Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010


Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kings + Queens - HD

30 Seconds to Mars | MySpace Musikvideos

Feb 10: As far as on the 'war' side of things, along with Iran I'm closely monitoring 'Operation Moshtarak' about to commence in Afghanistan - the biggest offensive there since the start of the war. The US/NATO attack will be against the biggest Taliban-controlled town in southern Afghanistan called Marja... like 'Mars' which, though not specified by the military, could begin on/around V-Day (Valentine's Day, New Moon) which will be the first day of the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

'This Is War' by Thirty Seconds To Mars
released during the height of the Tiger Woods scandal
on December 8, 2009 or what I refer to as
'Damage Plan Disclosure Day' closely monitored every year -
it came with the Norway Sprial and Obama receiving
the Nobel Peace ('V') Prize both in Norway (Dec 9-10)

Edited by Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm, Husum-Schobüll