still makes me wonder, how much "Free Energy" a "wall" could produce in a place with so much Sun- (ocean water in, steam/salt/new water out)... With new water and free energy how much new life would relocate/thrive at the wall.

    ***Looking at this first week of the new "Planetary Moon" Perfects Manifestation...("Solar Moon" last month)

    Yellow Galactic HumanMoon Day 7Kin 112Sunday 10 April 2016

    I Harmonise in order to InfluenceModelling WisdomI seal the Process of Free WillWith the Galactic tone of IntegrityI am guided by the power of IntelligenceI am a Galactic Activation Portal

    So far (my best guess how this works), each Solar Seal has a script in the web of Time.The experiences you have that relate to each script in the web is how much actual "kin" you are with each Solar Seal of the web, causing the web to grow stronger with you.


    Lifted with a slowness of breath for the sureness of Time added to SpiralFeather in one handSeed of New Life of the True Garden in the otherFloat softly to a place to Power each part of your Central CoreRead the VortexBe the Portal


    :) :) :)

    1. Good news & good progress! Thanks to all the Light Workers getting this job done!

    2. That is excellent news Cobra found someone to take the cintamani stone to Antarctica. Fantastic!!

      This will make it difficult for those cabal MFs. Things are certainly looking up. :)

      Many thanks to the person(s) that took the stone there. :D

    3. yes. thanks and gratitude goes out to those who helped deliver the cintamani to antarctica. wonderful news.

    4. best if we know little to none info about this operation... ... just saying.

  64. Anyone notice during Sunday's global meditation that the Matrix wobble fluxed? House of cards? London Bridge is going to fall down.

  65. Hi Cobra,
    Can you write article about AIDS? Real reason/history of AIDS? How can we eliminate AIDS?
    Thank You.

    1. send your AIDS question or modified question to the PFC address... the email that Cobra listed..

  66. Any significance to Paul Ryan running a "parallel" presidential campaign or am I smoking too much NESARA hopium.

  67. I have high doubts about this report. I'm sure Cobra would have said something about the people he claims have been arrested and taking care of include the unholy four.

    Cobra stated this would not happen until The Event takes place.

    Tory Smith: More Details on the 819 Arrests!!! March 23, 2016

    Now this was put out by

    It is long ... the part about the arrests start 1:45:00 into the video. This can't be correct ... if it were The Event would have stated and it has not.

    The interview was done by Alexandra Meadors.

    1. Cobra is probably busy preparing for the Ascension Conference in Switzerland. 
      But I hope there will be an update soon.

    2. Mmm... i didn't hear the interwiev yet but i don't think that is false, i mean... why they would say all that and then being fake? We'll have to wait...

    3. Why would the RM allow clones to take over those arrested including the unholy four? That is what he is claiming why they are still running around free. What sense does that make? The most of the interview is about him being raped, the part about the arrest is around 1:40 into the video.
      There really is only about 15 mins. on the arrests.

  68. Replies
    1. What kind of drug dealer are you?

    2. LOl. I could ask you the same question.

    3. Oh don't mind me, just chilling here.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. There's also absolutely no sound of a lightning strike or transformers blowing.
      Fairies? Aliens? Or something bigger?

      The wheel is a strong symbol.

    2. If such video is what the publisher of facebook claims... wooow, little by little the veil is falling apart, ^^

      Thanks B M for put this in here!

  70. Dear Cobra,

    This is the fist time ever i'm posting my question in here. I would prefer sending this question to the PFC crew, but there is a very little time for this event to take place.

    I've read a lot and watched videos about these black portal arhces that soon will be erected in New York, London and in a few other important spots all over the world. According to sources, these will help the darks to open new dark portals for their allies to enter the Earth, or do something for them.....

    Though is sounds very unlikely that these "pillars of darkness" will do the job; because there are no darks left in our galaxy, and the remaining little of them are scattered throughout our solar system. However, if the darks still think that they actually can be unnoticed and safe, if they fly to their hidden Antarctica heavens, (which shows how deeply hypnotized and programmed they are, and can't think properly), then it is possible, that somehow, they are hoping to get help from beyond Earth. 

    I ignore most of these kinds of fear mongering news. But this one is a little different and it disturbes and worries me.

    Therefore, because YOU're the only one i trust, i'm asking YOu to post a very short intel asap, and explain to us:

    1) What is the REAL intention of building these arches?2) Will they do the job (black magic). 3) What can YOU tell about April 19th, the day of Ba-al?

    4) If this is a dangerous thing to worry about - WHAT CAN WE DO?Should WE ALL hold another world wide meditation on THAT DAY?

    (I wish the Light Forces would EVAPORATE THEM right there, in front of all live streaming cameras, and participating people! Wouldn't that be great way to start the FULL disclosure?!).

