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MUST SEE: Superbowl 2016 Symbolism-Message Illuminati Ritual of Alchemy, HELTER SKELTER, and the Rosy Cross

satanic illuminati

  •  The first song Coldplay performed at the Super Bowl (halftime show) was Viva la Vida, which back in 2008 was memorably used in Apple's TV commercial
  • Coldplay's front man Chris Martin named his daughter "Apple"

"Black stars" at Super Bowl 50:
  • Cam Newton is a black star quarterback (NFL MVP)
  • "The Panthers are the most unapologetically black team in NFL history" (source)
  • The halftime show was very black in nature due to Beyonce's all-black group all dressed in black and Bruno Mars' all-black group all dressed in black, amplified by the controversial black power/Black Panthermessage telegraphed by Beyonce

Gravity (Newton/apple) and black star(s)...

[Left: Blackstar single cover | Right: Blackstaralbum cover]

Notice the "black star" creating a "gravity well" is invisible in the Blackstar single cover art... a laPlanet X or more pertinently here a black hole.

Published on Feb 7, 2016

IS BEYONCE IN THE ILLUMINATI? find out here in this revealing ebook ready for download:

Is Beyonce in the Illuminati? An Investigation of Occult Symbolism

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AN INVESTIGATION OF OCCULT SYMBOLISM is a research project conducted in order to explore the theory that Beyoncé Knowles is a member of a supposed shadowy group known as the "Illuminati."

In this examination we look at various considerations such as the repeating Illuminati symbols of the All Seeing Eye, 666 hand gestures, and the triangle of magical manifestation.

Learn how the Roc diamond is used by Beyoncé and Jay-Z in coordinated high profile ritual events such as the Super Bowl to increase their power through ancient occult rituals and belief systems of ceremonial magick.

You'll see that Aleister Crowley makes his effects felt from a distance as Beyoncé is being used to effectively usher in this new age of mankind.

Theories about Beyoncé being brainwashed through MKULTRA mind control experiments are revealed with considerations that she may be channeling a dark goddess from the "other side" through her Sasha Fierce alter ego.

Beyoncé has been listed as the most powerful celebrity on the planet and we should all take a step back and consider the fact that she's been likened to an actual deity and given permission 

to flood the subconsciousness of millions with symbols of the Baphomet and the transhumanism future that is the Age of Aquarius while also potentially being used a tool to initiate Charles Manson's HELTER SKELTER race war.

Find out why all of this matters in the spiritual battle that exists between modern day pagan pop culture and the attempt to destroy organized religions before it's too late...

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See the original predictions and book links HERE:…

Coldplay: Illuminati Magicians of Super Bowl 50

Hello and welcome back to your home for decoding the hidden Illuminati and occult messages buried inside the music and films we consume on a daily basis.

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Predictions of the Halftime Show High Profile Ritual

Coldplay Illuminati Magicians of Super Bowl 50 Cover small


*One more note before we start; I’ve got a video based on the material you’re about to read with more images- so feel free to watch it here if you don’t want to read:



When I first heard Coldplay was going to be the headline at the 50th Super Bowl in 2016; I was shocked. 

Why would the NFL and Pepsi choose such a underwhelming tone for their big extravaganza?… I mean, I loathe Coldplay; how could they do this?!

But then reality hit me and I realized– who cares; I don’t even watch football!

You see, the Super Bowl is just a tool the Illuminati uses to push the Agenda’s message to the masses. 

People keep taking it in at record numbers (*it’s the number one viewed television event every single year); so why not send out the conditioning through this high profile ritual?

Coldplay Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Ad

When I talk to people “around the water cooler” at work after the Super Bowl they generally say the same thing about it: “I only watch it for the commercials.”

Seriously- people have been duped into thinking they want the advertising and conditioning!

If you’re new to the concept of the high profile ritual I’ll give you a brief rundown: 

it starts with the idea that energy works on a subconscious level. 

Energy emitted in certain forms (e.g. symbolism, colors, sounds, music, etc.) is picked up by the mind of the unaware observer. 

This energy contains a hidden message or concept that is later used by the source to further their agenda or “will” (e.g. the “Illuminati” or occult magicians).

High Profile Ritual Compilation

The fact that the Super Bowl is the most watched television event of the year tells us that this is the vehicle used to push an agenda. 

The idea that should such a nefarious group exists is open for debate (*I believe they do- why do you think secret societies are “secretive”?).

For now, we can look at some of the theories and agendas being pushed forward by the 50th Super Bowl and mostly its halftime show which combines the ritualistic combination of sights and sounds with the performances of musicians who are instructed to do what they’re told if they desire continued success



Getting back to the subject at hand; I decided to trudge through Coldplay’s compendium of work. Like I alluded to earlier- I’m not a fan of Coldplay (except maybe that first song Yellow) so I’m not familiar with their lead singer Chris Martin or any of their albums so this was not a task taken lightly.

Coldplay showing us the esoteric All Seeing Eye of Horus- suggesting they're in "the know" of the Illuminati
Coldplay showing us the esoteric All Seeing Eye of Horus- suggesting they’re in “the know” of the Illuminati

Their videos are as drab as the music, and the more upbeat songs even triggered some kind of sadness within me, so handfuls of SSRIs were kept close by for this project…

First, I’ll start with a brief rundown of the members of the band:

The lead singer Chris Martin formed Coldplay with lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London with Guy Berryman and Will Champion joining later. They’re known for their album selling dominance in the 2000s and their charitable efforts. They’re songs are typically emotional-soft rock and suited for satisfying most everyone who listens (e.g. the dentist office).

Most of the band leads fairly normal lives from what I’ve read; however Chris Martin turns out to be an interesting character. For instance, I’ve learned that his great-great-grandfather was William Willett; the man responsible for daylight savings time (I knew I didn’t like Coldplay for some reason…).

His connections to the hip hop world are unexpected if you consider Coldplay’s music. He’s had collaborations with rappers and musicians such as Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West- all “Illuminati” affiliates:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Rihanna-Jay-Z-Kanye-pyramid-roc-diamond-triangle WO

He was also part of the ridiculous TIDAL music service (which I’ve explored far too deep in TIDAL: The Hidden Illuminati and Occult Messaging):

The commercial for TIDAL proceeds to make claims that this service puts the power back in the hands of the artists and that they are somehow the ‘Avengers’ of the music industry. Like I said, it’s a bit pretentious but that is not surprising to me because of the history of many of these artists claiming they are actually gods.

Are these artists claiming to be kings of the ancient pagan tribes? Are they going to continue pushing occult beliefs, but only through those who are not only willing to be participants, but paying participants?… That takes the magical contract to another level, if you’re willing to believe that theory.

Jay-Z, Kanye, and Chris Martin: TIDAL Initiates

Listening to Martin’s music would never suggest he was in tune with hip hop, but that only supports the theory I assembled in the hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:


One of the main factors to the Illuminati agenda that I reveal in my book is the merging of pop music with hip hop. Coldplay’s Chris Martin turns out to be one of the key enablers to this project which ultimately seeks to expose the youth to the darker side of rap music (e.g. ritual magick, Illuminati symbolism, etc.).

