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Zwischenruf zum Flug MH370:

An Bord der verschwundenen Maschine der malaysischen Fluglinie befanden sich 20 Chinesen die allesamt Mitarbeiter der US-Firma ”Freescale Semiconductor” sind. Vier dieser 20 Mitarbeiter besitzen die Rechte an einem US-amerikanischen Patent, nutzbar unter anderem für implantierbare Microchips (Stichwort: Chip statt Personalausweis). 

Der fünfte Besitzer ist die Firma ”Freescale Semiconductor” selbst, eine Tochtergesellschaft der Bankendynastie Rothschild.


Das Besondere?

Im Falle des Todes einer dieser fünf Patentinhaber gehen alle Rechte am Patent an die übrigen Besitzer über. 

Unter der Annahme das die übrigen Besitzer den Flug der Flug MH370 nicht überlebt haben, würden die Rothschilds dann 100% an dem besagten Patent halten.


Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Freescale Semiconductor Austin TX (20%)

Datum Patent-Beantragung: 21. Dezember 2012
Datum Patent-Eintragung: 11. März 2014
Datum verschwinden von MH370: 08. März 2014

HINWEIS: Zwischen Beantragung eines Patents und Eintragung können mehrere Wochen bis Monate vergehen. Die Beantragung des Patents erfolgte bereits am 21. Dezember 2012. Die Tatsache das die Eintragung des Patents erst am 11. März 2014 erfolgte, das Flugzeug aber bereits am 08. März 2014 verschwand, ist also nachweislich kein Widerspruch.

Im Gegenteil: Es ist äußerst merkwürdig, dass das Patent nur 3 Tage nach dem Verschwinden des Flugzeuges, seine endgültige Rechtswirksamkeit erhalten hat. 

Ein weiteres Indiz ist die Tatsache, dass die geplante Flugroute von Flug MH370 direkt über den US-amerikanischen Luftwaffenstützpunkt Diego Garcia im Indischen Ozean verlief.


Passagierliste Malaysia Airlines

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Diego Garcia – US Stützpunkt im Indischen Ozean





Part 1 - Leuren Moret: Confirmed – MH370 shot down by US over Singapore airspace as UK Inmarsat leads 30 day false flag psyops for 5 NWO objectives


VANCOUVER, BC – In a 2-part ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABD, reveals that new forensic evidence that proves that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disintegrated in the air after being shot down as an arms demo by a US Navy Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) or missile over Singapore airspace. 

Singapore is a CIA and UK MI6 intelligence operations base in South East Asia.  The MH370 false flag was held during nearby drills involving the militaries of 28 countries. UK asset Inmarsat led a 30-day global media false flag psyops misdirecting global media to the Indian ocean for five New World Order police state objectives.

NOTE: Part 2 of this interview with Leuren Moret will be released April 17, 2014




This Memorandum is intended to answer the five key questions about the MH370 false flag operation:

Who was behind it?

What caused the disappearance of MH370?

When did MH370 disappear?

Where did MH370 disappear?

Why did MH370 disappear, and why was this elaborate false flag operation carried out.

Part 1 - Leuren Moret: Confirmed – MH370 shot down by US over Singapore airspace as UK Inmarsat leads 30 day false flag psyops for 5 NWO objectives [READ FULL ARTICLE]


- RADAR: Who knew where the plane was/radar tracking, and what should have happened when Flight 370 disappeared?
        (Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand)





    - 2007, 2009, 2014 WAR CRIMES TRIBUNALS


Who knew where the plane was/radar tracking, and what should have happened when Flight 370 disappeared?
MALAYSIA: Air traffic controllers at Kuala Lumpur Airport used the Marconi Radar System purchased in 1994, Former Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim approved sale:

Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim
The Malaysian opposition leader has claimed the missing jet would have been tracked by the country's sophisticated radar system and has accused the authorities of withholding information.
Politician Anwar Ibrahim said that when he was the Malaysian finance minister he had personally authorised the installation of the radar, and that the system would have picked up the missing plane changing course.
The 66-year-old also suggested it was possible that the Malaysian authorities had colluded in the fate of flight MH370, and said an international committee should take over the investigation into the disappearance of the aircraft.
Mr Anwar, who has admitted he was related to the plane's pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah via an in-law, said the Marconi radar system, which covers the Malaysian mainland, including its east and west coastlines from its base in the South China Sea, was approved by him in 1994.
He said the radar would have instantly noticed when the plane turned west away from its planned route, and said he could not understand why radar operators were unable to check on the plane's journey.
Mr Anwar also questioned why the Malaysian air force had not gone after the plane, and said had concerns over the way the hunt for the plane had been carried out in the days after it vanished.
“Anwar: Malaysian radars capable of tracking MH370 to Indian Ocean” 03/20/14

VIETNAM: Air traffic controllers were tracking plane, it disappeared at Malaysia/Vietnam airspace 
1.VIETNAMtransition at 1:21 AM March 8.  Ho Chi Minh City air traffic controllers lost contact with Flight 370 at 1:21 AM and air space transition.
MH370 Last contact: 1:21 AM March 8 







THAILAND: Joint military exercises drill - Cobra Gold-Cope Tiger –Feb.11-March 21 underway in Thailand – Led 3.THAILANDby US, Thailand, Singapore, and observer countries (Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, S. Africa, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste). 
The Thai military was receiving normal flight path and communication data from the Boeing 777-200 on its planned March 8 route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing until 1:22 a.m., when it disappeared from its radar.
Military exercises/drills are good cover for geopolitical and intelligence agenda as in 911(FEMA), Hurricane Katrina(US NAVY offshore/Blackwater), Haiti 
4.THAI.RADARearthquake(USArmy/Navy offshore), etc.  Further supported by US/UK major news media coverup that started in the international news Monday March 9, after Vietnam Admiral found oil slicks and airplane tail/cabin door in Gulf of Thailand.




FORENSIC EVIDENCE OF CRASH SITE IN GULF OF THAILAND: Chinese satellite photo (TOP) of tail and 5.CHINA.RADARcabin door floating near disappearance of flight 370, and (BOTTOM) two 9.5 mile long oil slicks in crash site vicinity. Flight 370 disappearance took place during two major military exercises in Thailand.  (Thailand has US nuclear missile systems on their ships – very closely allied with US)



Forensic evidence: MH370 Oil slick

SINGAPORE AIR SPACE: Communications with Flight 370 stopped at 1:21 AM just as it entered Singapore air space 7.SINGAPOREand was flattening out to finish its last 1000’ of its climb to 35,000’ cruise altitude.  The plane was in the right geometrical configuration to be hit with a pulse weapon or missile.     
Dr. Soong’s article on the radar network in Malaysia mentions (in Dr. Soong’s article and in reader comments) that the only military incidents they have had since modernizing their military, were 8-12 incidents when Singapore fighter jets intruded into Malaysian airspace, Malaysia took no action.  The other military response was on Sarawak when an indigenous tribe caused a dispute that required the military to respond. 
The former President of Singapore and former members of his cabinet in the govt. were UCBerkeley alumni, and regularly rode their motorcycles together to work every day.


Singapore flag - Reflection of British Commonwealth ties

II - TRANSPONDERS: In air navigation, a plane transponder (transmitter-receiver) transmits a signal 
9.TRANSPONDER(squawk code w altitude information and special codes for emergencies on the plane) in response to an interrogating received signal from air traffic controllers to identify the aircraft and to maintain separation between planes.
A transponder is a radio transmitter in the cockpit that works with ground radar. When the transponder receives a signal (ping) from a more sophisticated ground "secondary" radar, it returns a squawk code with the aircraft's position, its altitude and its call sign. It is constantly being radar pinged, helping air traffic controllers on the ground determine the airplane's speed and direction, too. If transponders are turned off in flight, satellites and other tracking methods (primary radar) can still determine where the plane is at all times from electrical signals coming from plane. Disabling the transponder (pilot turns it off w a switch or circuit breaker) doesn't make the plane invisible, it just means it's not broadcasting an ID.
Rolls Royce tracks airplanes with their Rolls Royce engines at all times when they are in flight.  Rolls Royce has a tracking record of Flight 370, but has not released it.
The Black Box constantly records the latest 30 minutes of cockpit activities.  So it contains only the last 30 minutes in the cockpit. After a crash the Black Box Transmits a signal for 30 days until the battery runs down.

