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Written by David Wilcock
Friday, 22 January 2010 15:45
By David Wilcock with Benjamin Fulford


Benjamin Fulford, former East-West editor for Forbes Magazine, lives in Japan, speaks fluent Japanese, and got drawn into an incredible world of international financial intrigue a few years ago.

He ultimately discovered that there are two major warring factions in the insider world of global politics -- the Rothschild / European / Soviet faction and the Rockefeller / American faction.

I have written extensively about both of these factions -- as well as their opponents -- in my in-progress Ebook, "Disclosure Endgame."

I have also now come up against a hard and fast deadline that cannot be ignored for the completion of the first draft of my upcoming book, to be released with Penguin through their Dutton Books label, entitled "The 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age."

Disclosure Endgame was really just the 'warm-up' for writing 2012 Enigma, which will undoubtedly be seen as the finest written work I have ever produced. I have been going through all my old files and making sure no stone is unturned.

In the process, there was a lot of material that was not going to be included in 2012 Enigma but still needed to get out there. When current events and new information shed even greater light on these subjects, I knew it was time to release the information in a big way.

I will still be publishing here at Divine Cosmos while I wrestle with these massive deadlines, and I do have some incredible material that we are preparing for release.

This weekend I'm in San Francisco for our latest 16-hour weekend extravaganza, but I've again taken time away from my other responsibilities to insure that I keep you in the loop with the latest developments.

This discussion with Benjamin Fulford focuses in on a very important subject -- namely the imminent downfall of the Rockefeller faction. It doesn't seem possible, but there is a wealth of evidence emerging that we are directly on the threshold of this event happening, whether they like it or not.

What is so exciting about this whole series of events is that the Rockefeller faction has been the main driving force for secrecy and cover-ups of the UFO issue. If their power is curtailed, it is very likely that Disclosure will follow.


I was particularly inspired to contact Fulford after reading the following on his subscription-only blog at

Illuminati Rule To End This Year, Maybe This Week

There are now several groups with active plans for implementing a new paradigm to replace the one of endless war and genocide being pursued by the criminals who have taken over Western civilization.

One group centered on the British empire would like to begin construction of massive free energy facilities to remove salt from sea-water and use the resulting fresh water to turn the deserts green. This group is allying itself with the Middle Eastern monarchies and plans to work simultaneously in Australia and the Arabian peninsula.

This group also wants to pay the world’s deep sea fishing fleets to stop all fishing for two or three years in order to allow the oceans to replenish themselves.

A different group based in Australia but with powerful connections throughout the G7 proposes turning the deserts green by using etheric weather engineering technology.

They also plan to start cleaning up the world’s most polluted sites using zeolite, an abundant mineral that absorbs toxic substances and prevents them from interacting with the environment in a harmful manner. They also have free energy technology.

A third group based on the US military-intelligence establishment proposes a 5-year swords to plowshares transformation of the Pentagon. This group has the potential to develop the over 6,000 patents that have hitherto been suppressed for “national security” reasons.

One technology they possess is anti-gravity. This would make automobiles obsolete and allow roadways to be transformed into gardens. They claim to control technology that allows the creation of portals into other dimensions.

They claim (we have not seen proof but have heard this from many credible eye-witnesses) that many so-called underground bases around the world are actual such portals.

Hopefully we will soon be able to see if this is true. If so the implications are more than mind-boggling.

This group will no doubt join forces with the various “programs” and trusts that have been fighting the Federal Reserve Board for decades.

A fourth group linking the Vatican and Russia sent us the following proposal:

We are working with leading world scientists from top prestigious institutions in Russia, they are developing many innovations:

in the fields of energy generating (heat and/or electricity) using water as fuel,
manufacturing new elements and isotopes from cheap materials,
converting radioactive materials (waste) into stable condition,
desalinating sea water to produce fresh water without any salted residuals,
transmutation of poisonous materials into inert materials,
municipal waste recycling,
motors of higher power at lower consumption of electricity,
special converters and transformers,
earthquake prediction,
New Approach Towards Understanding Origination of Matter and Energy in Universe from vacuum,
many technologies for the nuclear energy industry that will be the top energy by 2050 according to EDF, and much more.
There are many technologies/projects in need of investment that are on the market, some that are about to enter in the market and some that need more years of investigation.

At any time it can be arranged a meeting in the several prestigious institutions in Moscow or the Officials/scientists can go to Japan to make the presentations.


Fulford also called special attention to a January 7th article by Christopher Story, independently validating that it was true.

Again, we're seeing a side of Obama that is totally different than that served up by the propaganda-infested conspiracy media.

I was very excited when I read this, as it seems that Obama is finally waking up to the treachery within his midst and is taking strong action against it.

His very recent move against the banks this week is only the visible portion of a much greater insider struggle going on behind the scenes.

This, believe it or not, is only a small series of excerpts from Christopher Story's massive essay. I focused in on what I consider to be the key points here:

New World Order Faction in Final Defeat

OPERATION STILLPOINT was finally DEFEATED with the confirmation, application and decisive consequences of the sovereign lenders’ Writ of Execution, followed by imposition of the massive Lien against the US Treasury for $47 trillion which the defrauded parties, the Chinese authorities and the British Monarchical Power, had to execute on or about 6th December 2009...