Chris Martin Jay-Z Usher Etc

If you consider Chris Martin’s religious views you can begin to see more into what drives him and the band. In a 2008 interview on Martin gave some kind of pagan insight into his beliefs:

“Have I rediscovered God?” he ponders. “Um. No. I’m always trying to work out what he or she or it is. I’m not sure who’s right. I don’t know if it’s Allah or Jesus or Mohammed or Zeus.” Pause. “I’d maybe go for Zeus,” says this First Class Honours graduate in Ancient World Studies (University College London, class of 1999). “I lay claim to being the only person in the world who still believes in Zeus.”

Buckland guffaws at this. But Martin becomes momentarily serious.

“It’s to do with wonder, isn’t it? The opposite of depression. Anything that we think is incredible and beautiful and wonderful, we ascribe to something that we don’t know what it is. Because no one can explain to you where a rose bush or Jaffa Cakes really come from. And God is just a nice word to sing. But it isn’t any specific god. It’s more . . . orpheistic.”

If you keep reading the interview you find that the word wasn’t “orpheistic” but rather “All-theistic”; a term Martin made up for believing in “everything.” He may have been slightly joking about worshipping Zeus, but I wouldn’t be all that surprised since these deities of the ancient world are continually worshipped by those in the “Illuminati.”

Coldplay's Chris Martin points to his head- a gesture that conveys he has the occult knowledge
Coldplay’s Chris Martin points to his head- a gesture used by many initiates that conveys he has the occult knowledge


The group we refer to as the “Illuminati” seem to hold true to ancient traditions that go back through the Roman/Greek/Egyptian variety. In these pagan religions they’ve worshipped multiple deities (such as Zeus) and learned of the occult practices through secret mystery schools. The knowledge relayed to the appropriate initiates was forced further underground with the advent of Christianity.

You can guess that they would be a bit overzealous to overthrow their Christian oppressors and would use any means to do so. One such theory is that the New Age movement is a covert and deceitful campaign by Satan to do such a thing…

I know that’s a bold statement to gloss over, but I don’t want to go too deep on you. Let’s just say that the New Age movement starts linking into all kinds of occult philosophy when you learn more about Kabbalah, meditation, yoga, drugs, etc. because they all tend to lean towards a communion of the body with the spirit world. This is also a belief held with practitioners of occult ritual magick, ghost hunters, and even Satanists.

They all seek to make contact with the entities on the “other side”, which NOBODY can be certain of who these disembodied spirits claim to be. The theory is that the entities are actually demonic entities, and the followers of seemingly “mainstream” practices such as yoga are in grave danger of being possessed by a spirit that wants to cause great harm.

Coldplay's Chris Martin practicing Yoga
Coldplay’s Chris Martin practicing Yoga


Convicted child killer and alleged Satanist Damien Echols teaches "Magick" Yoga
Convicted child killer and alleged Satanist Damien Echols teaches “Magick” Yoga


The "Great Beast 666" Aleister Crowley's book on Yoga
The “Great Beast 666” Aleister Crowley’s book on Yoga



Maybe Martin isn’t able to see the actual connections with New Age and the Eastern religions or Kabbalah- but he seemed to find issues with it when he split with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2009 due to her adherence to Kabbalah:

Chris Martin Kabbalah Gwyneth ContactMusic

As usual, we see the godmother of Illuminati symbolism influencing Gwyneth and the ways of the Kabbalah…

Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna
Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna

…which she also has done with Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande and the Kabbalah Tree of Life in her video "Break Free"
Ariana Grande and the Kabbalah Tree of Life in her video “Break Free”

While Chris Martin hasn’t subscribed to Kabbalah, he has been known for dabbling in Hollywood’s favorite Eastern religion practices like yoga and meditation which are the “gateway drugs” into the deeper, darker, more esoteric concepts that most aren’t aware of.

Like I mentioned before- yoga and meditation aren’t necessarily evil practices, (and in fact both have great value if you want to avoid the Big Pharma pill agenda) but if you consider their roots you’ll find cause for concern.

For example, in Stephen Flowers, PhD’s Lords of the Left-Hand Path we see the history of the followers of more occult forms of Hinduism truly believe they are conducting a ritual:

In a left-hand-path context, the aghori sage Vimalananda relates that the aim of kundalini yoga is to reunite Shiva and Shakti, in order to re-create Shiva in his eternal form (as Sadashiva): “Sadashiva’s left side is female and right side is male; the two principles have united but have not merged.

You see here that the pursuit is to unite the female with the male- a concept which is veiled often in works of entertainment. You’ll notice that the Baphomet symbol shows us the male and female as one and it is for a similar purpose:

The Baphomet
The Baphomet- Male and Female united

The Kabbalah Tree of Life also utilizes this concept with a left side (path of the goddess) and right side path. The reconciliation of the two drives up between the two pillars as the third/perfected pillar:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tree of Life Kabbalah Twin Pillars Boaz Jachin

We see the same concept used with the twin pillars- Boaz and Jachin. These two pillars are also embodied as black and white- duality and opposites:

Boaz Jachin black and white


Perhaps that is why we see Chris Martin’s campaign of equality utilizing the same twin pillars (*also make note of the usage of the All Seeing Eye here by the band as well):

The sign of equality also represents the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin
The sign of equality also represents the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin

Is the equality sign merely another archetype of the twin towers? Maybe the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin are being used by Chris Martin to show membership to the esoteric knowledge?

Coldplay's Chris Martin stands alone as owner of esoteric knowledge of the twin pillars and All Seeing Eye
Coldplay’s Chris Martin stands alone as owner of esoteric knowledge of the twin pillars and All Seeing Eye

Going between these twin pillars symbolizes the entrance to a place of the unknown- a place where the initiate will receive enlightenment. The “Illuminati” is alleged to be somewhat synonymous with Freemasonry, and these pillars are part of the rich history of Freemasonry as well. The founder of Freemasonry, Hiram Abiff, built Solomon’s Temple and was the originator of these pillars as the “portals of mystery” which is why they are at the entrance to every Masonic Temple.

Boaz Jachin Third Pillar

To throw another obscure idea out there; could it be that the “equality” sign is actually an “11”– implying that Martin is an Ordo Templi Orientis initiate of the 11th degree? That would explain why Martin typically shows us the sign along with other occult symbols:

Chris Martin: All Seeing Eye and the "11" degree
Chris Martin: All Seeing Eye and the “11” degree


Chris Martin with the thumb on the chin and twin pillars on hand
Chris Martin with the thumb on the chin and twin pillars on hand


Chris Martin thumb on chin occult


Aleister Crowley pointing to chin
Aleister Crowley pointing to chin


Johnny Depp pointing to chin
Johnny Depp pointing to chin: from the book JOHNNY DEPP: VAMPIRE, SATANIST, OR ILLUMINATI?


