Sonntag, 8. März 2009


The Aborted Evolution

Two Empty Vortexes Drew Extraterrestrial Races

To fill those two empty vortexes, according to Thoth, two extraterrestrial races stepped in—not one, but two completely different races. The first race was the Hebrews, coming from our future. Thoth says they came from off the planet, but I don’t know specifically where.

They had legal permission from the Galactic Command to step into our evolutionary path at that time. They brought with them, according to Thoth, many concepts and ideas that we had no idea about yet because we hadn’t entered into those levels of awareness. This interaction actually benefited our evolution, I believe. 

There was no problem with their coming to Earth and settling. There probably would have been no problem at all if just this one race had come here.

The other race that stepped in at that time caused big problems. These beings came from the nearby planet of Mars. (I know this may sound strange, but it sounded even stranger when I was saying this back in 1985 before people like Richard Hoagland began to speak up.)

It has become evident, because of the situation that has developed in the world, that this same race is still causing major problems. The secret government and the trillionaires of the world are of Mars extraction or have mostly Martian genes and little or no emotional/feeling body.

Mars after the Lucifer Rebellion

According to Thoth, Mars looked much like Earth a little less than a million years ago. It was beautiful. It had oceans and water and trees and was just fantastic. But then something happened to them, and it had to do with a past “Lucifer rebellion.”

From the very beginning of this experiment we are in—and all of God’s creation is an experiment—experiments similar to the Lucifer rebellion (if you want to call them rebellions) have been attempted four times. In other words, three other beings besides Lucifer attempted to do the same thing, and each time it resulted in utter chaos throughout the universe.

More than a million years ago, the Martians had joined the third rebellion, the third time that life decided to try this experiment. And the experiment failed dramatically. Planets everywhere were destroyed, and Mars was one of them. Life attempted to create a separate reality from God, which is the same thing that’s going on now. In other words, a portion of life attempted to separate itself from all other life and create its own separate reality. Since everyone is God anyway, this is okay—you can do that. The only thing is, it never has worked so far. Nevertheless, they tried it again.

When someone tries to separate from God, they sever their love connection with Reality. So when the Martians (and many others) created a separate reality, they cut the love bond—they disconnected the emotional body—and in so doing they became pure male, with little or no female within them. They were purely logical beings with no emotions. They were pure logic.

What happened in Mars, and in thousands and thousands of other places, was that they ended up fighting all the time because there was no compassion, no love. Mars became a bat-tieground that just kept going on and on and on, until finally it became clear that Mars was not going to survive. Eventually they blew their atmosphere away and destroyed the surface of their planet.

Before Mars was destroyed, they built huge tetrahedral pyramids, which you’re going to see in photographs in the second volume. Then they built three-sided, four-sided, and five-sided pyramids, eventually building a complex that was able to create a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba. You see, you can have a space-time vehicle that looks like a spaceship, or you can have certain other structures that do the same thing. 

They built a structure from which they were able to look ahead and behind in time and space to tremendous distances and time periods.

A small group of Martians tried to get away from Mars before it was destroyed, so they translated themselves into the future and found a perfect place to resettle before Mars was destroyed. That place was Earth, but it was about 65,000 years in our past.

They saw that little vortex sitting there on Atlantis with nobody in it. They didn’t ask permission. Being part of the rebellion, they didn’t go through the normal procedure. They just said, “All right, let’s do it.” They stepped right into that vortex, and in so doing, they joined our evolutionary path.

Martians Rape the Human Child Consciousness and Take Over

There were only a few thousand of these Martians who actually used the time-space-dimension consciousness machine, or building. The very first thing they did when they arrived here on Earth was try to take control of Atlantis.

They wanted to declare war and take over. However, they were vulnerable because of their small numbers and perhaps other reasons, so they couldn’t do it. They were finally subdued by the Atlanteans/ Lemurians. We were able to stop them from conquering us, but we could not send them back.

By the time this took place in our evolutionary path, we were about the age of a 14-year-old girl. In other words, it was rape. We were raped, we had no choice. The Martians just stepped in and said, “Like it or not, we’re here.” They didn’t care what we thought or felt about it. It was really no different from what we in America did to the Native Americans.

The Martians’ Fateful Decision

The Martians decided to take over the Earth, of course. Control, the Martian’s primary interface with the Reality, rose to meet their anger.
They began to create a building complex like the one they had constructed on Mars a long time earlier, in order to create a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba once again. 

The only thing is, around 50,000 Earth years had passed since they had created one, and they didn’t remember exactly how to do it—but they thought they did. So they built the buildings and began the experiment.

That experiment is directly tied to a chain of Mer-Ka-Bas that began with the Mars experiments a little less than a million years before. Later, one was done here on Earth in 1913, another one in 1943 (called the Philadelphia Experiment), another one in 1983 (called the Montauk Experiment), and another one that, I believe, they’re attempting to do this year (1993) near Bimini Island.