    The Temple Of Baal Is Coming To New York City In April! - Michael & Meranda Snyder Episode 2

    1. It is a Psyop. The dark doesn't have any allies outside of the Earth. The Cabal is not trying to open portals. Their aim is prevent the resistance movement from opening more light portals by calling ALL portals evil. It is a total Psyop,

      1. The Cabal knows there a lot of semi-awake Truthers who are still locked into the "Christian" narrative of Armageddon and dark time lines. The Cabal is counting on using these semi-awake people against us to prevent the Syria Pentagram from manifesting.

      2. The masses are being put under a spell (psyop) to prevent the light based time line from becoming a reality. Don't be fooled by their tricks and they will have no power against you.

      3. The period between April 16th to April 19th is the anniversary of the battle Megiddo fought in 1457BC. It was the first large scale battle in history and symbolizes the dark's divide and conquer tactics. It didn't matter who won the battle as long people died the dark was happy with the results.

      4. Everything in this universe is consciousness. What you focus on becomes your reality. There was a time when humans lived in peace and then the dark came and divided us against each other. That became our reality. WHAT WE CAN DO...

      Is focus on oneness and peace. Continue the Syria Pentagram meditation and visualize the Cabal's plans failing. Victory belongs to the light. All dark time lines have been dissolved. 

  71. Hall Of Fame, Sweetie ♥

    Lots Of Love And Light


    1. My Goodness DK! That's a hit. Four nine fine feels like a weak end's in Hand.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's hard for me to read this.
      This kind of stuff just depresses me.

    3. The surface population needs to digest more fluoride to be able to accept this letter.
      Adamu ? Who is that suppose to be ? A cabal members cat ? Give me a break. Please.

    4. Adamu & Zingdad? Not to worry folks - I started reading this article - and whole thing is simply channelled psyop/disinfo/garbage. Talking about how the cabal have performed nothing wrong & why are they so harshly judged? Couldn't stomach reading much of it. A great discredit to the site that posts such tripe.

    5. It's a discernment exercise. 


  73. Reading the news about syria its seems that both Raqqa and Aleppo are still under the control of IS or Al Nusra.

    So it seems that there is still a long way to go before the Syria situation is resolved 

    1. My only hope is that the strangelet and toplet bombs get removed before any other arm battle forecast. I have read on previous posts about the Turkey or Putin's involvement in some prophecies.. can we create a new prophecy as we stand... Holding on to potential old prophecies is most depressing for anxious hearts. Not to mention is a reminder of the old paradigm... a path defined by someone else's writing.

    2. What news organizations are reporting it? The ones controlled by the cabal? Raqqa is still under their control, but not Aleppo. If Cobra state the LF and RM have control in those three cities, then they do.

  74. I am not sure this "negative" feminism is just a creation of the sionists, thinking about it!!! Of course they have incentivated, exaggerated it.
    Archetip of the Goddess has been surpressed and demonized for so long, "kept in the dark cellar, like dogs" like Nietzsche used to say.
    So once the the doors start to open, the dogs escape the prison but "they are still barking, covered up with dust and mould, willing to bite". This is a very understandable situation however if you are a man, it doesnt mean you have to be the next victim !! Dont become a masochist!! We all need to heal our wounds and shake out this disgusting dust from our beautiful Beings, but we have to try not to throw this filth to others.
    This is the Day of the Spirit! 
    I celebrate the death of love, and the death of god. Out of this the Spirit will arise.
    The only thing i have Faith in, is the Spirit. Only the Spirit can LOVE. 
    We are the Spirit, and we are in the long process of achieving Balance.
    I have big faith that (with Nietzsche beautiful words): "the rabid dogs in the cellar will turn into charming Birds"

  75. This is for all the Real Lightwarriors, those who understand the Holly Anger, those who dont condemn it:

    Wrath is a necessary and positive part of human nature: “Wrath is the strength to attack the repugnant; the power of anger is actually the power of resistance in the soul,” wrote Josef Pieper. The lack of wrath against injustice, he continued, is a deficiency: “One who does good with passion is more praiseworthy than one who is ‘not entirely’ afire for the good, even to the forces of the sensual realm.”

    Aquinas, too, says that “lack of the passion of anger is also a vice” because a man who truly and forcefully rejects evil will be angry at it. The lack of anger makes the movement of the will against evil “lacking or weak.” He quotes John Chrysostom: “He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.”

    1. Thank you for this insight ☼ it resonates deep inside. Many of us, because of our " lineage " are deeply polarized and refuse to express appropriately the anger life forces that compose us, leading to self inflicted wounds such as anxiety, depression etc. I'm actually (re)discovering that Anger life forces are an essential aspect of the wholness of being in 3d, and can be such a great tool for good when rightfully expressed... 

      So thank you ger sey, that's really what i needed to hear/read. Soulquake magnitude 7 on the richter scale haha. Up to that day I have tolerated incredible projections/behaviours in the name of world peace, spirituality and other ideals. Now i realize how i have actually invited it, and even encouraged it. This misconception of the All Tolerating light encompassing only positive feelings is paradoxically what generates, attracts and fuel its opposite. Damned apathy ! 