Coldplay album artwork has the cross juxtaposed with the All Seeing Eye and twin pillars
Coldplay album artwork has the cross juxtaposed with the All Seeing Eye and twin pillars

Of course those of you well-versed in occult history know that the 11th degree of the OTO involves rituals of anal sex and that Aleister Crowleyprovided these sex magick rituals to the OTO:

“I am inclined to believe that the XIth degree is better than the IXth degreeOh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” -Aleister Crowley diary entry Aug. 26th, 1916

I find it interesting that Crowley provided the 8th, 9th, and 11th degree rituals; omitting the 10th all together. We see the occult importance of 9 and 11 played out here, which brings us right back to the twin pillars/towers of 9/11 which have been “brought down” and raised “up the middle” with a third New World Tower in the center (*recall a few paragraphs ago when we talked about the third path of the middle of the Tree of Life).

High Priestess Tarot card black white pillars boaz jachin

That quickly got deep! Stick with me though…

To get back on track– it appears that Chris Martin has a fairly clean slate. He doesn’t appear to be an abuser of drugs or alcohol and that would support the idea that he is more of an “apollonian” that seeks to find enlightenment through purification (versus “dionysian” that seeks enlightenment through sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll).

To further embellish this point; Martin has employed the apollonian practice of fasting to receive visions:

“Once a week I don’t eat for 24 or 30 hours. Your brain becomes very lucid about ideas.”

I know that many people fast for various reasons so I don’t want to get overzealous about it. However, I’d like the reader to keep all of these things in mind as the material and symbolism unfold in the next sections. If you put all of these things together, we might have a comprehensive theory of Illuminati affiliation.

Or maybe not. It’s up to you to decide…



I started the exploration from their first album and went forward to their latest. I figured they’d be plugging their recent work at the Super Bowl so that’s most likely what we’ll hear. Of course I see through the publicity and “fake news” because the NFL/Pepsi announced on Dec. 4th, 2015 that Coldplay was the artist for the Halftime Show; COINCIDENTALLY on the SAME day Coldplay released their latest album- A Head Full of Dreams… 

So here starts a rundown of the things I found from each album, music video, lyric, or album artwork…


The debut album saw the smash hit Yellow give the band dominance in the early 2000s. On the Howard Stern Show, Chris Martin told Howard that they give different meanings of the origin of Yellow and there is no single origin. He once said that the color yellow represents the band’s mood with brightness and optimism.

Given the argument I’m building of Chris Martin’s New Age conspiracy; let’s consider the idea that maybe he’s employing the use of the solar plexus chakra- Manipura: the color of yellow:

Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura Yellow


The artwork for the single Yellow suggests there may be some traction here with the flower in front of the blazing sun:

Coldplay Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra and Sun god


Occultists believe in the power of colors greatly and New Age occultist Alice Bailey once said that

…the three major rays are red, blue, and yellow.” – Esoteric Healing, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Alice Bailey

Later on in that same writing, Bailey tells us something about evolution which I’ll go into in a bit:

The influence of the fourth Ray of Harmony and Beauty, and the developing power of the fifth Ray of Knowledge (synonymous to the merging of the intuition and the intellect in highly evolved man) have a definite effect upon the vegetable kingdom and upon the human aura. Yellow-orange shines forth in both. – Esoteric Healing, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Alice Bailey



This album featured a track called The Scientist that was inspired by George Harrison’s 1970 album All Things Must Pass which was influenced by Timothy Leary. If you’re not familiar with Leary’s role in this big game, you must read an article I wrote about Susan Sarandon drinking Leary’s ashes in the pagan ritual known as Burning Man. In this article you’ll learn more about Leary’s involvement with the CIA, occultists Johnny Depp and Aleister Crowley. It’s always six degrees of separation…

Timothy Leary and the 666 hand symbol
Timothy Leary and the 666 hand symbol

To make one more connection with Leary and LSD; Coldplay also performed at Steve Jobs’ memorial who once said about LSD:

“It was a positive life changing experience for me and I am glad I went through that experience’. –Steve Jobs on a government security clearance interview

The lyrics to The Scientist are mostly about relationship issues but you’ll notice mention of “progress” and the promise of the new religion of science:

Questions of science; science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

The point we’re going to eventually get at is the occult/Illuminati belief in the evolution of consciousness. The Illuminati believe deeply in evolution and the perfection of mankind into Supermen (not all that different from Hitler’s Aryan superman pursuits– he got these ideas from Blavatsky and Alice Bailey Theosophical theories). We’re not quite ready for all this, but we’ll get there…

The Scientist features a video in which we find Chris Martin’s girlfriend being killed in a car accident. This is typical of Illuminati initiates because the blood sacrifice marks one’s loyalty to the group. To support this further, the video starts out with Martin on a mattress in the peculiar shape…

Coldplay Scientist SACRIFICE video Hangman Tarot


…this is the hangman Tarot card and it indicates the blood sacrifice:

The Hanged Man Tarot Thoth Deck


Not surprisingly, Chris Martin shows us the All Seeing Eye again, this time with the shadow over his right eye. The video we see this is from A Rush of Blood to the Head‘s track called God Put a Smile Upon Your Face.

In ancient Egyptian beliefs the right eye of Horus is the eye of sun while the left eye is the moon eye; we’re still talking about the occult beliefs in the duality of mankind:

Coldplay Chris Martin All Seeing Eye shadow God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

X & Y

This album marked a change in tone with lyrics that seem to support the idea of chaos or disorganization. This is another agenda of the Illuminati to push the evolution of consciousness to the next step- anarchy and chaos. For the sake of time I won’t subject you to the depth of this rabbit hole but just know they’ve tried communism, capitalism, monarchies, etc. and the next step is anarchy.

Wikipedia details the album’s theme:

“theme is also reflective of the random, incomprehensible pattern on the album’s cover (until you “fix” it using the Baudot Code).”

Coldplay X and Y album cover



The opening track called Square One used Also sprach Zarathustra– a familiar track from 2001: A Space Odyssey. While most might consider this a simple reference, I see the underlying inspiration as that of Nihilism which also springs forth the anarchist agenda. The reason for this is because Also sprach Zarathustra was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathrustra novel.

Again, this is a more philosophical and in-depth discussion than we have time for, but you can see connections with 2001: A Space Odyssey because Kubrick knew about the Illuminati’s plan to advance the evolution of consciousness through the Alchemical process. I detailed this through examples of hidden messages in various Kubrick films such as The Shining, 2001, A Clockwork Orange, and Eyes Wide Shut and provided explanation in a book called Kubrick’s Code so please reference that for more.


In the video for Talk, Coldplay shows us their emergence from a UFO- yet another example of the evolution of consciousness by the Illuminati:

Coldplay Talk UFO


They are ultimately trying to open us up to the next stage of mankind through two avenues: aliens and transhumanism. They are currently selling us on the idea that aliens not only exist, but are superior to us. Since it’s heresy to not accept evolution; you MUST ALSO believe that the aliens have had more time to evolve than us, so they are in fact superior to us. Further down this spiral you’ll subscribe to the idea that aliens even seeded us and are our gods.