For the purposes of surmounting this crisis, and FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE, contrary to the ignorant knee-jerk chatter on many websites, President Barack Obama promulgated Executive Order 13524 on 16th December 2009, which amended Executive Order 12425 dated 16th June 1983 (amended by the Executive Order 12971 dated 15th September 1995) so as ‘to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)'.

• The effect of President Obama’s Executive Order of 16th December 2009 is to grant INTERPOL full immunity from search and arrest or seizure of all INTERPOL properties including the agency's own personnel, thereby providing INTERPOL with de facto diplomatic immunity.

This is a truly historic development, because it means that for the purposes of resolving this crisis HABEAS CORPUS IS SUSPENDED. The last time this happened was under President Lincoln...

With Habeas Corpus suspended for the purposes strictly of procuring compliance with the Writ of Enforcement and the huge Lien against the US Treasury and thus the (legitimate) Settlements, the heavily armed status of INTERPOL and other foreign enforcement personnel that are operating under diplomatic cover to bring this crisis to resolution on behalf of the injured parties, the myriad Ponzi victims of the Syndicate’s schemes, the United States, the American people and the Rest of the World, can be more readily appreciated...


As revealed in our 28th December report, on the basis of information divulged to us on 26th December 2009, the US Department of Justice within the Executive Branch has implemented a fundamental POLICY CHANGE, having determined in December, against the background of the execution of the Lien for $47 trillion against the US Treasury, that:

• ALL individuals and entities within the US jurisdiction that have participated in the stealing, diversion and conversion of funds belonging to others, INCLUDING past and present officials within the US Government and its structures, WILL BE INVESTIGATED AND PROSECUTED FOR ECONOMIC TERRORISM perpetrated against the United States and the American people (and the Rest of the World)...

• It follows that the US Attorney General and all the State Attorneys General are obliged to act vigorously on the basis of the POLICY CHANGE, or they themselves can and will be arrested for obstruction of justice by INTERPOL personnel and then extradited to a jurisdiction such as the British jurisdiction for defying obligations imposed on them by International Law...


This development has almost immediately resulted in a previously unheard-of ‘sudden amendment’ of the ‘attitudes’ and visibility of certain parties that are known to this service and to its advisers. People inside the structures are stunned and are scurrying for whatever shelter they think may protect them from the consequences of their corrupt activities.

Furthermore, the same applies to certain collaborating parties outside the United States.

Members of the US Congress and officials at the Departments of State, Justice and in the White House, as well as within the vast Intelligence Power’s structures, the Pentagon and elsewhere, and in foreign governments and their structures, are reported to be quote ‘falling over themselves’ to avoid the axes that are falling from the sky, taking aim at their necks.

Never have so many officials in the United States and other countries been so scared of what lies in store – for them personally.

• Stony silence on these developments:

No doubt alert readers will have observed that no substantive notice of the above, after we had reported it all on 28th December 2009, was taken by certain websites which purport to exist to enlighten the US public but which in reality specialise in maximising the potential for confusion in order to sustain the orchestrated but collapsing smokescreeen behind which these abominations, and OPERATION STILLPOINT, were being perpetrated.

This silence provides prima facie evidence that the US websites in question have indeed been involved, as we have suggested in the past, in the massive orchestrated agitprop and cover-up operation that has had to be mounted by the compartmentalised sleaze cadres to obfuscate the systematic treachery against the United States, which is without historical precedent in terms of the scale of this operation.

• President Obama’s private hell:

Faced with this unprecedented state of affairs, President Barack Obama’s backbone appears to have been stiffened, given the extremes of treachery seen within his own Cabinet and among his colleagues.

In a revealing caption on 2nd January 2010, The Daily Telegraph noted: ‘President Obama looked weary after repeated interruptions to deal with the aftermath of the syringe bomber plot’ [sic, as incorrectly assumed by the caption writer]. ‘An aide insisted that the 48-year-old found his holiday “rejuvenating”, but his graying hair and drawn look seemed to tell another story’.

Some of the factors causing Mr Obama’s hair to turn white – which can happen to people wracked by anxiety and stress – are summarised below...

Under George W. Bush, between June 2004 and 28th October 2005, it is alleged that no less than 2.25 trillion of phantom CMKM/CMKX stock were sold into the stock market under this S.E.C. cover – which has to rank as by far the most brazen Ponzi scam in world history: and one, furthermore, that was set up and perpetrated by and from within the US official structures with the specific intention of ‘screwing’ the investing public, notably the investors in CMKM/CMKX shares...

Eventually, the illicit CMKM/CMKX proceeds from the PHANTOM SHARE trades were brought back into the Bush-CIA Crime Syndicate’s orbit via Tyler, Texas (Bush territory)...


Not surprisingly, it has become evident, and we are specifically informed, that civil war has broken out within the main flank of the corrupted Intelligence Power.

