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Mar 30: Last year it was was oil
This year it's radiation. The poison. Once the container is breached, it's too
late. Pandora's Box unleashes its contents and it's history, we
live in it.

And so in this way our world interacts with the "underworld" - the
realm beyond the threshold of awareness and physicality where Osiris,
Atlantis, Lucifer, King Arthur, the phoenix all reside. Truth,
poisonous to the world of lies and illusions, bides its time there.
Like fire, truth is a two-edged sword, often too hot to handle. It has
to be under control, otherwise meltdown ensues and the world is in

  • Venus is poison: "venom" and "venus" etymologically
  • Venus is
    Lucifer & radioactive:
    originally referring to the Morning Star (Venus) and literally meaning "light bearer" implying "radioactivity" (radio =
  • Venus is pentagrammic: via orbital
    with Earth; accordingly goddess Venus traditionally associated with
  • Venus as portal to underworld: A circumscribed pentagram traditionally signifies Underworld (even in ancient
radioactive brick road's next destination is ~April 7-8... the
last stop before we enter the dark rabbit hole that is the latter half
of April.

Venus will be drenched in water poured by Aquarius, the same orbital position occupied by the Sun back on March 1-4...

producing a chillingly precise
pentachronometric sequence:

The "flood" of Aquarius
is "designed" to evoke not only
Japan's catastrophic tsunami but also what happened around March 16
when military helicopters frantically poured sea water onto an overheating nuclear
reactor at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant (damaged by the tsunami).

  • Aquarius: air
    pouring water

  • Helicopter: pouring
    from air (plus, heli
    = "

  • Venus = Morning Star/Lucifer =
    "light bearer" =

  • Sun = fueled by nuclear
    fusion ( "nuclear reactor")

was a "preview" in effect foreshadowing the celestial configuration coming up around April
7. Goes perfectly with the projection posted here back on March 11 (the day of the
Japan "Brithquake"/"Great Flood") which

"For this month, though, I'd
say ~March 16 is likely a key 'preview widow'."
March 11, 2011]

But there is also the matter of Pluto-nium...

As you may have guessed, plutonium
was named after the dwarf planet
which in turn took its name from the Greek god of the
underworld Pluto
(aka Hades), reiterating the connection between nuclear/radioactivity and the
Underworld. Pluto (very slow-moving) is currently right inside the Milky Way
as viewed from Earth near the Galactic Center, or in other words, in the
so-called "Dark Rift" which the Maya considered a portal to
their Underworld, "Xibalba". So we have a
configuration going now in that part of the sky, which became
when Venus transited the same region late January-early February 2011.
We felt its impact down here on the earth in the form of the Egyptian
Revolution the duration of which (January 25-February 11) precisely
matched that of Venus' trek across the Dark Rift. The two planets, Venus and
Pluto, were closest to each other (literally side by side near the Galactic
Center) on February 9-11 or right at the climax of the revolution (resignation
of president Mubarak on Feb 11).

As discussed in "Risen
in Egypt
", that sudden unrest in the ancient land had "Underworld"
(resurrection) written
all over it.

Egyptian-resurrection.gif (71185 bytes)
Earth-penta-Egypt-seq-2b.gif (87512 bytes)

And so around April 7 will
be the most "interesting" window to watch before we enter the core
of the ongoing "Resurrection Sequence" that kick-started with the
Japan Birthquake, the latter half of April.



Mar 19: Revolutions, Birthtquake/Great Flood, nuclear crisis... and now, on the day of the "Supermoon", starts this
war... dubbed "Operation Odyssey Dawn"...
Mar 19 French military jets over Libya
Mar 19
Operation Odyssey Dawn: Military Strikes In Libya

of course as in...
Lucifer/Morning Star/Venus.

How you are fallen from heaven,
O Day Star
Lucifer/Venus, son of Dawn!
- Isaiah 14:12

Coupled with "Odyssey", it's actually more than that. It's...

[Film "2001:
A Space Odyssey
" opening sequence]

The Monolith keeps whispering beyond "2010"...

From the

[First Monolith in "2001" discovered on the Moon]

Tonight, March 19, 2011, the Moon is full and at its closet point to Earth since March 1993. In other words, "Lunar Contact Day"
a la 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Mar 19
What Makes a 'Supermoon' So Super?

"As above, so below". Big time.

