Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009


The Indigo Revolution brings the technological generation to do battle with the black alliances compromised financial generation. In the Fifth Night economic magic and illusion will clash with the wizards of intelligent code and concealed form. The battleground will move from the world of international commercial infrastructures to the collective group mind neurospheric superstructure. At the nadir of the fifth night the tide turns and the rush of the multitudes of the new networked societies will implement their will with integrated synthetic programs to eliminate the corrupted and protect the sacred space. 2012 Indigo Revolution.

'V' premieres November 3rd
Michael Jackson 'This Is It' documentary in theaters
October 28 through November 11

Michael Jackson's own 'V' pose ...

This is the Moonwalker Resurrection - symbolically interchangeable with the death & rebirth of (princess) Diana the Moon goddess (as discussed in 'The Moonwalker Prophecy')...

...who is in 'V'.
Actress Morena Baccarin who 'resurrects' 'Anna'/'Diana' in 'V' is best known for her role as 'Inara Serra', a sacred prostitute (elite courtesan), in Firefly/Serenity.

Now starring in 'V' - which is a 'Grail'/womb symbol popularized by The Da Vinci Code - Morena becomes a bona-fide 'Mary Magdalene' meta-character.
This year MM and Diana moon-goddess are particularly interchangeable thanks to a total solar eclipse - the Moon occulting the Sun - coming precisely on the feast day of Mary Magdalene (July 22).
The road leads to Roswell and Genesis...


Flying Saucer

Oct 15: 'Balloon Boy' incident
Nov 03: 'V' First Contact
The road leads to Roswell and Genesis...

...collectively whispering 'Solar Impact'.

- Balloon Boy father (main hoaxer) reportedly obsessed with 2012 Solar Impact doom scenario

- NASA Genesis was returning from the Sun with solar wind samples onboard (9/8/2004)
- Roswell UFO/balloon crash came in the year of the biggest sunspot on record (1947)
[Biggest sunspot on record in 1947 - source]

A scenario straight out of Knowing (2009)...
The end of the world by a solar 'super flare'...
happening in the story on October 19, 2009 (precisely when the Balloon Boy hoax was making headlines)
...featuring Lunar Impact.

One of the main characters 'Diana' killed in a car crash - just like Princess Diana.

Her bloodline survives through her offspring with some help from whispering aliens.

Knowing = First Contact

November 3: 'V' debut
November 4: 'V for Vendetta'
(original release date/changed)
November 5: Guy Fawkes Night ('Remember, remember, the 5th of November...')

Based on actual Nov 5 (1975) UFO incident

UFO/ET/abduction film released Nov 6 (2009)

Once again - an upside down circumscribed Pentagram!

V for Vendetta much like V is about a fascistic world filled with media manipulations.

This is Palingenesis - literally meaning 'born again' or 'rebirth' but politically denoting fascism.

That's the dark side of the theme of the Death/Rebirth of Diana - personified by Sarah Palin...
[Palin book(s) coming out November 17, 2009]

...who happens to be Princess Diana's distant cousin and her first name means 'princess'. The (re-)birth of Palin is 'Palin Genesis' or Palingenesis. Obviously another allusion to be inferred from the Genesis Impact.
After the 2008 election and especially after her resignation as Alaska governor in July, many thought Palin was done. A goner. And yet here she is still standing and still looking as though she may well run for the White House again in 2012. (How crazy is that?) 'Palin-Genesis'... her 'Mayan rebirth'.

Multicontextually speaking Palin embodies the 'Whore of Babylon' or 'Scarlet Lady'... riding the Beast, as discussed in my article 'Mayan Palingenesis'. If we want destruction and doom, then we want Palin. They're giving us a rope to hang ourselves with. Whispering to us 'do it, do it...' Soon, insidious media propaganda will kick into a higher gear and... well, it will be something to behold.
It's no coincidence that 'November 4' was Election Day (US presidential) last year. Politics appears to be at or near the heart of the unfolding sequence of which ~November 4, 2009 seems to be the next major 'portal' based on some multicontextual timeline analyses. We're already seeing major signals (including 'V') but there's also a real possibility of an actual impact event(s) to express the idea of (political?) 'great flood'.

There's a bigger picture of course, of which the above is merely a subset. Less political (thank god!), a lot more spooky... and 'real'. Stay tuned...

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Oct 24: I'm thinking ~November 4th should be interesting. There seems to be a convergence of patterns around there... with an apparent theme of 'political deep impact'. Not sure what that implies.

Those of you who have been following the ongoing march to destroy the freedoms of the American People already know about FEMA camps. These aren't Boy Scout field trip camps; they're detention centers designed to hold large numbers of people for "emergency" purposes. Many theories abound on what these FEMA camps might be used for ( (
Erfahrungen hatte die US-Regierung ja schon mit dem Hanta-Virus gemacht, einem speziell für das Rain Dance-Projekt;read=17920 hergestelltem Virus, dessen Sinn und Zweck in der Ausrottung der Nordamerikanischen Urbevölkerung, den Indianern, lag. Das Projekt lief auch unter dem Namen SB-17 und war als eine Rassen-Ausrottungs-Bombe gedacht. Http:// So wie auch der Zionisten-Staat Israel an einer Bio-Waffe arbeitete (noch arbeitet), die speziell die arabische Bevölkerung tötet. Nach Kenntnis von Rumpelstilz noch aus Afrika ist das Bemühen (bis damals zumindest) fehlgeschlagen, denn Israeli sind ja selbst Semiten. Es war damals ein Riesen Lacher. Die Arroganz manch einer Spezies ist doch erschreckend.


Die reichsten Leute Amerikas treffen sich um über Wege zu diskutieren, wie man eine desaströse Umwelt-, Sozial- und Industriebedrohung in den Griff bekommt.

Einige der führenden Milliardäre Amerikas haben sich im Geheimen getroffen um zu erörtern, wie sie ihren Reichtum nutzen können um das Anwachsen der Weltbevölkerung zu reduzieren. Aber auch diesen Artikel sollte man sich im Original antun, er steht bei Times Online.
Die Präsenz bei diesem Treffen des “Good Club“ von David Rockefeller jr. und die bekannten Äußerungen von Rockefeller in Toronto beim Bilderberger Treffen über die Notwendigkeit 80 bis 90 % der Weltbevölkerung auszurotten, lassen nichts Gutes ahnen – aber wir ahnen es schon: ES IST DIE ZWANGSIMPFUNG um die es denen geht.
Die Grippe wurde im Militärlabor geschaffen
Die Grippe ist eine reine PR-Kampagne
Der Impfstoff selbst ist hoch gefährlich.

Beim Impfen gilt dann:
Eene meene MUH – und weg bist DU