This was to be expected, given that OPERATION STILLPOINT has been disrupted and that the Bush Syndicate is in the process of being ‘taken down’ – although, unbelievably, Bush Sr. and Barbara were still NOT in custody as of 5th January 2010...

Specifically, the ‘Black Ops’ specialists, probably directed inter alia by senior CIA operative Mrs Hillary Clinton who disappeared into Afghanistan and the region during the Christmas and New Year period, have been working overtime to develop new terror ‘false flag’ operations, of which the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 near abomination was one example – in time to try, against the odds, to abort the derailing and closedown of OPERATION STILLPOINT – which the stupid ‘Black Ops.’ people don’t appear to have realised is HISTORY.

As previously mentioned these liars, deceivers and dealers in murder and the ‘Black arts’ are exceedingly stupid at all times.

On New Year’s Day, The Times (London) and other ‘mainstream’ media reported the furious response of Afghani security chiefs to the cold-blooded murders of at least eight children and teachers during a night raid in Eastern Afghanistan – an outrage that triggered justified mass protests across Afghanistan at the barbarity of these assassinations. The high Afghani officials demanded that the United States must hand over the gunmen who perpetrated these atrocities.

The Afghan National Security Council (modelled along US and Soviet lines), chaired by President Karzai, demanded that ‘those responsible for the deaths of those innocent youths must be handed over to the Afghan Government’. Mr Karzai’s office elaborated:

‘International forces entered the area and killed ten youths, eight of them school students inside two rooms in a house, without encountering any armed resistance’...

All reports on this incident have so far missed the point, which is illuminated by the sequel – namely that following this massacre, a ‘suicide attacker’ killed eight US civilian operatives.

[Although we are informed that no less than 13 CIA operatives were present at the same time in the remote location – an unbelievable breach of basic security standards].

• These killings took place at a CIA base, Camp Chapman, in Khost, on the Afghan-Pakistani border. Those killed were the CIA ‘Black Ops’ personnel who perpetrated the murders of the children and teachers – to escalate Afghani and Islamic tension generally, in pursuit of an emergency agenda intended to smother inter alia the takedown of OPERATION STILLPOINT.

You don’t believe this? Then let us share some special intelligence with you – obtained, indeed, from intelligence sources.

These eight ‘Black Operations’ murderers were themselves liquidated on orders from Washington (probably approved at the highest level, certainly the National Security Council), not as retribution for what they did of course, but because the Afghani authorities were calling (see above) for these US demoniacs to be handed over to the Afghani authorities so that they would appear in Court – unleashing further appalling publicity for the Americans and the CIA, to be splashed around the world’s ‘mainstream’ media...


On 5th January, Webster G. Tarpley, a respected veteran reporter, published an analysis in which he supported our KNOWLEDGE (which is based on intelligence obtained prior to his report) that operations are being and have been run FROM WITHIN THE US OFFICIAL STRUCTURES to try to destabilise President Obama at this critical stage...


For, make no mistake: President Obama has been ‘kicking butt’ ever since his return from Hawaii. He has realised, not least, that he has no alternative, if he himself wishes to avoid abrupt arrest by INTERPOL for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (which is what he was told on 4th January 2010).

At the same time, in any case, his first year in office has been completely wasted due to the subversive activities of the high-level saboteurs in his Cabinet and entourage, who were largely foisted upon him – by the recalcitrant, penetrated Intelligence Power.

He needs the money for his programmes (of which one can hardly approve BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT at this juncture); and he needs the money for the bankrupt US States, and because THIS IS A MID-TERM ELECTION YEAR.

Most of all, he needs resolution so that the poisonous venom of this crisis is finally squeezed out of the system – and so that the axes that are cascading from the sky on numerous brazen, corrupt necks, fall where they are now destined to fall. He’s had enough...


The scandalous state of affairs which has surfaced following the arrival at a White House State Dinner for the Indian Prime Minister of an uninvited couple, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, has been further aroused with the latest revelation – noted inter alia by Sally Quinn in a Washington Post report on 6th January 2010 – that a third uninvited individual, Carlos Allen, also gate-crashed the State Dinner, passing himself off as a member of the Indian delegation.

Ms. Quinn demanded that the White House Social Secretary, Desirée Rogers, a socialite from Chicago, should be made to resign over these incidents...

So, since we ourselves are somewhat educated in this discipline, let us reinterpret the meaning of these three White House intrusions.

Knowing the perverted and odious mentality of these stupid operatives, it is clear to us that the purpose of the White House intrusions was to impress upon Mr Obama that he isn’t safe ANYWHERE – even inside the White House itself.

In other words, the intrusions were intended to send a message to the President of the United States, from the angered criminalised Intelligence Power, along the familiar lines of: ‘Do what we want or we’ll make sure that you’ll cease to be vertical’...


On 3rd January, we were informed that George Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush have been prevented from touching any money and interfering with banking codes. Furthermore, a very knowledgeable source elaborated: ‘All the money accumulated by (CHENEY’S) Halliburton has been removed, and Bush 41 and Bush 43 have been deprived of all their stolen money as well...