The Moon is also Diana
(moon goddess).
Prince William, like the Monolith
2001, emerged from of (the womb of) Diana/Moon. The Royal Wedding is
next month, April 29th, which will be his "Rebirth" or
"Resurrection" as he rises out of the Underworld aka Avalon like the
phoenix or Horus the rising son. The "Birthquake" in the Land of the
Rising Sun was the pre-(re)birth "water breaking"... As I've been

...the cosmic significance of the Royal
Engagement and Wedding
which will be one of the biggest events in 2011.
So significant is it, in fact, that
you are going to find that it's quite
literally 'earthshaking', big time, this one
. [from Dec
26, 2010

...I think you can see why (though this is
only one of
many reasons) I've been emphasizing for months now the
potentiality of the
"Big One Birthquake" (San Andreas Fault, US west
Ring of Fire, and so forth) for 2011 in conjunction with the "Day of
Destiny" (4/29)
. [from Jan
05, 2011

...The timing here is
important. Without going into detail, let's just say we'll like have an
"interesting" -
very interesting - Easter/Resurrection
sequence this year peaking mid/late April
[...] The Royal Wedding
is naturally part of it along with the theoretical "
but not exclusively so.
The sequence may begin as early
as early-March
. That's it for now on that. [from Feb
19, 2011



Mar 11: In awe... praying for


Events of
this magnitude don't happen

in a contextual vacuum...

- n. an earthshaking "great flood" event
(literal or symbolic "water breaking") expressing the idea of
a la the phoenix.

There are patterns to these
things... which implies a certain level of predictability. In this case, a
theme I call "Birthquake", discussed most recently on
where I outlined a rough predictive timeline (red emphasis added):

...The timing here is
important. Without going into detail, let's just say we'll like have an
"interesting" -
very interesting - Easter/Resurrection
sequence this year peaking mid/late April
[...] The Royal Wedding
is naturally part of it along with the theoretical "Birthquake"
but not exclusively so. The sequence may begin as early
as early-March
. That's it for now on that.

The Easter/Resurrection
season (Lent) began on March 9 or Ash Wednesday. From there to
March 11 we saw the return of the "2012 Sequence" (initially
observed in February, the main topic of the Feb 19 post), thus:

~ Mar 09 Solar
(X-class) eruption

flares responsible for doom in film 2012...

~ Mar 09 Wisconsin

a major motif in film 2012...

with space shuttle...

Atlantis, our last day..."

~ Mar 09 Space
shuttle landing ("last day")

~ Mar 10 Dalai
Lama of Tibet

were warned..."

then it happened...

~ Mar 11 Japanese
Great Flood

* *

So that was the most glaring
pattern underlying the "Great Flood" in Japan - the "2012
Sequence." There are of course many deeper levels...

As far as where the pattern
is going next, obviously we are dealing with a sequence here that's going to
continue into mid-to-late April,
peaking around Passover/Easter right
shortly before the April 29 Royal Wedding (which go hand in hand).
Resurrection/Rebirth is what's happening on this planet, big time, out of the
Underworld. I should tell you, there is going to be a "Deep Impact"
period this summer, a key window around late July (anchor date July 27) and then
probably more intensely, around August 16. You
will feel the impact,
particularly the latter date/window. (You heard it here first.) For this month,
though, I'd say ~March 16 is likely a key "preview widow".



Mar 07: UP

Solstice-aligned Equinox-aligned Solstice-aligned
iPad-penta-orbit-seq.jpg (67899 bytes)
2-3 window
Lucifer, NASA
alien & two suns


Mar 02 Steve
Jobs shows up (resurrected) for iPad 2 release

Mar 02
Jobs' surprise appearance a 'big deal'

Mar 3/4
'Two Suns' Video Unexplained By Science

Mar 4/5
scientist: Evidence of alien life on meteorite

Mar 4/5
in meteorites? Study stirs debate



: Coming up next in our pentachronometric sequence...

- Apple
to introduce "iPad 2" on Mar 2

- Apple introduced iPad on Jan 27, '10

- Successive pentachronometric hits

- iPad dimensions = pentagrammic

- Apple core = pentagram-shaped
iPad-penta-orbit-seq.jpg (67899 bytes)

entachronometric progressions]

Earth-penta-MorningStar_Seq.gif (66602 bytes)
Earth-penta-Egypt-seq-2b.gif (87512 bytes)

(Gaddafi removal or some
other major development in Libya around March 2-3? It
would fit the
pattern quite well.)







'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the
moments that take our breath away.'


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