Coldplay Talk Brings Alien back to life


In the video for The Hardest Part we see Coldplay performing on the Masonic black and white tile known as “Moses Pavement.” Again, this is the black and white duality of mankind where they merge male and female to make a “perfected” form:

Coldplay The Hardest Part Black White Masonic Tile




The producer Brian Eno (known for various works such as David Bowie’s esoteric Berlin Trilogy) worked with Coldplay on this album and he subjected them to a form of divination/Tarot/occultism. From

Forget Aleister Crowley and his tarot pack, this set of cards devised by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt has been a bigger source of inspiration to frustrated musicians. They are the most famous of Brian Eno’s dadaist mind games with music production.

The original Oblique Strategies (Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas), was a set of cards created by Eno and his painter friend Peter Schmidt, and published as a signed limited edition in 1975. On each card is printed an (often quite abstract) instruction, which is invoked when an artist, producer or band has reached some form of creative impasse and requires external disruptive influence to suggest new ideas.

Oblique Strategies is most associated with bands Eno famously produced during his mid to late-70s creative highpoint, including Talking Heads, Berlin trilogy-era Bowie and Devo. More recently, Coldplay used Oblique Strategies when working with Eno on Viva La Vida.

When working with Coldplay, Eno would give each member of the band a random card and ask them to interpret its instruction musically as the band jammed, without letting the other members know what their card says. 

“Of course, the chances of you getting a great piece of music are quite remote,” Eno acknowledges. “But the chances of you getting a seed for something are quite strong. You hear a voice singing a single note over a drumbeat and you think … ‘Ooh, it’s not quite the right drumbeat or quite the right note, but there’s something good about it.’”

In the video for Strawberry Swing we see Chris Martin meeting an other worldly woman who takes him to another planet. This is the furthering of the superiority of the alien race. The initiate (Martin) is educated on the ways of the Cosmos as he turns into the “Superman.”

You’ll notice Saturn makes an appearance in the background as well- a classic symbol of Illuminati affiliation as I explain in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube:

Coldplay Strawberry Swing Saturn


In Viva la Vida we see another key piece of the Illuminati agenda- dissolution of the ego:

Coldplay Viva La Vida dissolution of ego


The more you dig into occult beliefs you’ll find that the destruction of one’s ego is of the utmost importance on the journey of the initiate. In the video it appears we see Martin going through this process- the same one we saw with the Manson Family and also Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain initiates:

Holy Mountain Destruction of Ego

The initiates sometimes traverse the “Abyss” (Da’at in the Kabbalah Tree of Life) into the “Other Side” in order to meet the beast that inhabits this dark zone where one will be destroyed and be prepared to be rebuilt according to the beliefs of the Illuminati.

They’ve all done it- Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Austin Osmon Spare, and now Chris Martin…



In 2010 Coldplay released a Christmas album that featured a video for Christmas Lights worth mentioning…

First we saw the “X” prominently placed by Martin’s head:

Coldplay Christmas Lights X Marks the Beast


Many of you are familiar with this “X” as I’ve described in the Illuminati Mark of the Beast post where we learn how the “X” symbolizes the welcoming of the Beast of the Abyss or the Antichrist. Given Martin’s previous dissolving of the ego in the Abyss, I find it very possible that the symbol placed here is meant to convey this to the other members of the Illuminati.

While this may simply be an “X” on the wood, I ask you why it would be so purposefully placed here?…

In that same video we see the moon giving us the All Seeing Eye which could also be a reference to the first science-fiction film of all time; A Trip to the Moon:

Coldplay Christmas Lights All Seeing Eye Trip to the Moon


The importance of sci-fi films in the Illuminati is great to say the least. They use the films to push the agenda and implant certain themes and messages which the masses consume as fast as they can crank them out. Have you noticed how popular super hero films are? These are the super men and “evolved” beings that are meant to supplant us eventually…



This album featured a comic book story that paralleled a lot of the stuff we’ve talked about already. We’ve got the idea that mankind is suppressed by the Silencia government who seeks to destroy all sounds and colors. The government uses media and propaganda to push their message, meanwhile the creatives (called “sparkers”) are the real heroes here.

This is ironic because the Illuminati are using the music industry to push theirpropaganda and message, so it seems like the band is pointing the finger away from themselves somewhat.

Perhaps they used Eno’s Tarot cards to come up with the inspiration for the song UFOthat seems to look skyward for salvation with lyrics such as:

Then that light, it’s your eye
I know, I swear,
We’ll find somewhere the streets are paved with gold
Bullets fly, split the sky
But that’s all right, sometimes, sunlight comes streaming through the holes

In the video for Every Teardrop is a Waterfall we see hidden messages in the background like the All Seeing Eye- notice it’s a right eye of Horus the sun god:

Coldplay Every Teardrop is a Waterfall 2

We also see the illuminated pyramid– a classic Illuminati sign that is shown to us on the Great Seal on the American dollar bill:

Coldplay Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

The comic for the Mylo Xylotostory shows us the Illuminati Vow of Silence as well:

Coldplay Hurts Like Heaven Mylo Vow of Silence


Again, this is a symbol that you’ll see from the occult likes of Aleister Crowley and many more we’ve talked about already- they’re all in the same club:

crowley silence

Illuminati Vow of Silence in "BANG BANG" video
Illuminati Vow of Silence from Ariana Grande in “BANG BANG” video


Daft Punk and the Vow of Silence
Daft Punk: Transhumanism and the Vow of Silence


In the comic we find dedication to the artist Jean-Giraud, aka “Moebius”:

Coldplay Hurts Like Heaven Mylo Vow of Silence


I’ve covered Moebius’ connections to H.R. Giger, Jodorowsky, and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist in various formats- one being the free book I wrote called The Desert Enigma: An Analysis of Occult Symbolism in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist:

Free download of The Desert Enigma HERE
Free download of The Desert Enigma HERE




In 2014 the band’s attraction to the occult dark arts progressed through an album called Ghost Stories. Like we already saw, Martin’s interest in “alternative” religions and the occult led him to consult with a sufi teacher:

The idea of Ghost Stories, for me, was “how do you let the things that happen to you in the past – your ghosts – how do you let them affect your present and your future?” Because there was a time when I was feeling like they were going to drag me down and ruin my life, and the lives of those around me. 

I was very lucky to meet a very good sufiteacher who started to introduce the idea of “if you sit with your experiences and the things you’ve been through, they alchemize.” At the time he said that, I didn’t really know what that meant, but I trusted that it would work, and the more that I was learning about that, the more music just started flowing through. 

Chris Martin to Zane Lowe, Wikipedia

Again, there’s nothing overly “evil” here, but you can see the spirit of the art comes from the same resources used by occult magicians such as Aleister Crowley. In fact, in Lords of the Left Hand Path we see that these resources are used by a wide variety of practitioners:

Plato has arrived at a rational and noetic method of attainment of godhood formerly attained in the mysteries by means of initiatory experiences and dramatic ordeals as well as purifications and physical austerities. The idealistic philosophy and noetic methods of Platonism would, in the history of Western systems of initiation, be used as the underlying structure augmented and complemented by every sort of initiatory, philosophical, and magical technology in the ancient world. This synthesis would emerge in Neoplatonism (from the second century CE onward) from which it would spread into many varied speculative initiatory schools, such as Kabbalism, Sufism, as well as Christian mysticism.