In summary, the Bush-CIA-DVD’s ‘Black Ops.’ Intelligence grabitisation OPERATION STILLPOINT Syndicate is being DISMANTLED in ‘real-time’... the entire edifice of the Octopus is in free-fall – a reality that its personnel cannot accept, so that they are being arrested, horizontalised or all of the above...

• The ongoing audit by foreign personnel (‘men in suits’) of the Federal Reserve, led by Chinese, British and Swiss auditors, continued, we understand, throughout the holiday period.

Enforcement personnel remained in place at the Fed to ensure that Settlement funds were/are not diverted in accordance with the Federal Reserve’s normal corrupt procedures...

• 1st January 2010: It was reported to us that, focusing in part on preventing corrupt bankers and operatives diverting funds back to the Bush ‘Black Ops.’ Syndicate, INTERPOL had placed teams at both ends of certain Settlements transactions – especially given the endemic corruption within the Federal Reserve, where the Chairman, Dr Bernanke, features among the highest-level operatives within the US official structures who is vulnerable to being targeted under the POLICY CHANGE implemented at the US Department of Justice and in light of the necessary freedom of operation afforded INTERPOL following President Obama’s Executive Order dated 16th December 2009...

• 4th January 2010: An arrest list was issued by INTERPOL for a large number of people ‘standing in the way’ of resolution to be taken into custody.

When we made further enquiries, we established that Bench Warrants were issued on this date for service on 137 individuals in the United States.

These people will be or are being arrested and taken into custody by US Marshals. Their passports, IDs and driving licenses, etc, will have been removed in the process.

Self-evidently, these arrests implied that those concerned had continued to be associated with OPERATION STILLPOINT sabotage activity designed to disrupt the Settlements payouts. However given that ALL WHO STAND IN THE WAY, from the highest to the lowest, will be investigated and prosecuted [see above], it could also have been the case that these people were on the arrest list anyway, and that with their return to their offices and desks, and the with reopening of the Courts following the long weekend, matters proceeded as had been planned by INTERPOL earlier...

• 4th January: At 21:37pm UK time we learned that the US news media had confirmed that the President had returned to Washington from his vacation and that he had at once summoned (the recalcitrant) Director of Central Intelligence, Mr Panetta to the Oval Office.

With President Obama having returned to the White House from his fraught vacation in Hawaii, it was reported to us that the President was ‘kicking butt’ – an activity that he had no choice but to undertake, given that if he demurred, he would be considered a co-conspirator and would be arrested himself.

Specifically, we were advised on ‘special’ authority that Mr Obama was explicitly confronted and informed that if he was found to have been involved with the sabotage operations that continued up to Christmas and throughout the holiday period, he himself would be arrested like those for which Bench Warrants were issued on the same date [see above].

The President responded that he had had nothing to do with the delays that occurred over the holidays...

• 5th January: It was pointed out to us that prominent Republicans have or had been standing in the way of the Settlements.

We knew that this must have been the case because of the anti-Obama barrage orchestrated by parties connected with the GOP for the past 13 months, to the exclusion of all else. This has been a major ongoing agitprop operation – the underlying purpose being hidden from view.

On the surface, the objective has been to paint Obama as a crypto-Communist with mafia associations and all sorts of other dark failings and skeletons in his cupboard – as though his mass-murderer Republican predecessor (who is reported by monitoring sources to have been reduced to walking his dog at Crawford, TX, with a pooper-scooper, his wife Laura now living apart from him and only appearing for public consumption when her presence is considered ‘essential’), had no blemishes and skeletons at all.

But in reality, the underlying purpose of this ongoing orchestrated anti-Obama offensive has been to try to wrench the CIA’s destructive Fraudulent Finance paradigm from oblivion in general, and to rehabilitate OPERATION STILLPOINT in particular.

It is unclear what these Republicans, who haven't understood this crisis, think they are doing continuing with their antagonistic sabotage stance, given the advent of the NEW PARADIGM summarised above.

Perhaps these corrupt operatives imagine that they really are above the law, and have – like Geithner up to 4th January – simply not woken up to the reality that the ground has shifted so violently under their feet that they are wandering in a wilderness without life support...


The Editor started work on this investigation after attending a meeting in Washington DC in June 2002 convened by a controlled entity ostensibly concerned with ‘managing’ the plight of the 9/11 bereaved.

During that event, an agent handed out about 30 portfolios containing copies of Federal Reserve print-outs and other banking documents detailing corrupt financial payments of immense proportions, including illicit transfers to George H. W. Bush when he was President of the United States, which is of course illegal – together with authorisations by Dr Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and who turns out to have served as George H. W. Bush Sr.’s master criminal finance technician.

All the portfolios handed out by the US agent were immediately placed into the hands of CIA operatives who had packed the meeting at the last moment for the precise purpose of blocking distribution of the documents – with the exception of one portfolio that was handed over to a representative from Vanity Fair (which never touched the information, thus missing the biggest story in modern world history), while another portfolio containing the ‘smoking gun’ documents were later obtained by the Editor of this service.