III - SATELLITES: US, Russia, China and other countries have satellites globally and know exactly what happened to Flight 137. 
The US has never offered any satellite information to Malaysia in support of the Flight 370 disaster.  US satellites have very high definition and can read the 2” long serial number on a metal plate on the dashboard of all US cars from space for tracking purposes. 
On April 6, 2012, a launch at Vandenburg AFB in California, put a NROL-25 satellite in space with synthetic aperture radar that can observe objects globally in daylight and darkness, penetrate clouds, and identify underground bunkers (ground penetrating).  This is just one of many specialized satellites the NSA has in space, and the NSA is the highest level intelligence agency in the US.  The NSA intelligence agency in the US has an NRO-39 emblem that states “Nothing is beyond our reach.”  Obviously, the highest US intelligence agency and the military have satellite data that would reveal what happened to Flight 137.  The US-led military exercises in Thailand (w 25 countries participating), in the proximity of Flight 137 at the time it disappeared, are guaranteed to have monitored Flight 137 and all other flight traffic in the region as a potential military threat.
GPS: put on satellites starting in 1950’s for the military, and in 1983 President Reagan authorized it to be used for civilian satellites.

MARCONI (UK): manufactures electronic systems for UK govt/military and involved with BAE.  25 GEC-Marconi scientists murdered 1980’s.  Tracking systems in space/atmosphere – rockets etc.  Prime Minister Mahathir signed an agreement in 1994 with Margaret Thatcher to purchase a radar system at 4 times the cost of an equally good US one.

PHONESAT (US): Iridium satellite system.  Service for INMARSAT satellite phones.  US company in MacLean VA (CIA). 

INMARSAT (UK): HAS LONG CO-MANUFACTURED SATELLITES WITH BOEING.  WHY DID INMARSAT HAVE SO MUCH SAY IN DOWNPOWERING THE FLIGHT 370 SEARCH, AND WHY DID ENTIRE WESTERN MEDIA BOW TO INMARSAT’S ROYAL DECREE?  Tracks all shipping traffic globally, now wants to expand into Airplanes.  Wants huge increase in business, and global surveillance of ship and air traffic from headquarters in London. 

INMARSAT hijacked/misdirected search from Gulf of Thailand to Indian Ocean, and sabotaged the search for Flight 370.  Said they were tracking “pings” but
-    Said they “did not have “GPS” on the satellite tracking Flight 370” from Malaysia to s. Indian Ocean , and that “without GPS they could not triangulate location of plane” (BLATANT LIES)
-    Said they used “Doppler Effect” to guestimate route of plane to west – northern route to C. Asia, southern route to bottom of Indian Ocean, and reported it went down in deepest part of Indian Ocean, no chance to recover plane or black box.  Do not need Doppler effect to triangulate location of plane if you have 3 observation points (satellites).  Must use Doppler if only one observation point.

INMARSAT HEADQUARTERS IN THE UK - SATELLITE NETWORK: Each satellite is identified by a code in the hexagram representing it.
-    Satellites are generally only visible (line of sight communications) for about 24 minutes, therefore one satellite would not have tracked the Flight 370 plane across the entire Indian Ocean for 5-7 hours.
-    INTERSAT is British and a strong player in the disaster coverup, and demonstrates obvious British involvement in disappearance of Flight 370 and redirecting of rescue efforts away from crash site in Singapore air space.

CHINA: March 12 released satellite photo of airplane debris in S. China Sea where plane should have gone down based on time of disappearance and route.  GOOD EVIDENCE along with two oil slicks also reported by Vietnam Admiral who found the debris field and reported it.  He was ignored and only hard forensic evidence was buried in the media blitz by US/UK.


China radar image of MH370 on ocean floor under Singapore airspace

after being shot down by US Navy

MH370 Oil slick
Malaysian Air Flight 370: Initiated by INMARSAT, international Misdirection of Search to Set Up False Flag.
MID-AIR DISINTEGRATION: Most likely cause of disappearance of Flight 370, after considering Wigner effect, hijacking, shot down with missile/pulse weapon.

