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The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat 
Thursday 4 / 16 / 09

Prophecies from 1999 foretold, with uncanny accuracy, what is happening right now. The New World Order is on its last legs, making desperate "endgame" maneuvers. The really fun part is the prophecies that haven’t come true yet!

By David Wilcock

Climate change, economic upheaval and governments run amok. Are we staring into the face of our own extinction? Do we need to "Rise Up and Fight" in order to ‘save’ ourselves?

Or, is this all part of a mass, collective awakening for humanity? 

I’ve reached millions of people through radio shows, conferences, audio blogs, books and articles. I make a comprehensive case — rooted in scientific fact — that we are experiencing a mass evolution; transforming our ethics, compassion, wisdom and overall intelligence — our consciousness — to a much higher level.

Religious prophecies from practically every culture on Earth described the times we’re in now — the weather changes, chaotic social conditions, wars and unrest — and say it directly paves the way for a Golden Age.

If you think all the wildness of our modern time is building up to a punchline of doom and disaster, then you’ve missed the point. What we are currently experiencing is only a transitional stage, and I believe we’re already seeing the worst of it.

I have constructed an elaborate scientific model that describes how this evolution is happening, and why.

I have also generated thousands of pages of intuitive data that give us the Big Picture of what this is all about — and have also turned out to be prophetic in very specific and striking ways.

I will be sharing a wealth of ‘new’ revelations from that prophetic data in this article — Part I of a series I will hopefully be able to release over the next 2-3 days. The subsequent parts will back up this data with some utterly groundbreaking new research that will answer many questions I have been getting privately. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this article series, you may be far more convinced that the negative forces you see on this planet are crumbling to dust right before your eyes. This is an inevitable consequence of the awakening we’re all going through.

The prophecies were given to help show you what’s going on — in this very moment of time we now find ourselves in.


When we combine the most credible sources of intuitive data with the stunning new discoveries in consciousness science, we can safely conclude that there is a purpose to the Universe, and we are not a random accident.

Life is abundant, and it emanates from a "consciousness field" that creates matter, energy and Mind as we now know it. Everything — even physical matter we would not normally think of as alive — emanates from this living energy field. Life is built to evolve, and in fact it is inevitable that it will continue to do so. 

Evolution does not stop until we have all completely reunited with our true identity. The Universe is ultimately a compassionate, sentient, loving, singular consciousness — the One Infinite Creator — and we will all return home.

In fact, since space, time and physical reality as we know it is ultimately a grand illusion, we have already returned. We never left in the first place. All we need to do is awaken to what IS, and we’re there. 

Nonetheless, within the illusion of space and time, our evolution will continue. If we reach a true awakening, we can step out of time and return home. And even if we stay in the illusion of space and time, we will continue evolving. The next major ‘quantum leap’ forward in space and time is happening as we speak. 

Once complete, this ‘quantum leap’ will make ‘miracles’ seem commonplace. Telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, psychic power and prophecy will be standard abilities that everyone possesses… effortlessly. 

We will have technology that can interface directly with our minds to amplify these ‘miracle’ abilities to an even greater degree — such as to levitate giant blocks of stone and build sacred structures with them.

Limitless free energy. Non-polluting, unending and completely clean. No more power lines. No more blood for oil. No more coal. No more nuclear. Never pay again. Obliterating the need for a money system. Greening the deserts. Ending poverty, famine and homelessness. 
Gravity-shielding technology. No need for roads. No need to ever buy a new ‘car’ again. Go wherever you want. Never fill the tank. Cities that hover in the sky. Pop over to the Moon or Mars to visit friends and family. Build majestic structures considered impossible by today’s standards.
Healing devices. Nullify cancer. Cure diabetes. Eliminate heart disease. Conquer depression. Regrow limbs. Effortlessly restore perfect health regardless of the condition. Feel 100-percent alive, 100-percent inspired, all the time. Live for hundreds of years. 
Stargate travel. Use naturally-occurring traversible wormholes to travel impossibly vast distances. Move through time as effortlessly as you move through space. Go wherever you want, whenever you want, using natural physics laws not yet discovered in mainstream science. 