To cut an extremely long story (which will be recounted elsewhere) short, the Editor became aware that Leo/Lee Wanta, subject of coverage in the late Claire Sterling’s book ‘Thieves’ World’ [Simon & Schuster, New York, ISBN 0-671-74997-8, 1994], might well provide answers to questions raised as a consequence of the Editor’s fieldwork. The Editor therefore targeted Wanta and, on a certain date in May 2004, arrived at his doorstep in a remote Wisconsin location. Mr Wanta opened the door and granted the Editor an interview lasting three hours.

Thereafter, the Editor made his developing website platform available to Wanta, who has a reputation for being the most proficient deception artist in existence – on the ‘open’ principle (admittedly fraught with risks) that if ‘trust’ was placed in Wanta, it might be reciprocated (an assessment that flew in the face of the odds: but that was part of the risk)...

...Wanta had been consorting and deliberating behind our backs with the Bushes, Cheney, et al., contrary to the stance he had maintained in dealings with us – and because we received warnings from others that we were being used.

In fact this came as no surprise to the Editor, who had understood from the outset that he might be riding the beast, and that the beast would in all probably shake him off his back. Which is what happened.

Now in the course of this operation, and for two years prior to meeting Wanta in person, the Editor obtained a large portfolio from the public domain of documents, and learned an immense amount about corrupt intelligence operations which could not have been obtained other than by the use of methodology such as is summarised above.

In other words, this represented nothing less than an unwitting de facto penetration of criminal intelligence for international investigative journalism purposes, guided by the Editor’s instinctive understanding that the investigations would eventually hit pay-dirt.

What we didn’t know was the exact nature of the beast that the Editor was riding. It will now be exposed.

We were actually inadvertently, from June 2006 to March 2008, assisting the progress of OPERATION STILLPOINT, without realising it.

But in conformity with the Editor’s perception that the truth would be more than likely to emerge, Wanta made a number of serious mistakes in the second half of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008, which saved the situation: and indeed, looking back, the Editor has a strong sense of having been guided throughout...


Leo Wanta sent a communication to The Office of the President, The Hon. Barack Obama, The White House, West Wing , from Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, dated 25 December 2009 – the very day when a terrorist attempted to blow up the Northwest Airlines aircraft – requesting ‘Urgent Confirmation’ under ‘Security Code: ‘STILLPOINT’, carrying the following messages:

• ‘Partial proof of funds to lawfully [sic] pay my Civil Repatriation Income Taxes of US Dollar 1.565 Trillion NOW’ [referencing further pages of historical material also sent with the communication];


• ‘Merry Christmas to our Great Nation’. [Reiteration of Wanta’s overdone ‘patriotic card’, identified in our exposures of the Principality of Snake Hill fraud: see the report dates immediately below]

Mr Obama was of course in Hawaii with his family at the time...


The exposure begins with information provided by Leo/Lee Wanta in September 2006 [passages and words in square brackets that have been inserted here by the Editor for clarification do not appear in the underlying signed and sworn Affirmation document]:

• (1); On 28th September, between approximately 12:05pm EDT and 12:13 EDT, Affirmation source placed a phone call to Leo/Lee E. Wanta, [then] Chairman and sole owner of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., in the course of which Wanta advised source of the following:...

• (3): That the US Dollar used internationally will cease to be issued by the Federal Reserve, but will instead be issued by the US Treasury under Henry M. Paulson Jr. [the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, who was summoned by George Bush Jr. from Wall Street to replace John Snow as Treasury Secretary shortly after the $4.5 trillion was received from the People’s Bank of China].

• (4): That the US Treasury will monetize all Federal Reserve and Federal Government debt and will eliminate Personal Income Tax...

• (8): That the US Treasury will reclaim power to create the US Dollar

• (13): And that: This programme is codenamed: OPERATION STILLPOINT.

[End of the first batch of special intelligence].

• NOTE: This is/was the underlying long-range subversion programme.

The NESARA fictions are/were CIA disinformation ploys to deflect any attention from OPERATION STILLPOINT and to ensure that if it leaked, it would be swamped by NESARA-type confusion, stirred up to fever pitch if 'necessary' by websites specialising in the maximising of the fog of confusion...

[D: One of the NESARA websites that was specifically using my material to promote their bogus theories was shut down, and the main proponent pulled out of public view by his own family, probably to avoid massive legal persecution.]

And as current and recent data [see above] demonstrate, it is clear now that compartmentalised cadres in the key countries (France, Britain, even Germany, even China to some extent, and the United States), and the equally de facto compartmentalised bankers and intermediaries, have not been kept up to speed by their cowed handlers with the fact that the ground had shifted violently beneath their feet – so that they have continued behaving as though OPERATION STILLPOINT was still ‘live’ (even though few of them would have had knowledge of it or of the overall picture).

This, then, explains the continued resistance and sabotage AFTER THE EXECUTION OF THE LIEN, why INTERPOL had to be given its de facto diplomatic immunity in the United States, why the US Department of Justice was compelled at long last to CHANGE ITS POLICY (i.e., to start doing its job), why Bench Warrants had to be served, for instance, on 137 individuals on 4th January 2010 – and all the other atrocious developments that we have had to try to report as this massive crisis has juddered towards resolution or catastrophe...