WIGNER EFFECT:  High levels of radiation exposure from Fukushima (and during bomb testing) has caused metal fatigue in military and civilian planes.  Based on extensive studies of neutron, alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray bombardment of metals, reports are coming out every day globally that planes are losing parts or causing trouble with landing gear and high pressure systems such as hydraulics while in flight.  At Kadena military base, Okinawa, 10 fighter jets have had parts fall of while in flight, and 4 fighter jets lost windshields while in flight causing pilots to land without windshields. This problem with metal embrittlement in planes has been reported in Hong Kong, Okinawa, Hawaii, Alaska, Russia.  This is also a problem in nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants where helium forms in the crystal matrix of the metal, and embrittlement caused by neutron etc. bombardment.   This seems unlikely as the cause of the disappearance of Flight 370 in flight, because usually just parts like flaps etc. fall off and the plane is still able to land safely.

HIJACKING:  Col. J. Joseph, an American former jet pilot and CEO of an airplane company stated that there is no factual data that a hijacking occurred.  The absence of radar data is the problem with resolving this issue, and the Malaysian/US/Thai/Singapore/Vietnam etc. government and military have the radar data but refuse to release it.  There were also 2 large scale-military exercises led by the US in the region (held in Thailand) with extensive radar capability, indicating that no plane could get by them without being detected and intercepted if a threat.
There were two multinational US led military operations going on at that time in Thailand: Cope Tiger and Cobra Gold. 

Cope Tiger:
Korat RTAFB is a major facility for the Cope Tiger exercises, an annual, multinational exercise conducted in two phases in the Asia-Pacific region.
Cope Tiger involves air forces from the United States, Thailand and Singapore, as well as U.S. Marine Corps aircraft deployed from Japan. U.S. Navy aircraft have also been involved on Cope Tiger.

Cobra Gold 2013:
The commander of U.S. Pacific Command kicked off the longest-running U.S. military exercise in the Pacific in Thailand today, calling the 13,000 multinational participants guardians of future peace and prosperity.

Cobra Gold 2014:
“We are very delighted by Cobra Gold 2014,” said W. Patrick Murphy, the deputy chief of mission at U.S. Embassy Bangkok. “We congratulate the Kingdom of Thailand for partnering with us again this year, the 33rd year of this joint exercise. It is very much a multidimensional exercise with many different components and we contribute from the (U.S.) our Marines, sailors, airmen and soldiers. (The U.S.) had almost 4,000 of our troops here this year with their counterparts from Thailand, so this year was a big success and I am quite confident that next year, Cobra Gold 2015, will also be a great success.”


USS Essex underway to participate in Cobra Gold in Thailand on June 9, 2008.  The forward-deployed amphibious assault ship is part of US military “pivot” to Asia.
The U.S. Navy and other participating countries had aircraft carriers and other ships located in the Gulf of Thailand for these exercises.  The likelihood that an aircraft carrier’s radar was turned off at ANY time is highly unlikely.  And with that kind of activity and congestion of national air spaces, a national radar infrastructure would only be turned off it was told to turn it off.   How many countries represented at the exercises had their radar turned on?  All of them, all of the time. 

MISSILE OR PULSED ENERGY WEAPON:  Because there is no radar data for the altitude and cruise pattern, the length of time the plane could stay in the air with the fuel it had is hard to determine, at lower altitudes the plane would burn up fuel faster than at high altitudes. 

SIGHTING BY OIL RIG WORKER: There was a sighting of the plane close to Vietnam by an oil rig worker from New Zealand working in the area where the plane disappeared.  He described it at high altitude, in one piece and then he saw a fire suddenly burn for 10-15 seconds and the plane completely disappeared.  This was from an oil rig near the area where the plane disappeared at 1:21 AM March 8.