      For some highly hybridized starseeds it's really hard to deal with these aspects of human psychee. Attack, defense, aggression - response... there's like a missing program, a blank in our consciousness and we respond to odious projection as we would on higher dimensions : by ignoring it. Yet we are on the Earth plane, and what is relevant in our home vibration is disfunctiunal here. The rules are different here. It took me a whole life time to ( begin to ) understand... we're incarnated in a spiritual asylum, therefore it is essential for the parachievment of our life plan - as well as our own sake - to master aspects of self preservation and open fight too. After all, we are also Starfleets aren't we ♫ Or Jedis. Fictional reference can provide great permission slips.

      Perhaps this aspect will be addressed further in the upcoming " Chalice of Divine Feminine Divine Masculine " section ? i really hope so. Gratitude for the article Cobra ♥

  76. I like this right here, wish I could be there

    1. The George Soros-Led "Democracy Spring" Plans for Immediate Public Civil Disobedience Have Been Issued

      It's cabal controlled.

    2. The why the media is silent?

  77. what happened to the new post?

  78. COBRA...THIS IS TRUE...Cintamani Stone for Antarctica...Mission Antarctica accomplished..Gerhard Voelker en Sisterhood of the Rose...PREPAREFORCHANGE.

  79. I look forward meeting you soon, Cobra. It's not gonna be in a conference.

    1. I would like to see a banner on this website with title:
      We are recruiting! Join the RM team!

  80. The Portal / Wednesday, April 6, 2016:
    "When Raqqa is liberated, that will very rapidly lead to the complete liberation of the Syrian pentagram and will drastically improve the situation in the Middle East."

    Farnews / Tue Apr 12, 2016:"Due to heavy attacks... the number of the ISIL forces in the city of Raqqa has been significantly decreased and most of them have moved...

    The tribal forces and the Syrian army have advanced against the ISIL terrorists... and are pushing towards the city of Raqqa..."

  81. Luck Dog.
    A puppy is born. Not too long after he has his mouth open, tounge out, and a grin from ear to ear. His new master is a man, who tethers him with a short rope, and trains him to be mean.
    After long abuse, his smile dissapeared. A caring person stepped in, and reported the man. Soon afterwards, he became the dog's new owner. He knows retraining is an uphill battle, but In time the dog responds. The owner rejoiced, when he saw the dog's smile return.  
    Was the dog at fault for being mean, or was it the fault of the programmer? The dog had no means of asking for help-he didn't know help existed! Thank God a loving person took the initiative, and intervened. Lucky dog!

  82. Baal (Bel=Beelzebub) mistakenly was accused to be a bad guy. Another trick of "him"?. To many tricks. Bel and Belit/Belti are the LEADERS of the middlerealm-lightforces who created middlerealm, together with Marduk and Ereschkigal. They are ELs, Archangels. Those did not want to stay in heaven with Il, they wanted to explore their freedom. They where not against IL. I believe there is much with the mystery of free will involved in this, because Ea (Eschthor/Aschtar) and Ischtar did put Il above their longing for free will, despite they felt the longing as well, to experience the unknown. They trusted Il. 
    There are those 3 main directions of consciousness: 
    1. Mockery against the Source, 
    2. Exploration of freedom and 
    3. Unconditional Loyality with the Source.
    They are interwoven, as some of the Els and Igigis went with Bel and some with Jaho, but many who went with Jaho where fooled because what he told them was not true. Why did they believe him? Also not so good, as they knew he was against IL. (>>>???).

    Now a higher octave of all of this will come. It is going to be beautiful, especially with the human seeds who will awaken. Maybe something toatally new and unexpected will happen. May THEY FIND OUT THAT THERE WHERE PRETTY MUCH FOOLED!!!!!!! I believe what our beloved brother said: "And you will do much greater things than I". I am sure he meant those human seeds, who once in heaven where angels, called Igigi and Archangels, called El.

    When they left heaven to follow Jaho/Satan, IL out of love throw a cloak over them, so they where reduced to regressed seedlings only, but a clear barrier between them and Jaho, so they would not end in his demonic hell. Imagine: IL knew they where follow someone who wanted to ridicule and erase him (which is impossible of course) and he protected them. THIS is unconditional love, this is how the Source is like.

    About a third of every tribe was of hostile nature, those went first with Jaho. I really DO wonder, how it is possible, that Source created everything and choosed IL, and besides of this, all beings where already created and some where hostile from the beginning. How is this possible? Is this the divine plan, that there must have been beings created, that where matching with the frequencies of the anomaly to be attracted to it, so this duality game could happen? Or was it all just acidentially? The Source would never create hostile beings. (?) or is this another ZEN-paradoxon?Finally, there must be understood that free will is impossible without being totally connected with the Source. So there is something like a fake free will. Where there is infinite love there is infinite free will.
    Okay, to understand it on a bit deeper level: Someone told me that the Source made a negative copy of itself and while exploring all aspects of the negative world, it is adding to the original blueprint infinite numbers of possibilities. It does not justify suffering to me. On the other hand we all learn that we are the soul and not the matter. Or better, we learn, that matter is soul. 


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