For the video called Magic(didn’t I just talk about occult ritual magicians?…) we see the formation of birds to create the title below the skull used by Freemasons in the Chamber of Reflections:

Coldplay Magic Skull with inverted peace sign birdcage

Much like other Illuminati-affiliated artists we see Martin using the powers of the hidden realm to have supernatural powers like levitation:

Coldplay Magic Chris Martin Levitating white magic


Katy Perry levitating at her Prismatic concert
Katy Perry levitating at her Prismatic concert


Ellie Goulding levitating in "Outside" video
Ellie Goulding levitating in “Outside” video


Madonna levitating at the Grammys
Madonna levitating at the Grammys


Nicki Minaj levitating at the Grammys
Nicki Minaj levitating at the Grammys


Eminem levitating in "Rap God"
Eminem levitating in “Rap God”


Jessie J levitating in "Thunder"
Jessie J levitating in “Thunder”


One more thing worth mentioning in the Coldplay video- we see Martin playing the role of the “shadow” Chris Martin with the right All Seeing Eye of Horus darkened:

Coldplay Magic All Seeing Eye Black Magic



Finally we’ve arrived at the latest album of Coldplay. We can see the progression of the occult knowledge through the history of albums and this last one shows us one final push of symbolism.

The album artwork shows us the 19-circle Flower of Life which is part of the sacred geometry that the Illuminati so often use:

Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime Flower of Life Geometry


Jonny Buckland told the BBC that this album was Coldplay’s “night to the day” compared to their last album. This fits the mold of the occult aspects of duality where one is only perfected when they harness both sides of their personality. In American Horror Story: Hotel we hear Lady Gaga (The Countess) telling us that every man has a shadow side they must feed and this is precisely how the occult thinks. It’s only when we confront the “Beast of the Abyss” that we can become enlightened (Crowley called this Choronzon).

In the artwork for Adventure of a Lifetime we can see the symbols of Saturn, along with the twin pillars (at the bottom center). The pyramids are formed on the sides of the album cover as well. If you consider my earlier arguments on the “perfected person” rising as the middle third pillar, we can see the space shuttle as the perfected form of human. Are they telling us that traveling to the outer cosmos is the only way we can “evolve” and become “enlightened”? I believe so.

Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime Saturn Holy Mountain


The video for Adventure of a Lifetime depicts the evolution of apes as they learn from the Dr. Dre BEAST speaker and teach each other how to sing and dance (I’ve previously gone deep on the BEAST-Beats manipulation so see that post for more). The analogies this draws to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is more than obvious (recall that their X&Y album had the opening track from 2001featured on it).

Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime Beast Beats


Much like the alchemical transformation seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the ape teaches the other apes how to evolve like himself:

Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime 1


Eventually the band is tasked to “evolve the consciousness” of the entire tribe…

Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime Evolution Apes


…and the evolution of mankind is complete, only to be pushed further into a new direction deemed by the “Illuminati”:

Coldplay Adventure of a Lifetime Evolution Apes 2


We see the theme of the shadow side of the soul play out with the track Kaleidoscope that is about Martin’s breakup with Gwyneth Paltrow. The lyrics are slightly altered from the original 13th century Rumi poem but the idea of letting “dark thoughts” into ones conscious remains.

The original poem said this:

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

“A guide from beyond” is just another reference to the ultimate goal of contacting extraterrestrial entities and disembodied spirits.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy make an appearance on the album as well (yes- the three year old child of Jay-Z and Beyonce). This isn’t Blue’s first musical appearance so it’s obvious the girl is being groomed for the music industry. Perhaps it is of no coincidence the album was released on December 4th, 2015- a date of importance to the Jay-Z “dynasty” as I detailed in the hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

Another idea is that Ivy is a play on the Roman numeral IV which is 4. The number 4 is symbolic for both Jay-Z and Beyoncé since he was born on Dec. 4th, she was born on Sept. 4th, they were married on April 4th and they had “IV” tattooed on their ring fingers.

They have a hidden track on this album called X Marks the Spot on the Army of One song which most don’t realize is the same inference to the Illuminati Mark of the BeastI’ve covered already in this post from the Christmas Lights video:

Coldplay Christmas Lights X Marks the Beast


The X Marks the Spot does indeed support the theory because we hear Chris Martin talking about staring into the Abyss to dissolve his ego and find his “true” self:

Stare into darkness…
Staring at doom
My heart go boom
Bo-boom boom
Stare into darkness, admit defeat
Coming home and I’m finding no pieces!

(So I reach for it)
Wherever you are, I’ll find that treasure!

The song that contains this hidden track (Army of One) we hear mention of the Whore of Babylon:

Been around the world
Wonders to view
Been around the world
Looking for someone like you
Pyramids shine, Babylon too!
But the beautifulest treasures lie in the deepest blue

This is precisely the purpose of putting the “X” with the “O” that I explain in the Mark of the Beast post with concepts you’ve heard about already with Chris Martin heading up the center path of the Tree of Life:

Taking the center “G” path leads the follower into the realm known as the Abyss; which is similar to the previously mentioned “unknown” realm. This path is referred to as the “pillar of consciousness” (recall that there are three distinct paths up the Tree of Life referred to as pillars). 

This Abyss is more or less the shortcut of reaching the top most Sephirot. In Liber 418 (The Vision and the Voice), occultist Aleister Crowley detailed his journey through the Abyss using John Dee and Edward Kelley’s Enochian magick rituals. 

This book would help form the foundations of his Thelema belief system, and describe the Scarlet Whore, aka the Thelema goddess, Babalon. In this book, Aleister Crowley himself even warned of entering into the Abyss because it is guarded by a demon (or a “dweller” as he calls it) named Choronzon…

The lyrics to Adventure of a Lifetime suggests the ritual magic we hear so often from occultists who practice ceremonial magick (the “k” denotes it as different from stage magic):

turn your magic on,
to me she’d say
everything you want’s a dream away
under this pressure under this weight
we are diamonds

They believe in employing ceremonial magick in order to draw the power of the dark side (aka “universe”) in order to pursue their “Will.” It appears that the Will of the band’s final album is to call upon the goddess of destruction- the Scarlet Whore of Babylon; no different than Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl performance:

Katy Perry Super Bowl Babylon Lion


*UPDATE* Another video from the latest album has released since I wrote this article and in it we in fact see the goddess of destruction- Kali

Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend Kali

Kali goddess of death

What’s stranger yet is that Beyonce is featured in this video; and she was already highlighted in my CERN-Kali Evocation article for this same concept (*notice that she is doing the 666 hand gesture).

Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend Beyonce 666

We also themes of levitation and supernatural powers…

Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend levitation

…and Chris Martin by the All Seeing Eye.

Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend All Seeing Eye

Now we’ve come full circle to where I said the Super Bowl was the Illuminati main tool for pushing the agenda through subconscious programming and subliminal messaging. We see that Coldplay’s final album appears to be colorful on the outside but when you dissect the lyrics it seems that they are looking into the Abyss. Combining this knowledge with the previous Super Bowl’s Whore of Babylon symbolism I fear that we may be seeing the beckoning of the Beast of the Abyss…



Here’s where I’ll make some predictions based upon what I know about this group and event. I did this in 2015 with Katy Perry and it was a lot of fun so why not do it again!?