Col. J. JOSEPH, Russia Today:
SS: So could the plane be taken down by something like a missile for example?
JJ: Unfortunately, yes. It could happen, and I think we all know that within the last 20 years, there have been several incidents of accidental shoot down. The most recent was in the Mediterranean with an Iranian airliner. So it does happen. I will tell you that one of my first thoughts when this mishap was first reported was a possibility of an unintentional or even intentional shoot down. It is conceivable, loss of radar data certainly add to that.

I would be very surprised at this point, however, if the intelligence communities throughout the world were not a little more aggressive in pointing something like that out. Most of the world is under this surveillance in some way, shape, form or another, and certainly satellite imagery would be something that would pick up a bright flash like that had that occurred in the night sky over a dark ocean. So I think we would have seen some preliminary intelligence data at least pointing us in that direction, had that been the occurrence.

US NAVY:  Released an 8 minute videoclip of a simulated shootdown of a drone with a new pulsed energy weapon now being tested on a Navy ship on March 6, two days before the Flight 370 incident.  Also included was an actual live demonstration of a drone taking off from an aircraft carrier, with a second segment of an actual shooting down a different drone from a pulsed weapon on land over sea (probably Vandenberg AFB).  A Navy ship had been in the region of SE Asia for 6 months testing and tuning a new pulsed energy weapons system for Navy ships when Flight 370 disappeared on March 8.
March 6, 2014


U.S. Navy Video for LaWS Laser Weapons system


Navy will deploy its first directed energy weapon to the fleet; Laser Weapon System (March2014)

September 6, 1976: Lt. Belenko's MiG-25P at Hakodate Airport, Japan — note the insignia and numbers have been covered and tarps have been drawn over the aircraft in an early investigation of the plane.
FOXBAT MIG 25C FIGHTER JET: A Russian Mig 25C from the 1970s, called a FOXBAT, was flown by Lt. 
12.MIG.25Belenko, a Russian fighter pilot who escaped from the Soviet Union in 1976, and landed a Foxbat at Hakodate airport in northern Japan.  

This plane had never been examined by any western countries.  I

t was thoroughly examined and found to have missiles but no other weapons.  However, the fighter jet had a radar system on it that could be turned up to a high intensity that easily attacked and shot down planes very effectively.  Even a sophisticated radar system can be used to attack planes.  

This plane was used by the Egyptians in the Yom Kippur war, and many other Middle Eastern countries had this plane, including Iran and Iraq.  It can still outmaneuver many other more modern fighter jets.
NATO Attack on Yugoslavia 1999 – Yugoslavians took down US fighter jets using cell phone towers to transmit to jet computers, and took command of computers to crash jets.


United Flight 553 – Dec. 8, 1972 – Dorothy Hunt (CIA wife of Howard Hunt) and 12 Watergate figures crashed near Chicago, she had over $1 million with her extorted through blackmail of Pres. Nixon.

Iranian civilian flight 655 – July 3, 1988, US Navy shot it down.

PAN AM Flight 103 – Dec. 21, 1988, Lockerbie Scotland.  CIA all over this crash, also some canceled plane tickets before flight. Two 2011-2014 Al-Jazeera documentaries prove Libya was not involved.  US/UK involved.

TWA Flight 800 – July 17, 1996 (Boeing 747-100) – US Navy submarine suspected.

JFK Jr. – July 16, 1999.  Misreporting on weather, NSA satellite chief leaked info, electronic disturbances, bomb in plane. Announced he was running against Al Gore for President.

Senator Ted Kennedy (multiple attempts) – one incident EMF completely blocked electricity on plane, disabled electronics so pilot had to land plane with mechanical devices only.

Senator Wellstone  - Oct. 25, 2002 Cell phone/garage door opener EMF disturbances reported at time of crash. Running for Senate, would have given Senate to Democrats.

Space Shuttle Columbia – February 1, 2003  Photos published in mainstream media of energy beam hitting Columbia over San Francisco, heat tiles at impact site melted.

FORESHADOWING: There is a history of foreshadowing false flag events, by the media, political events, economic disasters, and statements.  Flight 370 considerations reveal foreshadowing occurred, by US linked entities.