Cynics may laugh and call this ‘fantasy,’ but the simple fact is that all of these technologies already exist.

Right now. Here on Earth.

I have spoken directly with whistleblowers who are not only aware of these technologies, but they have used them — as a part of their day-to-day work.

These breakthroughs have been held back in classified projects by the very same group that is now crumbling apart. Most people call them the "New World Order" because that is what they hope to create — a world dictatorship under their control. 
This group is very cynical about humanity. They feel we would all turn into couch potatoes and ‘welfare queens’ if they were to give us these technologies.

Some of the witnesses I have spoken to still believe we might all just ‘drop out’, watch TV and stay home all day if we suddenly gained widespread access to all these new toys, and money thereby became obsolete.

By holding these breakthroughs back from us and keeping them secret, they feel special; they feel elite; they feel privileged; and they feel they are much better than the rest of us. Comment by Medical-Manager Wolfgang Timm: The false "Illuminati" know nothing about the true nature in human, the higher power in human. So Carl Huters "Menschenkenntnis" = the true Illuminati-Power in every living cell. This is an scientific fact - most ignored in mainstream corrupted Pseudo-Sciences on Universities, controled from false Illuminati!

They are addicted to power and control, have a very sarcastic attitude, and wish to rule over us as if we are their servants. This degree of control requires a money system to function — so scarcity, hardship and pain can be deliberately engineered. 

They feel we will only evolve by being thrown into chaos, and then struggling through it to rebuild ourselves into a higher level of Order.

If they were to release these technologies, they feel that chaos would be eliminated — and therefore they would have sentenced us to a form of spiritual death through stagnation.

By historically invading and conquering primitive cultures — creating chaos — they feel they interrupted a stasis that otherwise would have gone on indefinitely. And they still think of us as savages even though the whole planet has become far more civilized since the age of the seafaring European conquerors. 


The logic of Order Out of Chaos (Ordo Ab Chao) quickly falls apart under skeptical analysis. We are certainly capable of evolving and growing without the need of being systematically invaded, tortured and terrorized, only to then rebuild into a higher level of Order.

We all go through that stage, individually and collectively, until we no longer need it anymore. A baby learns to walk by falling down, getting hurt — sometimes badly — and getting back up again. This is all part of the Universe’s plan. Growing up does hurt, but the pain is a necessary part of learning to stand on your own two feet.

We go through similar growth processes in our mental, emotional and spiritual evolution long past the time we have reached adulthood. In fact, very few people in present-day Earth ever master the curriculum, or even become aware of what the curriculum is. 

On an individual level we are learning to love and respect others, while also learning to love and respect ourselves. Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, while still loving the people who accuse us of ‘ego’ for standing up for ourselves.

It is learning to confidently and politely say ‘no’ when someone wants to manipulate and control you, while simultaneously avoiding sarcasm, anger and victim consciousness in favor of peace and acceptance. You’re not judging them as a person; you simply do not agree with their actions in this situation. 
It is learning to be so at peace with yourself that you can withdraw from someone who wishes to abuse you — if they do not respond to your polite request that they change their behavior. 
You can be so at peace within yourself that you walk away from abusive people who refuse to change, and you choose to be alone — for a time — without feeling alone.

You do not need to consciously or subconsciously manifest drama, chaos and misery in order to give yourself a struggle, something to fight against — to keep you from feeling bored and ‘dead inside’.

All the best spiritual teachers say we have a very backwards society in many ways. Our favorite songs and movies often enshrine codependent, clingy, needy behavior as if it were a sacred process of self-sacrifice. 

We all have the "subconscious Judeo-Christian bias" that tells us if we’re on a spiritual path, we should martyr ourselves. Offer up our lives to our enemies without opposing them. Lie down in front of the tank or bulldozer even if we know it isn’t going to stop. 

Eventually, after enough cycles of torture, we tire of this — and we go from the ‘victim’ who pleads for the love and acceptance of the abuser to the angry, negative and ‘tough’ person who doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

The majority of women in the Western world have taken on this role, to varying degrees, after untold generations of sexism and very real oppression.

