Samstag, 11. April 2009


You feel any major changes recently ? like a pressure in the head ? or other parts.

Here might be an explanation to it:

The force of the radiation of this [unseen high frequency] ultra-violet energy is manifested at the center of your head. The goal is for this energy not to remain at the head but to send this Ultra-violet energy to your heart. Indeed it is on that level that a certain number of codes related to your hidden Godhead [divinity] and your Essence will be unlocked and activated.

The pressure of the radiation associated with these particles of Ultra-violet light must, as the weeks progress, be installed at the center of your inner sanctuary and temple [heart]. This is the required condition for your elevation, your ascension and the return to your unity with divinity. This now continues. It obeys the rules specific to your physiology and your internal energy mechanisms to which I will return at the appropriate time after the Easter [April 12] period as defined in the Roman Catholic calendar, because this period corresponds to an active full moon like that of the following month due to the festival of the Bull.

You will see, in the coming weeks and into the summer solstice [June 21], that the more you get into your inner life, the more you get into your heart, the more you get into your Essence, the easier it will be to manifest peace, tolerance, love and understanding on the outside, whatever the severity of external events that affect the global physiological changes and the physiology of some human beings. The only way to be in your heart is not to react negatively [to these changes in fear, but to react in Light and Love].

The only way to be in [this divine] unity is not to maintain the duality of this world. However, the natural reaction is one of duality. It is therefore essential that you yourself learn, through your meditations, your prayers, your moments of silence, and your encounters with nature, to develop more and more the feeling of harmony with your own unity, with your own Godhead [divinity].

If this is resonating in you find the complete text here:

Much LOVE to your Hearts !