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Devil lurks behind Sochi Olympics
  Feb 06, 2014

The dark presence of the "Devil" in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the threat of terror were foreshadowed all the way back in April 2013 via the Boston Marathon bombings...

How? Three main reasons...

First, marathon is traditionally the main event of the Olympics.

Second, Boston's Boylston Street where the bombings took place annually aligns with the sunset on February 6-7. In 2014 this precisely coincides with the start of the Sochi Olympics. (First competitions begin on Feb 6, then opening ceremony on Feb 7.)

Three, and this is where the Devil said "hi", the exact address of the area around the marathon finish line where the bombs exploded is "666 Boylston Street, Boston, MA"! Even though the street number "666" is skipped and does not actually exist today, that's where it wouldbe if it did. Enter that address in Google Maps/Earth and you'll be taken precisely to that location.

[Address "666 Boylston Street, Boston, MA" =
2013 Boston Marathon finish line / bombing area]

The entire duration of the Sochi Olympics is radioactive with a string of key dates. Here I'll highlight the window around February 22-23coinciding with the end of the Olympics (Feb 23)... accompanied by a significant heliocentric planetary alignment involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars along the Earth's equinoctial angle.

Ominously it will also coincide with a proposed date of theViking/Norse doomsday "Ragnarok".

News links:

...and more. A lot happening there.

The Super Bowl? Already decoded to a great degree (very different from the typical stuff the other "ritual decoders" are saying). I'll bring it out of the Underground eventually. For now, we can briefly talk about the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on Super Bowl Day (Feb 2)... as the Devil was lurking there as well.

Hoffman starred in a 2007 film called Before the Devil Knows You'reDead... Enough said.

[Hinzugefügt by W. Timm / Carl-Huter-Zentral-Archiv, Husum & Madrid:

Actually there's more: The film is heavily about Hoffman's character's drug problems, particularly heroin, the drug that killed the actor...

As already noted by many, "horse" is a slang for heroin. And his first name Philip means "horse loving". ("Philippines" derives from Philip, which is relevant to the Haiyan "Phoenix Storm.) 

This is obviously significant in the context of the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse which just began on January 31 and of the related "Dark Horse"symbolism - all discussed in my article Dark Horse at Hellgate.

Enough for now...

Dark Horse at Hellgate
  Feb 01, 2014



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