Enraged by the ‘double standard,’ they demand compliance, but then quickly lose all interest in the feminine, sensitive men who would worship them enough to give it to them.

Many men do the same thing with women — it goes both ways. Aggressive meets passive, and either they both grow and evolve, or their paths separate… often after a prolonged, bitter struggle, which may continue right up until the death of one of the participants.

On the ‘aggressive’ side, we become so suspicious and distrustful that we live in constant sarcasm. Trusting no one. Building an ever-tougher wall around our heart to protect our soft inner core that is still hurting so deeply inside. All the defensiveness is just a surface veneer that hides how wounded and tired we feel inside.

Of course, this ‘aggressive’ stage is not the end, but merely another level within the soul’s journey. The culmination of the awakening process is, as I said, learning to be your own protector without losing the love and peace you feel inside.

You learn to be fulfilled within yourself — without the constant need for validation from others.

Everything I’ve just said about healing and developing healthy boundaries, without sarcasm and bitterness, is a personal issue — but it works precisely the same way on the collective level. That’s the missing key. 

By healing these issues on the personal level, we are simultaneously transforming the world into the Golden Age our ancestors prophesied long ago. 
Therefore, on one level the ‘negative elite’ are doing exactly what we asked them to do. They have promoted our evolution.

They have created a mass awakening of people who are saying No, and learning to love themselves enough to demand change.

That stage of the awakening starts out, as I said, with seething anger and resentment. Of course, sites like the Drudge Report and television stations like Fox now sound exactly the same as the inflammatory "alternative conspiracy media" websites — angry, bitter and victimized. This is normal.

Once we learn to stand up for ourselves, we typically go through a period of great bitterness, sarcasm and negativity. We now identify ourselves with a special group — the ‘oppressed’ who are aware of their oppressors but feel powerless to stop them, and are therefore "mad as hell and won’t take it anymore."

Until they get the change they really seek, they will not rest. This is irreversible in scope and depth. Any government or leader who does not adhere to the new standard will be washed away. 

The new American government has already made tremendous leaps towards this new standard. The problem, for now, is that everyone is waking up to the old lies at the same time, and it is much easier to blame a single person than to understand the deeper roots of the problem, and target them directly. 
For your own growth process it is important not to get stuck in the "Angry Victim" stage. Once you realize this is all a grand dance for your soul evolution, it’s time to bring back the acceptance and forgiveness.

Nothing was done to you. You chose to be born with the parents and the situations you found yourself in. And those situations, painful as they might be, were elected by you — long ago — to be the keys to your awakening. Whether you nail it down in one lifetime or not is not the point. Sooner or later, you’ll get it. 


In order to effectively fulfill their roles, the ‘negative elite’ have to really believe in what they are doing. And they certainly do. They enjoy the money, power and control, and enjoy feeling that they are smarter, better and more evolved than everyone else. 

If they were to release these miracle technologies I spoke of, they would become Ordinary Guys… Part of the Team… Average Joes like the rest of us. Everyone would live like a millionaire, and it wouldn’t hurt the Earth — or anywhere else we decided to go.

The Powers That Be don’t like that. They are fighting like mad to Remain Special.

Thankfully, they are losing the fight. Effectively, they’ve already lost. But they’re working very, very hard to convince you that everything is proceeding as planned, and they are still a fearsome, menacing and powerful threat. 

They have also done a miraculous job of convincing people that the very group bringing them down is the enemy, and must be stopped at all costs.

As I’ve already been documenting in the previous two updates to David’s Blog, they are now openly and blatantly trying to create a public uprising to overthrow the elected American government, and broadcasting their plans right on television… in plain sight.

The Internet is a vital part of the New World Order’s collapse. The advent of YouTube-type video services — completely decentralizing the flow of information in every available form — is as revolutionary as the dawn of movable type.

We are now in the age of No More Secrets. What awaits us in the aftermath of the New World Order’s downfall is beyond most people’s wildest imagination.

