Montag, 2. März 2009


Since we mentioned numbers exhibiting threeness, we might as well bring up color. There are three primary colors from which the three secondary colors are created. This means that the universe as we now know it — all created things — is composed of three primary parts except in its rare primal areas. In addition, the very nature of how the universe is perceived by human consciousness is through the three major ways we just spoke of: time, space and matter, all of which are reflections of the sacred holy trinity.

An Avalanche of Knowledge

Most people by now are aware that something unusual is going on here on Earth. We are in extremely accelerated time, and many events are happening that have never been seen before. There are more people on the planet than have ever been known before, and if we continue at the same rate, in a few more years we will double our population to about eleven or twelve billion people.

Regarding our human evolutionary learning curve, the supply of information on the planet is growing far faster than the population. Here’s a fact according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. From the time of our oldest known human civilization, the ancient Sumerians (circa 3800 B.C.), continuing for almost 5800 years until about A.D. 1900, a certain number of bits of information had been collected, a certain number of so-called facts that were added up to determine precisely how many things we knew. Fifty years later, from 1900 to 1950, our knowledge had doubled. That means it took 5800 years to learn a certain amount, then it took fifty years to double it—amazing! But then in the next twenty years, by about 1970, we doubled it again. It took only ten more years, to about 1980, to double that! Now it’s doubling every few years.

Knowledge is coming in like an avalanche. The information was coming so fast in the mid-eighties that NASA couldn’t put it into their computers fast enough. I heard that in approximately 1988 they were eight or nine years behind in simply entering the incoming data. At the same time this avalanche of knowledge is building up, the computers themselves, which are boosting the acceleration, are about to make a huge change. Approximately every eighteen months computers are doubling both speed and memory. First we came out with the 286, then the 386; then we had the 486, and now the 586 is out [this was 1993], which makes the 486 obsolete. We didn’t even know how to use the 486 yet, and here’s the 586. And we’ve already got the 686 planned. By the turn of the century or soon after-ward, a home computer will be so powerful and fast that it will surpass all of the present (1993) computers of NASA and the Pentagon combined.

A single computer will be so fast and powerful that it can actually watch the whole Earth and give constant weather data for every square inch of the planet. It will do things that now seem absolutely impossible. And we’re beginning to speed up our ability to enter the data: Now huge amounts of information are entered directly from other computers and scanners and direct voice. So with this incredible amount of knowledge entering into human consciousness, it becomes obvious that a major change for humankind is being birthed.

For thousands of years spiritual information was kept secret. Priests and priestesses of various religions or cults would give their lives to keep the rest of the world from knowing about one of their secret documents or piece of spiritual knowledge, making sure it remained secret. All the various spiritual groups and religions around the world had their secret information. Then suddenly, in the mid-sixties, the veil of secrecy was lifted. In unison, almost all the spiritual groups of the world opened their archives at the same moment in history. You can browse through books in your neighborhood bookstore and see information that has been sealed and guarded for thousands of years. Why? Why now?

Life on this planet is accelerating faster and faster and faster, obviously culminating in something new and different, perhaps just out of the reach of our normal imagination. We are always changing. What does this mean for the world?

Why is it happening? Better yet, why is it happening now? Why didn’t it happen a thousand years ago? Or why didn’t it wait to happen 100, 1000 or 10,000 years from now? It’s really important to understand the answer to this question, because if you don’t know why this is happening now, then you probably will not understand what’s happening to you in your life or be prepared for the coming changes.

Though I don’t want to get into the real meaning of what this is about right now, one of the answers lies in the fact that the computer is made out of silicon and we’re made out of carbon. It’s tied into the relationship of silicon and carbon, but I’ll leave that for a while and continue with the unusual nature of what’s happening here on Earth.
Ancients Secret of Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek Volllume 2