13. quest feb 19th co pilot

Foreshadowing: CNN'S Richard Quest Feb. 19, 2014 trip on Malaysian Boeing 777 with MH370 co-pilot

CNN: On February 19, 2014, CNN sent their financial news anchor, Richard Quest, to Malaysia to film a segment on Malaysian airlines for a program he anchors: Business Traveler.  He also anchors “Quest Means Business”.  Quest was born in Liverpool and attended the university of Leeds, and Vanderbilt Univ, linked to the Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Lab in Tennessee.  

He worked for the BBC and then jointly for the BBC and CNN.   He also covered the Royal Family in the UK.  He was a featured CNN anchor until 2008, when he had a mishap that reframed his role as a harbinger of Bad News” and an economic hit man announcing the demise of failing businesses. 
This is the same “instantly recognizable” Dick Quest who was found in Central Park with methamphetamine in his pocket and a rope running from his neck to his …

CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot, law-enforcement sources said. ~ Kinky News Network, Dareh Gregorian, NY Post
In this CNN segment, Richard Quest flew in the cockpit with the co-pilot of Flight 370, Fariq Ab Hamid, who helped to fly a Boeing 777-200 from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur.  Quest indeed, was the harbinger of bad news when Flight 370 disappeared and his segment aired on CNN.

Larry – drinking with a film crew in Australia in 1980, in Perth, after the Iran hostage rescue event.  The AU world newsreel crew received a telegram (sender not ID’d) in Honolulu just before Pearl Harbor was bombed.  The crew was told to be someplace - to go to a certain hill (high ground with a view), and the exact number of feet of film to take with them.  They filmed the Pearl Harbor bombing in color. 



Former Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad (r); Matthias Chang; former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA); Leuren Moret; Alfred Lambremont Webre - Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Conference 2007

MAHATHIR: History of attacks by Soros/London Zionists/NWO on Malaysian economy. 
March 19, 2014, Republica news, Kathmandu Nepal:
Dr Mahathir was at the helm of the Malaysian government for consecutive 22 years. Malaysia had taken a giant leap in the economic development and infrastructures during the Mahathir ́s 22-year-long premiership.

The 88-year-old former premier of Malaysia Mahathir resigned as an adviser to state-run oil company Petronas PETR.UL on December 2 last 2013. He ended an almost decade-long tenure in the energy major that is Malaysia ́s only Fortune 500 Company. Mahathir resigned from the post of prime minister on October 31, 2003.

In a BBC interview on March 18, a former fighter pilot commented:
It has now emerged that Malaysian primary military radar tracked an unidentified contact that flew right across the country's air space, now confirmed to be MH370. But no action, it seems, was taken.
"Where was the Malaysian air force in all this?" says former RAF pilot and aerospace analyst Andrew Brookes.
"Ever since 9/11, air defences around the world have been on alert for a hijacked airliner aiming for a prestige target. And few targets are more prestigious than the twin Petronas towers in downtown Kuala Lumpur."

ANWAR IBRAHIM:  British agent, opposition politician, twice convicted sodomist. 

LKM/AW: Ibrahim photo in Foreign Correspondents Club 2007. 

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a father-of-three, was said to be a 'fanatical' supporter of the country's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim - jailed for homosexuality just hours before the jet disappeared.

Is Ibrahim the one to hand off Malaysia to the British now that Mahathir has stepped down from Petronas BOD?  His first job offer out of prison on the first conviction was from Wolfowitz at the World Bank.

UN OPERATIVES:  War Crimes Tribunals and Conferences brought UN Operatives into Malaysia.  They sabotaged the Depleted Uranium issue in the Iraq tribunal, and the Palestine Tribunal.  Matthias Chang betrayed Mahathir.


33rd degree Mason Matthias Chang betrayed Mahathir

War Crimes Conferences/Commission – UN players:


UN Operative Michel Chossudovsky


UN Operative Hans von Sponek


UN Operative Denis Haliday


UN Operative Christian Scherrer

READ UN MISSION - Article 42 of UN Charter:   UN is a War Organization.
Many people thing the United Nations is a peace-keeping organization.  The fact is that the United Nations is, instead, a war organization.  In Article 42 of the UN Charter.