The impending release of these ‘miracle’ technologies is not the point, either. It is only a side-effect of the much greater mass awakening that we’re all going through.

Each of us have to go through this on a personal level — through the choices that we make in our own lives every moment of every day. These are choices between love and fear. Energetically we are being very strongly pushed to make these choices, but they still must occur within the realm of our own free will.

It is by this method — one person at a time — that the mass awakening is now taking place. Bit by bit, we are releasing the emotional burdens that have kept us tethered to the lower self, so we can rise into our true potential. 

Indeed, this mass awakening I am speaking of will literally transform us into what we could think of as ‘Ascended’ beings.

Best of all, the entire case can be — and has been — scientifically proven. That is my life’s work, realized in so many different ways on this website. There will be more to come, including an amazing new video I’m just now beginning to organize, and of course the CONVERGENCE film, which is rapidly evolving into something much more than we had originally planned.

Of course, Divine Cosmos is an exhausting, elaborate study, but well worth the effort. When you tap into the ‘flow’ it doesn’t seem like work — it is totally exhilarating. 
I receive hundreds of emails a week from people who are experiencing exactly the same ‘paranormal’ things I went through before my own intuitive contact began in 1996. It is very rewarding to read so many testimonies reporting the same experiences I went through in my own ‘awakening’.

Though this process is very exciting, it is also quite ordinary. Every planet goes through this evolution at some point. The Intelligent Universe has designed us to keep on growing and evolving. 

Human life is very far from unique to this planet. Whistleblower Sgt. Clifford Stone says that within the classified programs he worked in, 57 different species were known to be visiting the Earth — and all of them were essentially human. Not scary monsters, but thinking and feeling people like you and me.

There are differences in height and skin color, but the typical "Grey" is about as far removed from our own appearance as you will ever see. The vast majority of these people look far more like us than we’d ever dare to believe. 
The majority of people visiting us are what we could think of as ‘Ascended.’ They follow a "Prime Directive" where they are not allowed to intervene in any blatant, direct fashion. The basic law of the Universe — Free Will — requires that we find our own way.

If there was a "Landing on the White House Lawn," we would no longer have the free will to choose whether we believe in life on other planets. And that is a very important psychological shift, as once you consciously recognize that you are not ‘alone,’ you are well on your way to a true spiritual awakening. 
Free will does allow us to have things like mysterious and wonderful UFO sightings; gorgeous geometric patterns forming in crops in a matter of minutes; musicians, artists, poets and writers who get their finest works in spontaneous bursts of inspiration; and in some cases, direct messages that come through people whose level of ethics, compassion, clear-mindedness and positivity makes them suitable for the job.

I have received messages like this since 1996, and have documented and published them online since 1998. The majority of my published intuitive data was put online in 1999. With stunning redundancy, these messages described the exact conditions we now see in the world around us.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. The lights are dimming and the show is about to begin!


The year is 1999. I live in a cheap duplex with paper-thin walls in Virginia Beach, the main defense hub for the United States on the East Coast. Our active bases include Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Fort Story, Little Creek Amphibious Base and Oceana Naval Air Station.

I am directly in the flight path for F-18 Hornets roaring in for a landing — all day, every day. If you took a map and drew a straight line from the landing strip at Oceana, it would cut right through my home on 23rd street.

The pilots are ordered to discharge all remaining unused JP-8 jet fuel into the atmosphere before landing. How? They fire off their afterburners full-blast on the way in.

The Hornets are so close to the ground you could practically reach up and touch them. And the noise they create is nothing short of Biblical. 
That’s why my rent was so cheap — but no one bothered to tell me that until I was already locked up in a one-year contract. 

I was suffering the human tolls of perhaps the busiest military airspace in America. Little did I know at the time that this same year, in the midst of all these fun and games that were ruining my life, the military would ‘lose’ some money playing with these very same toys.

How much, you ask? Take a guess. I’ll tell you a little later on.

Every day, the noise begins at 8 AM. Guaranteed. They expect you to be awake by then, whether you work morning hours or not. I work from home, making my own hours, and the ordeal continues well until 6-7 PM, sometimes as late as 10 PM. Every day.

