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Why We Should Be Hopeful


By Deus Nexus | David Nova



The world is awakening in so many diverse fields, in so many ordinary and extraordinary ways, by so many everyday heroes.  This should make us hopeful.  

That we are on the right track.  

That we are pushing ourselves forward into the Light.  

That we are rapidly evolving as a species on this small little planet in such a short span of time.

These days, Hope is a dangerous word.  There is the false hope of some imminent and miraculous rescue, some vague future date or some unspecified event that will bring instant salvation, dangled in front of us like a carrot on a stick.  

That shiny gold carrot can do one of two things.  It can encourage you to keep fighting, keep working, keep learning, keep moving forward.  Or it can discourage you, making you cynical, causing you to give up.  

Is your glass half-empty or half-full?  Which viewpoint do you think the Darkness wants you to choose?

As human beings we are all susceptible to the lure of a heroic fairy tale, waiting for a sign that the Calvary is coming over the hill, that a league of super heroes will save the day, that the good guys will conquer the bad guys.  But these are Hollywood movies. These are the dreams we dreamt as children.  Too many of us are still children, acting like children, thinking like children.

When we become adults, we no longer require that carrot dangled in front of us.  We no longer need the promise of Santa Claus arriving on Christmas morning.  We become Santa Claus for our children.  We learn to find and create our own inner motivation.  We learn to take responsibility for ourselves, for our lives, and for the future of our planet.  Our personal desire, the act of assuming responsibility, and our dedication to change is at the core of our maturity and the essence of real Hope.

We learn to grow our own carrots, we learn to cook them, we learn to serve them for dinner because they are healthy – not because they are made from sugary fairy tales.

Unfortunately, the world has become malnourished on a steady diet of sugary treats and Hollywood fairy tales.

Having hope means not giving in to our worst fears. It means recognizing that things are never really as bad as they might appear.  As of 2014:

  • We have not suffered a major global epidemic.
  • We have not suffered cataclysmic Earth changes.
  • Solar flares have not shut down the power grid.
  • A nuclear war has not broken out.
  • An asteroid has not destroyed the Earth.
  • Planet X had now shown up.
  • The Anunnaki have not arrived to enslave us.
  • A fake alien invasion has not been staged.
  • Martial law has not been declared.
  • The global economy has not yet collapsed.

Yes, there is still time… but remember, none of the dire predictions that have been made time and time again have come to pass. They haven’t occurred, even though we put a lot of our fear-based thoughts and energy into them.

And all the false promises of miraculous global liberation have not happened either.  

Every week there is some new anonymous insider claiming that people will ascend from the Earth, that the cabal has been defeated, that a new financial system has been set up, or that new wealth will be redistributed.  This is the flip side of ungrounded fear-based thinking … ungrounded hope-based thinking.  This is a duality game being played upon immature minds.

That’s not to say that wonderful, miraculous things won’t happen in one form or another, just that they require spiritual grounding, maturity, and real work to be manifested.  

There are miraculous things happening every day to ordinary people. There are so many everyday heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes, without gratitude or recognition or compensation… and that alone should give us hope. 

We are holding our ground, we are gaining new ground each and every day.

  • Whistleblowers are coming forward every day, exposing crime and corruption.
  • Scientists are working behind the scenes, creating amazing new technologies.
  • Military and intelligence insiders are preventing and exposing false flag events.
  • Archeologists are uncovering new evidence of our lost history.
  • Grassroots organizations are working towards UFO disclosure.
  • Light workers are building a world of universal love and higher vibration.
  • Political researchers are putting together the pieces of the multi-national elite puzzle.
  • Truth Tellers are exposing the information the corporate media will not reveal.
  • Freedom fighters are holding ground to maintain our personal liberties.
  • Health advocates are raising awareness of chemtrails and GMOs.
  • Doctors are discovering that life exists beyond death.
  • Physicists are recognizing that the Universe is comprised of energy and vibration.

And so many more examples.

The world is awakening in so many diverse fields, in so many ordinary and extraordinary ways, by so many everyday heroes.  This should make us hopeful.  That we are on the right track.  That we are pushing ourselves forward into the Light.  That we are rapidly evolving as a species on this small little planet in such a short span of time.

