Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009


Beloved friends,

From the depths of my heart I say thank you. Thank you for being here on the planet during these times of amazing and beautiful change.

So much is happening in the world that sometimes the mind may struggle to understand 'WHAT IS GOING ON'. The key is always the same. Step into your heart, relax in and with nature, spend more time with loved ones and those you resonate with.

My intent is to let you know that Awakening From Within and the Ascended Masters are with each and everyone of you, we are in this together and we will get through these times. Love, unity and celebration have triumphed. Let us all allow that to shine through our daily lives and in our actions.

Heart to heart blessings,


'The Return of the Ancestors' ceremonies were spread over 10 days, bringing together elders from indigenous tribes, several of which had NEVER left their home country before! Elders gathered at these ceremonies from Peru, Guatemala, Tibet, Chile, Spain, Japan and the Hopi and Lakota from North America.

Set in the red rocks of Sedona, the purpose of this gathering was to unite the ‘Eagle’ (North America) and the ‘Condor’ (South America). In the words of an elder, “This is the ceremony of the century”.

The above photo shows Mayan elder Don Alejandro, (left), representing the Condor, with other Elders and participants at the ceremonies.

Each day of the gathering involved fire ceremonies, songs and fascinating talks given by the elders on the current condition of humanity.

The elders all spoke from the perspective of their specific culture, yet they all shared common themes for these times:

To keep ceremonies, traditions and music alive.
To come together, wherever you are.
To prepare your energy to receive.
To prepare your Self to welcome the Ancestors from the Stars - they are here now.
Mother Earth is entering a period of deep cleansing, bringing the end of structures that have bound humanity for so long. Money as a form of exchange is falling.
Through a highly synchronous set of events 'The Hopi Prophecies' were shared with our group.

Though there will be a period of tremendous change, it is leading to a dawn of the time of the 6th Sun. This is truly a joyous reality, one that we have all worked for thousands of years to see take place.

Saint Germain channelling through Ashamarae - anchoring energy in a crystal skull at Cathedral Rock, Sedona.

Advice was given to us through the elders and their prophecies, to support us through the brief period of challenging times that will precede this wonderful dawn.

This is simply: to fully anchor one’s self in the heart and to relax the mind through whatever practice you are guided to do. It is through the raising of our vibration that we will receive the huge amount of supportive love and light being sent to us from our galactic friends.

Further, where possible - to live in and/or spend more time in nature.

All those who attended the ceremonies are now carriers of the 'Sacred Fire', with the responsibility to radiate this deep energy of unity and light in our home towns and cities.

Our gratitude to the organizers of the gathering, and the elders is beyond measure.

We also wish to express our love and thanks to Drunvalo Melchizedek (above right), who we were able to connect with and gain deeper insight on the magnitude of these events. He truly is a beautiful being.


Brothers and sisters, we at Awakening From Within are dedicated in service of, and to support to humanity through, this great shift.

Our mission is clear, we – humanity – do this work for our children, who will inherit the Earth.

As Saint Germain says in The Blueprint of Oneness, “We are within a time in humanity, where it is no longer a story or a dream of being free.”