When a jet roars in, you can barely hear yourself think. Or breathe. And if you are talking to someone, in person or on the phone, you have to stop everything for ten or fifteen seconds while it sounds, and feels, as if the world is ripping to pieces all around you. 

I moved into this challenging location as of May 1st, on very short notice, after being asked to leave a friend’s organic farm I had been staying at. He was going through a family crisis and decided he didn’t want anyone else living there.

On a deeper level, I had gotten so wrapped up in my own work on the website that I had stopped attending our Wednesday night meditation group, and had largely fallen out of regular contact. He undoubtedly felt I had abandoned him to focus on my greater work, and thus I was handed my termination notice. 
I had been staying in a loft apartment in his barn, rent-free, and doing construction and occasionally farm labor to help offset the expenses I created. I made a smattering of money from my new business as a professional intuitive, which I had started in July 1998. I never knew whether I would have clients or not. 
It would be a challenge to earn enough money to pay rent on an apartment — I had to "Trust the Universe" that I would be taken care of. And ultimately I was.

In my sudden rush to find a home, I picked the first place I could find… and had a very rough year ahead of me. 


After May 1st, 1999, once I’d settled into my tormented lifestyle in the flight path, additional readings started coming through. I was told the Constitution would be held "in deferment", and given very clear statements that the 2000 election would be hijacked and stolen by the Neocons.

In addition, I received material that could be seen as a prophecy of 9/11 as well. [In other articles I have gone into great detail about the highly accurate 9/11 prophecies I received, beginning in 1996, so we’re not going to cover all that material again here.]

Thursday 5 / 27 / 99 — 7:18 a.m.

The average brother (in your colonial building) was open to a whole host of different tactics that would explain why the constitution was in deferment…

Their minds are clever with hatred. Part of what we are seeing here [in the present world picture] is the machinations of the deeper plan…

Saturday 5 / 29 / 99 — 9:18 a.m.

We do not want to see the modern children of this generation being molested by a shadowy and insurgent world order that seeks conquest and hegemony.

Thursday 6 / 17 / 99 — 9:21 a.m.

The vice president looks at this as being partly his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked.

The interim period decides the next victor.

[3/19/09: This is an amazing sentence, because it ended up perfectly predicting the election crisis in 2000 between Gore and Bush. I wrote about this after it happened — first on November 24, 2000, when I discovered it, and then again on December 13, 2000 when Gore finally conceded.

Gore thought he could control the vote recounts in Florida: "The vice president considers this his own authorship"… but the New World Order / Neocon faction had already rigged the election, hence Gore did "not realize that he (was) completely naked" in this battle and could not win.

The election did not have an immediate victor — there was a prolonged ‘interim period’ between Election Day and the final decision, which came about through the Supreme Court. Hence, "the interim period decides the next victor."]

Higher and higher the chariot raises in the sky, and it will be seen by all.

The buildings will be smoking, the people will be crying, and at that point it will already have been done. There will be other stages of it, of course, but this is an important point.

[Though I did not see it at the time, this would prove to be one of a variety of prophecies that discussed 9/11 as an imminent event soon after the New World Order seized control of the US government by stealing the 2000 election.]


Next you will see one of the most stunning excerpts from 1999, because it predicts something that still hasn’t happened yet, but is obviously well on the way.

We see clear statements in these readings that the Republican / Neocon / New World Order faction will fall from power and collapse into ruin. We also see that this is a very necessary and positive event, directly paving the way for a much better situation.

In the next reading, we get a further prophecy: namely that a new agreement will be reached in terms of international finance once this collapse has happened. This has only just begun with the recent G20 meeting. 

Despite the howls of opposition online, I have received redundant, reliable data that Obama’s administration is a substantial improvement over what we were dealing with before.

[Parts II and beyond of this article series will explore this issue with a direct examination of the facts — particularly for those who still think it’s just a continuation of the Bush Administration.] 

Monday 10 / 04 / 99 — 9:32 am

What we are looking at here is a stifling of the individual human mind in an attempt to create great fear.