When considered in the context of what we now know about OPERATION STILLPOINT and that the execution of the Lien by the injured sovereign plaintiffs on or about the 6th December 2009 threw the continued de facto hegemony of the Bush-directed sabotage operations designed to sustain OPERATION STILLPOINT into disarray, we can see how very close we came to the implementation by default of OPERATION STILLPOINT – which, having been torpedoed on 10th-12th September 2008, the Paulson Treasury sought, on behalf of the Intelligence Power under Bush Sr.’s hegemony, to restart under President Obama, with Hillary Clinton in the driving seat at the State Department (given that the Bushes and Clintons ‘work together’ on behalf of the Fifth Column element of the Intelligence Power).

Moreover this documented evidence DIRECTLY IMPLICATES, in addition to Wanta, the following operatives frequently mentioned in these reports, who must now be concerned, if they have not been arrested, that they will face the consequences of their sabotage behaviour under the NEW POLICY at the Department of Justice – and given the supremacy, with its diplomatic immunity, of INTERPOL: former President Bush Sr., Henry M. Paulson Jr. (held in Bermuda, according to our own published information), former President Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, Leon Panetta (CIA DCI), the former Fed Chairman Dr Alan Greenspan, Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff, who hopes to ‘escape’ as prospective Mayor of Chicago), and the DVD’s leading banker, Dr Joseph Ackermann...

• (14): On 2nd November 2009, between approximately 6:05pm EST and 6:18 pm EST, Affirmation source placed a telephone call to a special contact, who advised source of the following:...

• (16): That President Obama [is sick of this nonsense which is bedevilling his Presidency and] definitely wants the Settlements ‘done now’.

• (17): That [as the matter is expressed in the Affirmation document] ‘the Chinese officially have “had it with 41” [George Bush Sr.] now’...


From the above, which is based on sworn and affirmed documentation from impeccable sources of course, it can be seen that while OPERATION STILLPOINT has again been frustrated – this time as a consequence of the Lien on the US Treasury in the sum of $47 trillion, the de facto suspension of Habeas Corpus in the context of INTERPOL’s new US diplomatic status, and the drastic associated CHANGE OF POLICY at the US Department of Justice – the saboteurs successfully delayed, as was revealed to sources in November, release of the funds until January 2010...


The fundamental problem, as we have previously reiterated, is that this crisis is also bound up with the perverse intent of the arrogant Intelligence Power to hold onto its hegemony over the entire US Government, developed because of its access to endless supplies of ‘Black’ fiat money, and thanks to its ‘power of penetration’.

The behaviour of Leon Panetta right up to this end-game and beyond, confirms this assessment without a shadow of doubt.

What these exposures and parallel developments may thus have achieved is the decisive blow that the CIA and its subsidiaries will suffer as their free-wheeling access to limitless illicit funds through Fraudulent Finance is discontinued. That would be the most far-reaching outcome of all.

Ich habe nachgewiesen, daß nicht alles so ist, wie die Kirche einseitig lehrt. Ich glaube auch nicht, daß die einseitige moderne Entwicklungslehre richtig ist, daß es nämlich nur eine mechanische Entwicklung gibt, wodurch alles geworden ist, ich lehre vielmehr beides, SCHÖPFUNG UND ENTWICKLUNG, UND DAHER EINE SCHÖPFUNGSENTWICKLUNGSLEHRE.


Ich glaube nicht, daß die Schöpfung durch die Persönlichkeit, die eher da war als die Welt, möglich gewesen ist. Alle Individuen und persönlichen Wesen haben sich aus dem Weltall, das ewig mit der Allseele da war, entwickelt.
Ebensowenig kann sich das Stoffliche aus dem Geistigen entwickelt haben. Aller Stoff ist aus einem Urstoff hervorgegangen und alles Geistige ist aus einer urgeistigen Weltenergie geboren.
Diese Urenergie braucht aber lange noch nicht als Gott im Sinne einer zentralen Weltpersönlichkeit aufgefaßt werden, sie kann auch als geistige Wurzelkraft – in allen, selbst den kleinsten Dingen wohnend – als Eigengeistiges unzertrennlich und unveräußerlich damit verbunden sein.
Über diesem alles beseelenden Wurzelgeist aller Dinge im Kleinen ist recht wohl ein geistiger Stamm zu denken, in welchem alle unzähligen geistigen Wurzeln sich vereinigen zu einer großen Einheit, zu einem Oberbewußtsein aller Dinge. Ich glaube, daß es so ist und daß dieses Oberbewußtsein die Vorsehung ist, der eigentliche Gott-Vater, der das All durchflutet, zugleich Weltgeist und doch Persönlichkeit ist. Aus diesem Stamm schließlich läßt sich eine Krone entwickelt denken, das Reich der ewigen Glückseligkeit.
Das aber steht fest, daß alles, was ist, durch einen innewohnenden Trieb empor entwickelt wurde und immer weiter entwickelt wird. – Alles, was ist, fühlt, daß es ein über das eigene Ich hinausgehendes, höheres Etwas gibt und daß dieses nur mit dem Innenleben, mit dem Gefühl und mit der Phantasie erfaßt werden kann. Es ist das Idealbild, das jedes gesundempfindende Lebewesen in sich erzeugt und in sich trägt, dem es nachlebt und von dem es wünscht, daß es sei.
Dieses ist sein heiliges, sein göttliches Sein, sein über das Ich hinausgehendes Lebensideal an Geist, Talent, Kraft, Glück und Schönheit. Ich habe nachgewiesen, daß diese innere Schöpferkraft die dritte Grundursache zu aller höheren Entwicklung ist; sie ist die wahre, innere und natürliche Religionskraft, die nicht vernachlässigt werden darf, sondern die wieder geweckt, geläutert und kultiviert werden muß.

