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The Phoenix Storm
  Nov 14, 2013
Started writing it as an update but it got so long I decided to make it into an "article"...

Time of Discord
  Oct 10, 2013
As you may have noticed, right on the day of Comet ISON's close encounter with Mars (Oct 1), the US government shutdown started...

Washington DC... District of Columbia...Columba... (Latin meaning) Dove...peace symbol. 
Seen in this context the government shutdown implies "peace shutting down", i.e. a chaos omen, like the Golden Apple of Discord in mythology that causes the Trojan War.

As noted previouslyISON is "Trojan" in nature in that its perihelion (closest point to sun) will be on Thanksgiving (Nov 28) aka "Turkey Day". 

(Trojan = Troy = ancient city in what is now Turkey.)

And it just so happens that the name of Turkey's capital, Ankara, means "anchor", implying "gravity". 

The apple and gravity go hand in hand via Newton...
During the 2012 London Paralympics opening ceremony, apples (including golden ones), gravity, and Newton were highlighted together.

And of course the highly acclaimed and currently #1 film Gravity debuted on October 4th, just a few days after the ISON-Mars close encounter.

[Gravity - October 4, 2013]

My current projection is that this pattern complex will have a big peak inDecember with a temporal anchor point on the winter solstice (closely interacting with ~Dec 8-11)... the 1st anniversary of the "end" of the Mayan calendar. There's something powerful there still...

But before we get there, we'll have a very intense conjunction of ISONMars, andRegulus, the brightest star in Leo. The name Regulus means "prince" resonating with both Prince William and his freshly born baby Prince George whom we've been calling a "Martian baby" for more than a year. We've also dubbed it a "Grail baby", and ISON is something of a "Grail cometas discussed back in January. So "prince" (Regulus), "Martian" and "Grail" (ISON/SION)... together, on ~October 15.

It will be just a couple of days later from there when we'll see Mars and ISON at their closest point to each other, as seen from Earth, on Oct 17... the day of thedebt ceiling deadline in the US which would greatly intensify the government shutdown crisis started on Oct 1 (ISON's Mars flyby day). Should be quite intense what we'll see right around that time on both macro and micro/personal levels.

Closely following that will be an Appleevent on Oct 22, introducing new iPads and other products, followed the very next day by Prince George being christened at St James' Place in London.

But all leading to the chaos of December...

ISON's Martian impact/panspermia & Golden Apple
  Sep 25, 2013

[Comet ISON's Mars flyby on October 1, 2013]

We talked about/predicted the rapidly emerging Martian panspermia "signals" around us, i.e a space rock from Mars seeding Earth with life, in effect the moment of Deep Impact and Genesis... That's almost exactly the narrative not so subtly underlying the incoming Comet ISON. It enters the inner solar system "through Mars". On October 1st, 2013,Comet ISON will fly by the Red Planet, a very close encounter. There, it symbolically becomes a "Martian space rock" flying inward toward the Sun...

Comet ISON will then reach perihelion(closest to the Sun), when it will shine the brightest, on November 28, which in the US is Thanksgiving, aka "Turkey Day". The country Turkey is where the ancient city Troy was located. Troy as in theTrojan War... started by the Golden Apple (of Discord), i.e. one of the majorthemes we've been closely tracking!

It is definitely intensifying again just in time for ISON. Just the other day, Apple's golden iPhone was released... Apple and golden - together "Golden Apple".

Martian/ISON Deep Impact and major omen (Golden Apple)... And December is coming.

Pattern fulfillment
  Aug 31, 2013
As predicted, "Martian panspermia" in August 2013...

Aug 28/29 Study: Earth Life Likely Came from Mars
We may all be Martians.

Evidence is building that Earth life originated on Mars and was brought to this planet aboard a meteorite, said biochemist Steven Benner of The Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology in Florida [who] presented his findings today (Aug. 28; Aug. 29 local time) at the annual Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Florence, Italy
. [...]
This is exactly what I had pre-higlighted as a central theme of the month in previous updates:

[Aug 28 Martian panspermia announcement/news]
Another side of the "Martian Deep Impact" theme is that it can - because Mars is the planet/god of war - imply "War Deep Impact". 
This was already expressed through Egypt/Cairo mid August. 
Now we have the Syria situation... with a related long-running theme of the Trojan War/Golden Apple tightly attached... a connection to be explained or be quite evident soon.