We do not want these to appear to be isolated situations that cause extreme panic, but rather more as the lay of the land — as the symptoms of the overall malady that has struck the Earth at this time.

The Big Brother scenario is indeed real, and Big Brother is counting on us to not expose these truths as they have already been done.

The subjugation of the populace warrants their ignorance, and if they are to become smarter about what is happening to them, they might actually begin doing something about it.

Indeed, as we have already said, it is precisely the focus of experience that these [New World Order] individuals are now going through that will give them so much more to lose when the final steps into the basement are then made, and a new agreement is reached in terms of international finance.

So, if you can think in terms deeper than those portrayed in the media, you will see that there are indeed some serious thugs on the loose here.

When we speak of their plans of world domination, we are speaking of something that they do believe can and will be accomplished.

We are here to tell you that just the opposite is going to happen.

In their strive and quest for power, they will lose all that they had already gained, and gain nothing new.

However, in the midst of all these calamities, the brokers and stockpersons will begin to see a new form of commerce taking hold. They will not need to make money any more, as the credit is up.

The point is that when you begin storing your "money" in order to become more Ascension compatible, you are indeed preparing yourself for the ultimate ride of your life. And there is nothing more important than that.

The Orion entities continue to struggle a bit longer with their plans of world domination, and you shouldn’t fear this.

If you have stocks, now would be a good time to sell. That is our expert advice at this point. Sell them. Get rid of them now before this happens.

We are not talking about something that is far away, either.

Please think about this, and know that if you have certain decisions that you can make, that you are still in control.

The stocks will be devalued so much as to appear to be utter nonsense. You have my word on that one.

We are sorry to admit such a grandiose conspiracy to you in these readings, but the facts are facts, and we need to talk about them…

Again, it is our expert advice that a very substantial market correction is looming in the very near future of your linear time.

And so, we impress these readings through David as a means of shaving off the excess hair that you may still have on your face in order to have you fully washed up and prepared for Ascension.

We are sorry that this explicit content brings messages of fear or concern, but it is our greatest desire for you to navigate through all of these changes in their multilayered forms without any sense of panic.


As I settled into my sixth month in the tortured apartment, I received a prophecy that a "coup over the military industrial complex" would take place in the aftermath of this economic collapse.

There is very substantial information we can explore to show that this is exactly what is now happening — and their blatant attempt to create a public uprising and revolution, hoping to overthrow the Obama administration, proves how desperate they have now become. 

This reading also makes it very clear that the widespread paranoia about FEMA camps and martial law will not come to pass. 

Tuesday 10 / 05 / 99 - 8:41 a.m.

Once you start binding the loose bits and pieces together, you can see how all this is leading towards something like a coup over the military industrial complex and its stranglehold over this story regarding UFOs and the like…

We are not about to issue a blanket condemnation of government as a whole. However, what we do see is that government is in for a massive cleaning.

There are some whose strength will benefit from this, but at first it will be interpreted as chaos and disorder.

You yourself, the reader of these words, do have the opportunity to choose not to behave in such a manner at the time that this guidance is given.

We are not talking about fascist Nazi concentration camps that will be created and the like.

No, rather what we are discussing is the systematic breakdown of existing orders in order to make way for changes that will result…

The idea of this transformation of your society is indeed all-encompassing.

We are not talking about making one simple geographic realignment, or one simple raise in vibration in your people in the way that people are thinking.

Rather, we have been guided through this formula every step of the way in these readings and elsewhere.

We now know what to expect and how we will get there.

And so, for the thinking person, the question becomes this. What do I do when I want to eventually resculpt society to the way that it should be?

We advocate that you take some serious time in contemplation of these matters.


In this next reading we are clearly told that the economic collapse will create an incredible spiritual growth opportunity. 

6 / 21 / 00

The value of the dollar will be reduced, and the economies are going to boom and collapse simultaneously.

Indeed, it is this conjunction of forces that precludes the opportunities for the most intense spiritual growth on this planet.

You, like everyone else, will go through this experience. It is a question of how and whether you choose to face it or deny it that will determine the course of your future actions.