One thing that I do admire about Coldplay is their refusal of being used for advertising rights. They’ve turned down many multi-million dollar offers to use their songs in product placement from the blue chip companies- which most bands can’t claim. It seems that Coldplay aren’t the typical puppets used for pushing the symbolism, so I fear that we’ll see other acts bring it on instead.

If Coldplay pushes any kind of symbolism we can expect it to be of the New Age variety. Their mainstream fan base would surely find this in “good taste” while not seeing the dark side of these practices. I’d go further on a limb and suggest they’ll continue to the call upon the Scarlet Whore of Babylon in some form. Given the lyrics to their hidden track called X Marks the Spot and other dark lyrics on their latest effort, I’d say chances are good we’ll be subjected to something of occult influence.

Coldplay's Pyramid Stage
Coldplay’s Pyramid Stage

Given the fact that Pepsi has been part of the “YOLO” (“You Only Live Once” which Pepsi also disguised as “#LiveForNow”) movement I suspect we’ll see a continuance of the ideology of satisfying one’s personal desires and Crowley’s “Will.” This all part of satisfying the ego and making man at the center of daily worship while skipping the “tedious” requirement of organized religion. Father Seraphim Rose wrote a book called Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age that uncovers this topic and sums it up perfectly:

He makes Himself known only to humble faith- a fact bound to alienate the proud modern intelligence. A “new god” is clearly required by modern man, a god more closely fashioned after the pattern of such central modern concerns as science and business; it has, in fact, been an important intention of modern thought to provide such a god. -Father Seraphim Rose, NihilismThe Stages of Nihilistic Dialectic

Ultimately, this whole thing comes back to “The” spiritual battle. As much as I’d like to avoid talking about this, it leads to the battle between Christianity and the deception of Satan to lure us into the darkness. Some call this the Abyss, others call it Hell, but either way at the end of the day I’ve found that the entire agenda is about deceiving many to fall away from Jesus Christ and proclaim man as their new “god.” The dogma of science is proving this truer everyday and the influence of the arts is driving the point home by furthering the “alternative” religions that actually disguise many of the occult secrets as honest practices.

I don’t know that any of the ideas presented explicitly implicate Chris Martin or Coldplay as key figures in the big Illuminati agenda. However they are most definitely being used as pawns for the Illuminati; like most people in the entertainment industry. Sadly it seems that you have to tow the line if you want to really get the publicity and marketing that only the “big machine” can provide…

Chris Martin and the All Seeing Eye on his Instagram
Chris Martin and the All Seeing Eye on his Instagram


Chris Martin and the All Seeing Eye on his guitar
Chris Martin and the All Seeing Eye on his guitar


Coldplay's Instagram and the All Seeing Eye
Coldplay’s Instagram and the All Seeing Eye


I’ve got a video of on the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube channel based on the material you just read with more images- so feel free to watch it here:



First, we saw Lady Gaga perform the National Anthem. Besides the All Seeing Eye of the CBS logo, we also saw her wearing all-red which could be symbolic of the Scarlet Whore of Babylon that Aleister Crowley sought to find in order to bring about the destruction of the world as we know it.

Lady Gaga Super Bowl L Hand Scarlet Babylon

It’s true that we actually saw this last year with Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance as she came to the stage on Crowley’s beast:

Katy Perry Super Bowl Babylon Lion

Tarot Scarlet Whore of Babylon


Coldplay’s Chris Martin came out and took a particular path to get to the center of the stage. You’ll notice he went through the black hexagon- a symbol of the flattened black cube. This symbolizes the alchemical process as well as the Kabbalah Tree of Life (which we’ll revisit here in a bit…).

Chris Martin Coldplay Black Cube Entrance

Kabbalah Cube

This may seem fairly mundane, but it is of the utmost importance to the followers of this occult belief system. The black cube shows up several times in entertainment- particularly in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as the monolith (which was originally sent from Saturn, a planet with a hexagon/flattened cube at its pole).


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Saturn7

I cover the Saturn conspiracy in much further detail in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism series, but it’s also covered in the Kubrick’s Codeanalysis with the monolith’s abilities to “enlighten” mankind in the evolution of consciousness.

Kubrick's Code Cover Medium

As I predicted in my pre-Super Bowl analysis; Chris Martin and Coldplay featured various symbols, sanskrit, and colors on their stage that suggested some heavy duty Hindu influences. While Hinduism isn’t necessarily “sinister”, there are some strange peculiarities by those that took the Left Hand Path within Hinduism (such as Crowley) who found themselves channeling deities and ascertaining supernatural powers.

Chris Martin Super Bowl Hindu

We also saw the 19-circle Flower of Life symbolism on the stage, while Chris Martin spun around inside of the vortex/portal that spun in the center. The spiral is intended to represent the portal to another world, which CERN is currently working on accessing.

Chris Martin Coldplay Super Bowl Vortex

If we zoom out and look at the stage we can see a large golden cross laid out sideways with two black hexagrams at the ends.

Super Bowl Rosy Cross Black Cube Entrances

A good friend of mine suggested this may in fact be a representation of the Rosicrucian Rosy Cross:

Rosicrucian Cross



You’ll notice that Chris Martin stays near the center of the Rosy Cross, which Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogmasuggests is due to the white rose at the center. This represents the top most point on the Kabbalah Tree of Life- Kether. This is the ultimate goal for those that traverse the Tree of Life; a system that Chris Martin actually claimed to have issues with when he was with Gwyneth Paltrow (a practicing Kabbalist).

Chris Martin Kabbalah Gwyneth ContactMusic

Besides being the 18th degree of initiation in Freemasonry; the occultists believe that the Rose Cross was a symbol that represents mankind’s evolution through the unfolding rose which represents the mind. The Brotherhood of the Rose (aka the Illuminati) have long been behind the scenes pushing the evolution of consciousness- a concept that continuously surfaces when exploring this topic.

The Rosy Cross was also used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to display the collection of occult symbols while also guiding the initiate through the Ritual of the Rose Cross that is meant to protect them from psychic attacks. Aleister Crowley believed this symbol represented the “Great Work” of alchemy- the idea that one can become a god (perhaps even at the top most point of Kether which Chris Martin performs at on the stage).

Perhaps that is why we see Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and all of their dancers wearing all-black; the color used to denote the newly initiated alchemists (a concept called “blackening” in which the initiate is on the start of their transformative journey). It also raises interests when Bruno Mars came in through the black cube hexagram as well…

Bruno Mars Super Bowl black cube entrance

During Bruno Mars’ performance we see the black sun lighting up on Mark Ronson’s DJ setup to the left of the black cube- another important concept that we’ve seen from the likes of rappers like Big Sean with their occult initiation.

This is the same black sun used recently in the late David Bowie’s Blackstar video. It’s a reference to the planet of Saturn (from an occult perspective) and also the black hole.