Yes, there will be many more challenges ahead, more obstacles to overcome, but the strength of the human spirit will propel us forward.  For it is that spirit, that divine spark within each one of us, that is the true carrot on the stick leading the way.  Never lose faith in that.  Never lose hope.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, and the blogger Deus Nexus.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website.

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Der grosse Betrug an der Menschheit Teil 1

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The Great CON of Man

Übersetzung: claudine

Dies ist eine ausgezeichnete Artikelserie, die ich sehr empfehle. 

Bradley beschreibt einige der tiefsten Tiefen des Betruges und den Zauber der Irreführung, Schwindel und Täuschung, die in uns einprogrammiert und uns auferlegt wurden. Um zu verstehen, was getan wurde, um vorwärts zu kommen und uns von dieser Traumwelt-Matrix frei zu schütteln, in der wir gehalten wurden, dazu müssen wir zuerst das verlernen, was uns gelehrt wurde.

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USA: Proteste in Groß-Städten gegen Willkür der Polizei

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Veröffentlicht: 26.11.14 01:02 Uhr 

In der US-Stadt Ferguson sind angesichts der Ausschreitungen zahlreiche Gebäude und PKW zerstört worden. Derzeit befindet sich noch die Nationalgarde in der Stadt. In sieben US-Großstädten laufen Demonstrationen gegen die Militarisierung und Willkür der Polizei.

In der US-Stadt Ferguson wurden im Verlauf der Krawalle zwischen Anwohnern und Sicherheits-Beamten bisher 29 Personen festgenommen. Zudem wurden zahlreiche Gegenstände beschlagnahmt.

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Anonymous sendet eine Botschaft an das deutsche Volk – Deutschland

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by ehrliche Propaganda

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Veröffentlicht am 27.07.2014
Anonymous die mysteriöse Hackergruppierung hat ein neues Video veröffentlich, in dem sie sich an die deutschen Bürger wenden. 

Dieses Video möchte ich euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten.
Ich werte die Aussage im Video, wie immer, nicht, und überlasse euch selbst das Denken

"Alle deutsche haben das Recht zum Widerstand!"

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Diplomat: Möglicher NATO-Beitritt Kiews – verheerendster Beschluss der Allianz

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© AP/ Virginia Mayo, File

19:27 25/11/2014

WIEN, 25. November (RIA Novosti).

Der von der NATO 2008 unter Druck der USA gefasste Beschluss, der Ukraine und Georgien eine Mitgliedschaft zu ermöglichen, ist die verheerendste Entscheidung der Allianz seit Jahrzehnten gewesen. Das erklärte der russische Vizeaußenminister Sergej Rjabkow am Dienstag in Wien.

Dieser noch lange vor der Wahl von Pjotr Poroschenko zum Präsidenten der Ukraine gefasste Beschluss laufe der Logik des politischen und diplomatischen Prozesses zuwider.

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Staatsverschuldung – In Spanien beginnt die Diskussion über das Ende der Schulden-Bremse

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Veröffentlicht: 26.11.14 00:47 Uhr 

Die spanische Oppositionspartei PSOE will die in der Verfassung verankerte Schuldenbremse rückgängig machen. 

Parteichef Sanchez, hat angekündigt, den Fehler zu korrigieren, den er und seine Partei mit der Verfassungsänderung 2011 begangen hätten. Die PSOE war zum Zeitpunkt der Reform an der Regierung und hat seitdem massiv an Wählerstimmen verloren.

Die spanische Oppositionspartei PSOE will die 2011 in der Verfassung verankerte Schuldenbremse rückgängig machen.

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Neue Experimente zum Woodward-Raumantrieb

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Dr. James Woodward arbeitet, unterstützt von Dr. Heidi Fearn, an der California State University in Fullerton am experimentellen Nachweis des von ihm 1990 beschriebenen quantenphysikalischen Effekts. Der in einer Kraftwirkung resultiert, die den Newtonschen Gesetzen zu widersprechen scheint. 

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