für die wissenschaftliche Psycho-Physiognomik und ethische Schönheits-Religion und mein Kampf um die Wahrheit und um die höchsten Menschheits-Ideale
von Carl Huter (1910) Fortsetzung

I. Der Kampf um die neue Weltanschauung, die dritte Weltenergie, das Empfindungsvermögen der Materie.
In jedem Kreise guter, offener Menschen, denen ich meine neuen Entdeckungen und Forschungsresultate über die oben benanntenGebiete bekannt gab, sei es durch kurze, erläuternde Erklärungen, sei es durch beweisführende Experimente oder durch Unterricht und Vorträge, das wurde bei den Anwesenden eine Begeisterung, ein Erzittern der letzten und tiefsten Seiten des innern Seelenlebens wachgerufen, das bei dem einen mehr, bei dem andern weniger einen heiligen Glauben an eine neue, frohe Botschaft wachrief.

Erwachen / Awakening [Hinzugefügt]
Hätte man doch das eine gefunden, daß der Materialismus, der eine tote Welt lehrt ohne besondere Lebenskraft, ohne Gefühl und geistige Energie, ein Irrtum ist; denn ich wies das Empfindungsvermögen der Materie, das nicht auf Wellenbewegung und Äthervibration allein beruht, als primäre Weltenergie nach.

Irrlehre - Empfindung als primäre Dritte Weltenergie [Hinzugefügt]
Ich wies nach, daß Leben nicht nur in der organischen, sondern spurenweise auch in der anorganischen Materie vorhanden ist und daß die geistige Lebensenergie nicht nur in der Zelle, sondern als Lebenskeim auch in jedem Molekül, Atom und Ätherillion, kurz in jeder auch noch so sicher tot erscheinenden Substanz existiert. „ES GIBT NICHTS UNBESEELTES IN DER NATUR. ES GIBT EWIGES, ALLÜBERALL SCHLUMMERNDES ODER TÄTIGES LEBEN!“
Das war der durch Experiment und vergleichende Forschung über Gedächtnis, Empfindungsfähigkeit und Zweckmäßigkeit im Anordnen und Aufbauen der Einzelteile jeder Materie nachgewiesene Grundsatz.
Ich stand mit meiner Anschauung unter den Naturforschern auch nicht isoliert da, denn der bekannte Zellenforscher und berühmte Biologe Oskar Hartwig, ein Anhänger der Entwicklungslehre, sowie der namhafte Anatom und Physiologe Stöhr, Direktor des anatomischen Instituts in Würzburg, erkannten eine noch nicht näher erforschte Lebenskraft an.

STÖHR UND Helioda in der lebenden Zelle [Hinzugefügt]

Ich wies wiederholt durch Hellfühlexperimente das Gedächtnis der anorganischen Materie für psychische Eindrücke und Begebenheiten auf Jahre, Jahrhunderte und Jahrtausende nach. Damit war die Theorie, daß solche Eindrücke durch Atom- und Ätherschwingungen ihre Erklärung fänden, hinfällig geworden. Denn alle nachfolgenden stärkeren physikalischen Eindrücke auf einen bestimmten Gegenstand müssen die vorhergehenden nach den Gesetzen der Mechanik infolge durchkreuzender Wellenbewegungen aufheben.
Das Gedächtnis der anorganischen Materie ist daher nicht auf mechanische Ätherschwingungen, sondern auf eine besondere selbständige Empfindungsenergie zurückzuführen.


Daß diese Annahme richtig war, haben alle weiteren Nachforschungen und Prüfungen ergeben.

Masaru Emoto, Japan, hat dies mit der Visualisierung und dem Nachweis der Gedächtniskraft von Wasser voll bestätigt [Hinzugefügt]
Das gab natürlich der rohen, materialistischen Weltanschauung einen gewaltigen Stoß und die Anhänger derselben, denen ihr Dogma von der unbeseelten und geistlosen Materie eine einsuggerierte Lieblingsidee geworden war, hatte ich plötzlich zu einem großen Teile als Gegner.