Bruno Mars Super Bowl black cube entrance black sun

The black hole is important because it represents the place where the escape velocity on the surface is that of the speed of light (or greater). All things get absorbed into this dark star and we find dissolution of the ego- a topic of occult initiation. This is one of the reasons occultists worship the 6th planet from the Sun: Saturn.

After Bruno Mars we saw Beyonce come out with her dancers dressed as Black Panthers, meanwhile she donned the “X” which is analogous to the Mark of the Beast (however the media is suggesting she did all of this as part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the “X” represents Malcolm X).

Beyonce Super Bowl Black Panthers

I’ve long been trying to explain that there is an agenda to initiate a race war and fulfill Charles Manson’s HELTER SKELTER prophecy, and here it appears they’re stepping it up a notch. In fact, she performed her new song Formation which actually had an interesting first line about the Illuminati:

Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess

Beyonce Super Bowl Black Panthers 2

If the Illuminati theories are so corny- why are rappers constantly addressing it? Some claim they belong to this group, while others like Beyonce are apparently denying it. In SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC we explore the full depth of this conspiracy and learn all about the truths behind the scenes.

Surprisingly nobody had problems with the lyrics to Beyonce’s Formation song which also included:

When he f*ck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay

Supposedly this song is intended to have a political statement attached to it but I combed through the lyrics and saw nothing but nonsense, but the tone of the video and militant dancers suggests otherwise.

Like I said before, it could also be the Mark of the Beast because this “X” is being found all over the place as of lately- including the formation during Beyonce’s performance.

Beyonce Super Bowl X Mark Beast 10 Yard Line

Strangely enough; we also saw this ‘X’ in Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk music video (the song he also performed at Super Bowl 50):

Bruno Mars Illuminati Mark of Beast X O Uptown Funk

Beyonce finally hits the stage and guess how she comes on?… Through the black cube.

Beyonce Super Bowl X Mark Beast Outfit and Cube entrance

Bruno and Beyonce have a dance battle from opposing black cubes- perhaps suggesting a unification of dualities (male and female).

Bruno Mars Super Bowl battle of cubes


So what have got here?…

Chris Martin showing us that he is the ‘white rose’ of the Rosy Cross while he stays at the Kether sephirot, all the while showing us the colors and symbols of Eastern religions that Father Seraphim Rose warned us about.

Bruno Mars coming through the black cube while sporting the symbolism of the ‘blackened’ alchemists.

We also saw Chris Martin swirling in the vortex while Bruno Mars rose the Black Sun, aka the Black Hole. This is a recurring theme used in entertainment to represent the evolution of consciousness from internal to external (or vice-versa). It’s a symbol that tells us we can incrementally reflect on our place in the universe and even how nature operates. On this journey of life we have similar experiences over and over- but as we evolve as humans we are able to see them from a different perspective by leveraging our own experiences and knowledge in order to see them from a new light each time.

Dark City's Spiral
Dark City’s Spiral


True Detective's occult spiral
True Detective’s occult spiral


Interstellar- The salvation is through the dark spiral
Interstellar- The salvation is through the dark spiral

Beyonce promoting the impending HELTER SKELTER race war while doing the Mark of the Beast “X” while she enters through another black cube and wearing the blackened clothes.

In fact, Beyonce released a video for her song Formationat the same time and in it we see her flashing the ‘666’ hand:

Beyonce 666 Formation hand


…and after the show she sent a photo out on her social media of her stay at a local B’n’B where she placed the 666 hands over her All Seeing Eye:

Beyonce all seeing eye 666 post super bowl bnb

Further into the video we see her telling us “Im a star” while flashing the 666 hands as well in an “X” formation. This could be a reference to Aleister Crowley (aka “Great Beast 666”) who talked about his upcoming Aeon of Horus which stated that “Every man and woman is a star.”

Beyonce Formation 666 Ima Star

At the end of the video we see her crossing over into another dimension through water- or perhaps purifying herself in order to prepare for a ritual (a practice conducted in witchcraft):

Beyonce Formation Water Dimension

So it seems that Chris Martin and Bruno Mars were the opening acts for Beyonce who clearly had more of a leadership role in this performance. The timing of the release of her video which features the themes of a potential HELTER SKELTER race war seems planned (including the idea that the Panthers were playing as she came out with women that emulated the Black Panthers).

I anticipate that 2016 will see a further acceleration of the Agenda in which we’ll see supernatural forces and extraterrestrial influences being used to separate us further as the attempts to ignite a race war get perpetuated. I pray that nothing like this happens, but I believe that awareness of the manipulation is all it takes to keep a level head and not fall for the tricks of the “Illuminati” or others that seek to bring about a new world order that none of us want…

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I’m also throwing in a two-hour documentary type video I made that shows even more images and video clips from the films. This video is more in-depth than the ones you can see on YouTube (which don’t feature clips or some of the material).


Johnny Depp: Vampire, Satanist, or Illuminati?…

Welcome back to your home for taking a second look at what the world is trying to present to you. I’d like to further pursue this critical thinking and see if one of the world’s favorite actors is actually a satanist, occultist, and/or a member of the supposed “Illuminati” secret society…

While many of you may think the loveable Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean couldn’t POSSIBLY be into such dark forms of evil worship, I beg you to take a look at ALL of the evidence below and come to your own conclusion.

Perhaps Johnny Depp is a great guy who would never do such things and I have no idea what I’m talking about. Or maybe he falls in line with the many other closeted Hollywood occultists that pursue their own beliefs behind the scenes while the public is presented an entirely different image…

Johnny Depp



When I started writing this article I quickly found that there were many layers of the onion peeling back. So manylayers that it expanded into a 60+ page post which is a lot for one to consume.

I’ve opted to make it a mini-ebook that you can instantly download in its entirety on or the IlluminatiWatcher Gumroad store (HINT: It’s cheaper on Gumroad).

Here are the chapters you will get when you download it:

1. Introduction
2. Johnny Depp’s Associates: Pedos, Satanists, & Occultists
3. West Memphis 3: Defending Satanic Magick
4. Depp’s a vampire. So there’s that.
5. Depp’s Filmography: Pushing Occult Beliefs
6. Johnny’s Tattoos: Mark of the Beast
7. Random Stuff: Media Drives it Home
8. Final Thoughts: Where to go from here

Just to give you an idea of the direction this book goes; here are pieces of what you can learn more about in the book…


They say you can judge someone by the company they keep, so judge I will…

Learn all about Depp’s associations with Nicolas Cage, Damien Echols, Hunter S. Thompson, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, NAMBLA, Timothy Leary, and more.

Here is a segment about Hunter Thompson that isn’t the same in the book (because I can’t embed YouTube videos into books…):

What’s odd about this friendship is Hunter S. Thompson himself. It’s not his odd mannerisms that make him a strange character, but rather his claims that he liked to kill others and even had knowledge of the inner-workings of the “Illuminati.”

One could never quite tell how serious he was when he talked about killing others, but there are various interviews in which those close to him seem to suggest he was somehow connected into a ring of people that were into such a thing.