Article 41

The Security Council may decide what measures not involving the use of armed force are to be employed to give effect to its decisions, and it may call upon the Members of the United Nations to apply such measures. These may include complete or partial interruption of economic relations and of rail, sea, air, postal, telegraphic, radio, and other means of communication, and the severance of diplomatic relations.


Article 42


Should the Security Council consider that measures provided for in Article 41 would be inadequate or have proved to be inadequate, it may take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. Such action may include demonstrations, blockade, and other operations by air, sea, or land forces of Members of the United Nations.


Source: Etemenanki

U  P  D  A  T  E  S
Martian Heartbleed
  Apr 11, 2014

Something big happened during our ~April 7-8 window...

An extremely serious internet security breach... So serious you will likely be directly dealing with it soon if not already (by having to change your passwords).
Apr 09 After 'Catastrophic' Security Bug, the InternetNeeds a Password Reset
"'Catastrophic' is the right word. On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11," security expert Bruce Schnier, wrote on his blog today.

The bug is such problem, it may require what amounts to a massive password reset for the internet at large. [...]

Apr 10 Why Heartbleed Is the Ultimate Web Nightmare

It's easy to want to think the reaction to the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability is overblown; Sadly, it's not.Heartbleed is bad. It's not hyperbole; it's a major problem.

In fact, Heartbleed has the potential to be one of the biggest, most widespread vulnerabilities in the history of the modern web. Frustratingly, however, because the problem is technical — very technical — it's difficult for regular users to understand why this vulnerability is a big deal, what services have been vulnerable in the past and what services remain vulnerable now. [...]

And it's called "Heartbleed". How perfect is that? Because...
  • The Heartbleed bug was announced on April 7th
  • Our ~April 7-8 window involved Mars opposition
The same combination of a "Heart (bleed)" and Mars was witnessed during this year's Super Bowl halftime, where we saw Bruno Marsplaying his drums with a big heart on it.

The temporally entangled Katy Perry/Dark Horse performance and music video also had specifically highlighted the heart. If you recall the "weighing of the heart" reference in the trailer video...

...and Katy Perry spending most of her time in the video sitting right in front of the chest of the sphinx, which celestially corresponds to the position of Regulus, representing the heart of Leo the lion.

Regulus was then occulted (eclipsed) by an asteroid on the spring equinox (March 20), which was the day the gaze of the Great Sphinxaligned with the sunrise.

The April 7th Heartbleed revelation also happened to coincide with big headlines about possible detections of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's "pulse" or "heartbeat"...

Then came this suspiciously timely space news directly connecting theheart and Mars:

Collectively a very strong pattern and Heartbleed was definitely a major signal or "pulse" detected during our ~April 7-8 Martian window. And remember that we are dealing with a time/event sequence in April...

Next up is Mars reaching its closest point to Earth on April 14th(which does not coincide with Mars opposition only because the planetary orbits are not perfectly circular), which occurs simultaneously with a "blood Moon" total eclipse April 14-15, the first of a fairly rare four back-to-back lunar eclipses ("tetrad"). It's also the anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. So that's quite intense there.

This year's Boston Marathon will take place on April 21, becoming a key component of an earthshakingly intense window around April 19-21which also involves Easter/Resurrection Day (April 20). I'll delve into it more sometime later...

Flight 370 Below New Orleans
  Mar 31, 2014

When it comes to the still mysteriously missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the first thing I did was to draw a "great circle" (straight line on a sphere) connecting the flight's origin (Kuala Lumpur) anddestination (Beijing), then extend it beyond Beijing...

...which pinpointed the city of New Orleans.

Initially (weeks ago) I was unable to make much of it other than the fact that last year's Super Bowl was played in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005. Now things are much clearer. New Orleans' antipode - or the diametrically opposite point on a globe - pinpoints the search areas where the plane is currentlyspeculated to have gone down!

The March 29 orange box (most recent search area) has since shiftedslightly westward (left) and presumably it will get closer and closer to New Orleans' antipode. Will they finally find Flight 370 there?

Galactic Connection

The Super Bowl went from New Orleans in 2013 to NYC/NJ in 2014, two areas connected by the so-called "Satan's Axis" discussed in our article Solstice Hellgate Activation involving winter storm Gemini around the 2013 winter solstice...