Dogma [Hinzugefügt]
Die tiefer Denkenden hielten sich zuerst vornehm zurück, aber viele prüften auch nach und fanden meine Angaben bestätigt. Sie erkannten an, daß durch mich der Nachweis für die dritte Weltenergie, die Eigenbeseeltheit und Allbeseeltheit der Materie, erbracht worden war.
Aber ich befand mich damit plötzlich inmitten von Kämpfen und Angriffen gebildeter und nichtgebildeter Materialisten, die wie sich bald herausstellte, Feinde der Kirche und der Religionslehren, sowie des Okkultismus und verwandeter Gebiete waren und die sich einbildeten, die Kirche könne durch meine Entdeckungen vielleicht neue Stützpunkte für ihre Gottes-, Geist- und Glaubensanschauungen gewinnen. Aus diesem Grunde glaubten manche von ihnen, sie müßten mich und die an das Licht gezogenen, neuen Tatsachen geheim halten, ableugnen, verschleiern und bekämpfen.
Dieser Wahn ist aber ebenso unehrlich als auch unhaltbar, denn die Wahrheit ist eine Macht, und niemand vermag sie zu hemmen und zu unterdrücken. Hat sich die materialistische Weltanschauung in manchen Punkten geirrt, nun, so mögen die Anhänger derselben das doch ruhig eingestehen und sich nicht neuen und tieferen Forschungen verschließen.

„Kampf ums Dasein“ sagt LAMARCK und „Zuchtwahl“ sagt DARWIN, sei die Ursache der Entwicklung der Lebewesen.
Wo diese Elemente fehlen, tritt Stillstand, Verfall und Niedergang auf und damit ist das Schicksal eines Individuums, einer Art und eines Volkes besiegelt!
Von diesen praktischen Gesichtspunkten aus möchte ich ein religiös-wissenschaftliches Kulturneuleben schaffen. DAS SIND MEINE IDEALE UND BESTREBUNGEN, DIESEN GEHE ICH NACH TROTZ DEN KÄMPFEN UND HINDERNISSEN, DIE MIR FANATIKER VON RECHTS UND VON LINKS BEREITET HABEN.
Fortsetzung folgt.

Veredelung durch Studium der Original-Menschenkenntnis. [Hinzugefügt]
Wer erfahren hat, wie wahr das Sprichwort ist „Friede ernährt, Unfriede verzehrt“, der wird die Nützlichkeit dieser Studie für das Leben nicht mehr verkennen und vielleicht wünschen, daß sie auch gelehrt werden, - denn auch der Friede auf Erden kann durch ein naturwissenschaftliche und praktische Grundlage Stärkung und Sicherung erfahren.

Die Wahrheit ist eine unbesiegbare Macht, sie läßt sich nicht aus der Welt schaffen.
Die Vervielfältigung und Vergrößerung der Original-Zeichnungen und Bilder ist nicht gestattet. Man wende sich an den Verlag.

Kampf um Macht [Hinzugefügt]
Die eifersüchtige Bewachung und die Verharrung auf alten Irrtümern ist kein Beweis von hervorragender Intelligenz. Die Wissenschaftlichkeit hängt in letzter Linie nicht vom Beibehalten irriger Anschauungen ab, sondern vom Fortschreiten in der Erkenntnis der Wahrheit. Jede echte Wissenschaft und ihre Anhänger sind verpflichtet, neue Tatsachen zu prüfen und den Wahrheitsbringer zu fördern und zu schützen. Solche tüchtigen Vertreter echter Naturforschung fand ich viele, aber die Fanatiker der Gegenpartei ereiferten sich darüber um so mehr, und so kam ich ohne Schuld in den Kampf wissenschaftlicher Meinungen und Irrungen und damit in den Kampf um die Weltanschauung – nur weil ich einige Tatsachen nachgewiesen hatte.

Der Wahrheit und der Schönheit das ganze Sein
Die Annahme der Materialisten, ich würde den Vertretern der Kirche ein willkommener Naturforscher sein, weil meine Entdeckungen verschiedene Dogmen der Kirche als Stützpunkt diesen könnten, ist eine unnötige Besorgnis, denn ich gehe vollständig unabhängig und unbeeinflußt von der Kirche meine eigenen Wege.
Wohl habe ich erkannt, daß in dem alten Glauben gottesfürchtiger, guter und frommer Menschen vieles vorhanden ist, was mir erhaltungs- und verehrungswürdig gilt, wie beispielsweise der Glaube an die Liebe, die Übung der Tugend und die Verabscheuung des Lasters, - so erkenne ich damit noch nicht die mancherlei Widersprüche in den Dogmen der alten Religions-Anschauungen dieser Gläubigen an.
(Fortsetzung folgt.)

Dieser Kampf Huters ist ein Beispiel dafür, daß es zwischen dem harmonisch guten und dem bösen Prinzip keine Versöhnung gibt. Es gibt nur einen Kampf für das Gute, die Wahrheit und Schönheit bis zur völligen Überwindung alles Häßlichen und Bösen.

Daher wird auch der gute Mensch lernen müssen aus seiner Reserve und Tatenlosigkeit herauszutreten, d.h. er wird durch immer neues Ungemach und Unglück dazu veranlaßt, er wird zum Kämpfer für Wahrheit, Recht und Schönheit werden müssen, weil es keinen andern Weg der Höherentwicklung und zur endlichen Erreichung des Menschenglückes gibt.