Out of all the satanic buddies Depp hangs with; there is none more notorious than convicted child killer Damien Echols. Granted, if you watch the HBO Paradise Lostdocumentaries you might argue with me that it is not true, but I beg you to read through the actual case files and make that determination FOR YOURSELF.

Paradise Lost Mark of the Beast X and O WM3

The documentaries want you to believe that the WM3 killers were wrongly imprisoned because they “wore black Metallica shirts” but the truth of the matter is that Echols had a mental health rap sheet and the killers had a literal interest in black magic, the occult, and satanism (as is evident if you follow Echols since his release from prison- like this ‘work of art’ in which he shows the pagan stag god, the satanic ‘red dragon’ tattoo and Aleister Crowley Thelemite Unicursal Hexagram tattoos on his elbows):

Damien Echols Horns Red Dragons Satan tattoo

HOWEVER- to play Devil’s advocate; just because someone is into satanism, magick, the occult, etc. that does NOT make them a killer. I don’t know that Echols and his two friends actually murdered the boys or if they are truly innocent. The fact of the matter is that only they know if it went down that way or not. I don’t lose sleep over this thing, but I DO find it interesting because ALL of these symbols and ideas seem to coalesce around this case as if the Hollywood “Illuminati” are supportive of somehow ‘proving’ that Crowley’s magick works by getting someone off the hook for murder…

To me it seems that there is plenty of suspicion worth taking another look at the case, or at least finding out who the actual killers were. The three dead eight year old boys certainly deserve justice no matter how that comes about.

William Ramsey has devoted a significant amount of time investigating this case and you can read all about it in his book that has actual case files and interview notes. We talk about the book on my podcast which you can check out right HERE.

William Ramsey has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to exploring various occult topics; appropriately called Occult Investigations in which you can see several Johnny Depp videos; including this one that talks about many of the same ideas that you’re reading about here in my article:



Johnny Depp told US Weeklythat he was ready to battle Robert Pattinson (who is blood relatives to Vlad the Impaler) for the throne of vampire royalty:

There’s room for two vampires on this block — as long as he remembers I am the Alpha Vampire.




It appears that Depp takes on roles that could trace back to several conspiracy theories and true occult history. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

Like I mentioned before, he got his start as Greg in Nightmare on Elm Street; a film that has so much symbolism in it that I made an analysis that takes a look at everything.

Nightmare on Elm Street Johnny Depp Saturn Kabbalah 10


Continuing with that vampire theme; he played the failed director in Ed Wood (which also had Martin Landeau playing the role of Dracula Bela Lugosi):

Ed Wood Johnny Depp Bela Lugosi Vampire Dracula

Depp took on another vampire role in Dark Shadows, adding to my argument about Depp’s vampire obsession. When asked about playing the role of Barnabas in this film, he said the following:

It’s a strange thing because, as a child, I certainly had a fascination with monsters and vampires, as did Tim.  There’s this darkness, this mystery, this intrigue.  And then, as you get older, you recognize the erotic nature of the vampire and the idea of the undead. 

Johnny Depp Undead and Loving it cover


Take a look at one of the Dark Shadows movie posters- you’ll see later that the entertainment industry seeks to constantly tell us that Johnny Depp has demons; just like on the Dark Shadows movie poster.

Johnny Depp Demons Vanity Fair Nov 2011 cover


Johnny Depp Dark Shadows L Hand Demons


Besides mentioning demons, you’ll also notice the peculiar way Depp holds his hand to his chest. This symbol represents the Freemason Sign of Fidelity (or Heart Sign of Allegiance). What I find intriguing about this is that Depp holds the same symbol as Aleister Crowley; with the left hand towards the heart and an over-emphasis on the ‘L’ shape of the hand (meaning absolute and complete fidelity to the organization):

Aleister Crowley L Hand Oath Freemasonry




Depp has a considerable amount of tattoos worth examining. What I find interesting is the fact that he shares the same tattoos with the likes of Marilyn Manson and Damien Echols (which we’ve already explored above).

Here you can see the I Ching tattoo of ‘Wind Over Heaven’- possibly a reference to Lucifer as the “prince of the air”:

Damien Echols Johnny Depp air iching tattoo WO


Take note to this image of Damien Echols and his many tattoos. You’ll see the I Ching symbol, plus many more which we will talk about that he shares with Depp like the skeleton key, lightning bolt on the hand, the crow, and magick sigil:

Damien Echols tattoos I Ching Crow Skeleton Key

Here is Depp and you can see his skeleton key with the words ‘Silence Exile Cunning’ above it:

Johnny Depp tattoos key lightning bolt




In the book I go through several of Depp’s tattoos- so you’ll learn the occult meaning to these:

Johnny Depp sigil tattoo chest Echols 2

Johnny Depp sigil tattoo chest Echols


Johnny Depp Lightning Mark of the Beast tattoo






Johnny Depp tattoo Crow Crowley back to life




Johnny Depp tattoo rook black bird


Johnny Depp tattoo 3 hand


Johnny Depp three rectangles hearts tattoos


Johnny Depp tattoo black inverted triangle


Johnny Depp tattoo skull and crossbones


Johnny Depp tattoo Gonzo Fist leg Hunter Thompson



Johnny Depp tattoo No Reason wrist




In 1997’s Vanity Fair Johnny addresses the idea that he’s got “demons” which is a theme that they repeatedly throw at us by way of Johnny’s films:

“How about the church, if you’re a true Bible Belter?” I ask. “You seem to have packed away a few demons in the baggage you’ve hauled around all these years.”

“When I was a kid back in Kentucky, we went to this church where my uncle preached. It was kind of a weird Baptist, full-on kind of place. People kept running up to the pulpit and grabbing his ankles and being saved. Lots of crying. Even then, at six or seven, I questioned how pure the emotion could be if it were on such display…. That’s where I found music, really—where I started playing guitar was in church, through that uncle. He had a little gospel group…. We’re all a mishmash of extremes. I know that I have demons,” Depp confesses, firing up one of his ever present cigarettes. “I don’t know if I want to get rid of them altogether, but I would like to experience them in a different way. Maybe go face-to-face with them. I’ve never really had the time to go to therapy. Well, here and there. But not enough to help.”

Johnny Depp Vanity Fair 1997 cover



“I know I have demons, I’m 30 different people sometimes.” -Johnny Depp


If you want some good ol’ fashioned Illuminati symbolism images there are plenty of those to consider. Here are a few that represent many ancient symbols like the All Seeing Eye and more:

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye 666 hand

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye glasses

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye Skull ring

Johnny Depp thumb All Seeing Eye 2

Johnny Depp Vanity Fair All Seeing Eye Monocle

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye 3


This demonstrates the Illuminati Vow of Silence:

Johnny Depp Illuminati Vow of Silence

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom johnny depp vow of silence

This is the Illuminati Mark of the Beast:

Johnny Depp Mark of the Beast X


Between Johnny Depp’s friendships with overt Satan worshippers, Aleister Crowley Thelema followers, occult tattoos, and obsession with vampires; it appears there is much more than meets the eye with Johnny Depp…



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