...almost precisely when the Sun aligned with the Galactic Equator near the Galactic Center in the Milky Way's Dark Rift...

...which is the exact spot that was directly below New Orleans - in the "underworld" as it were - during the 2013 Super Bowl power outage (darkness).

And directly below the feet or the "nadir" is exactly where you find the city's antipodal point on the opposite side of the globe! (Feet andglobe... like "foot-ball" which the Super Bowl is all about.)

The idea was thus stressed about a year prior in New Orleans and right now we are seeing a continuation of the mysterious inter-temporal communication as the search for Flight 370 moves toward that spot.

Symbolically we may infer that Flight 370 flew into galactic Dark Rift (and/or the Galactic Center) which in Mayan tradition represented a portal to their underworld/hell Xibalba. The "Mayan" aspect is reinforced by the aforementioned galactic (equator) alignment of the December solstice sun, popularly associated with the "end" of the Mayan calendar, 12/21/2012.

Through the idea of the underworld/hell, we can connect right back to the recent key themes of the Devil andrebirth/resurrection/phoenix that will be very active in April (with one particular key date worth mentioning again, ~April 20). We'll get to all that soon...

Eclipse of the Heart
  Mar 19, 2014

A very rare celestial event will take place tomorrow on the vernal equinox (March 20). Some in New York and Canada will get to see theoccultation ("eclipse") of Leo's heart star Regulus by asteroid "163 Erigone". There are powerful multicontextual indications this is a highly potent "omen"...

"Asteroid 163 Erigone Eclipses Bright Star Regulus in Rare Celestial Event":
An exceedingly rare celestial event will occur in the wee hours of Thursday (March 20), when an asteroid will briefly hide from view one of the brightest stars in the sky, as seen from Earth.

The asteroid in question is 163 Erigone, located within the "main belt" of asteroids that lie chiefly between the planets Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid will hide the star Regulus, a bluish star of the first magnitude that is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, the Lion. Regulus is located at the bottom of a "backwards question-mark" star pattern popularly known as the "Sickle" of Leo. [...]
The equinoxes are precisely when the gaze of the Great Sphinx - an earthly reflection of Leo - aligns with the sunrise. Regulus the heart of the lion corresponds to the position of the granite slab ("Dream Stele") in between the paws of the Sphinx.

That's exactly where Katy Perry spends most of her time in her Dark Horse music video. (See previous updates & articles for Katy Perry &Dark Horse discussions.)

She actually even stands up and walks straight forward, right in the direction of the sunrise on March 20/spring equinox.

Not only that, in the Dark Horse trailer video was a very prominent"heart" theme, alluding to Regulus, a star signifying the heart of the lion...

...and a reference to an eclipse, which the occultation of Regulus is. ("Occultation" is another term for "eclipse".)

There is also a Ragnarok or "Viking apocalypse" connection we discussed before involving a February 22 planetary alignment...

...which was formed along the Earth's vernal equinox axis, in effect pre-marking the spring equinox, ~March 20, and the Regulus occultation.

The idea of the "apocalypse" goes well with the "Weighing of the Heart" evoked in the Dark Horse video, which in ancient Egyptian tradition has to do with the Judgment of the dead.

I won't go into it here, but there is a time sequence or "countdown" underway that goes to or at least related to a major window around April 20. And the whole month of April is very intense... including the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, and Mars opposition (Sun-Earth-Mars alignment) around April 8, pentagonally interacting with Katy Perry's "Satanic" Dark Horse performance at the Grammys back in January. (The Great Sphinx is very much a "Martian" monument and Bruno Mars did this year's Super Bowl halftime.)

[See the heart on Bruno Mars' drums at the Super Bowl?]

It's multicontextually very coherent stuff and rather ominous. Are we about to have a "perfect storm"? At least a major step toward it in the time sequence unfolding now? We'll find out soon...

Quelle: DKFZ Heidelberg 1987. Publikation Leserbrief Wolfgang Timm, Husum zur Erstausgabe "Einblick" des Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrum in Heidelberg.


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