Golden Apple & Trojan War

Martian panspermia (time code update)
  Aug 21, 2013
A quick update on the "Deep Impact" timecode... First and foremost, a strong expression of the Martian panspermia/Deep Impact theme projected for ~August 15-16 manifested most visibly in the form of turmoil in Cairo right next to Giza...

...supplemented by a number of multicontextually entangled events/signals including a new batch of A-Rod/Biogenesis headlines, implying "a-steroid", life-origin, etc. (see previous update).

It's important to mention again that A-Rod's "bio-genesis"/birthday is July 27, the date of the London Olympicsopening ceremony last year right at one of the apexes of the Earth orbital pentagram.

The pentagram implies the Golden Ratio (1:1.618 or 0.618:1)...

If we use the London Olympics opening ceremony (7/27/2012) and the "end" of Mayan calendar (12/21/2012) as temporal anchor points to generate Golden Ratios...

...this is what we get (we did this many weeks ago on STRUG):

As you can see, August 15, 2013/Deep Impact window is magically pinpointed! 

Not only that, the inverted timeline goes to ~March 21, 2013, pinpointing a majormeteor event along the US East Coast, resonating with "Deep Impact". Perfectly meaningful there as well.

In this context, the following tragedy on August 14/15 (death on the 14th, reported on the 15th) makes almost too much sense...

The stuntman who parachuted in to the London 2012 opening ceremony as James Bond has been killed in an accident. [...] Mr Sutton doubled for Daniel Craig's James Bond as he and a stuntman playing the Queen jumped from a helicopter over the Olympic Stadium last summer. [...]
The Golden Ratio timeline goes from the London Olympics opening ceremony to Aug 15, 2013. A key figure (parachutist) from the Olympic opening ceremony dies on August 14-15, 2013 falling from the sky like a space rock. Now that's a solid pattern/fulfillment.

In my article "Olympics & Martian Resurrection" (8/3/2012) from last year, the parachute scene was specifically highlighted and interpreted as expressing the idea of Martian panspermia. If you recall...

So everything fits. And just the tip of the iceberg. It's a powerful pattern - a sequence of events - that's still unfolding...

Biogenesis Deep Impact
  Aug 12, 2013

Regarding our August "Deep Impact" window(s)...
...the configuration possesses very powerful energy and as we've been saying we can probably expect one or more impact events or portents early August anchored around the 5th, followed quickly by the next window around mid August anchored around August 16... [from previous update]
As expected, major "portents" around Orange Alignment day (Aug 5)collectively pointed ahead to the next step of the August sequence around August 15-16...

First, big headlines on ~August 5 concerning an imminent solar magnetic field reversal (or "pole shift")...

For this I remind the reader about the pentagonal geometry of the Orange Alignment which interacts with the previous one (February 28) coinciding with the exit of Pope Benedict XVI which began the "Pope Shift" period...

...pinpointing the mid-August "Deep Impact" window:

The alignment line passing right through the Sun, in effect mirroring or reversingtwo Earth positions, from 2/11 (Pope Benedict resignation announcement) to 8/15-16. In other words, "solar reversal".

Now, pay attention to that date, 2/11... or "211". The biggest headlines (at least in the US) on August 5th were those concerning the Major League Baseball player A-Rod...

...suspended for "211" days. And this was for allegedly taking performance enhancing drugs or steroids. The singular form of "steroids" is "a steroid" or "asteroid" evoking space rock Deep Impact.

Deep Impact Day = "August 16" (in movie)

Right on time, it was also right around August 5 that the Russian meteor Deep Impact from February was back in the news.

Now, the idea of "Deep Impact" (space rocks hitting earth) and panspermia(interplanetary seeding via space rocks) go hand in hand...

Panspermia is the origin of life on a planet (Earth). The MLB/A-Rod scandal is also known as the "Biogenesis baseball scandal" as "Biogenesis" happens to be the name of the clinic accused of providing performance-enhancing drugs or steroids to A-Rod and others. 

Biogenesis as in "bio" meaning "life" and "genesis" meaning "origin" i.e. "origin of lifea la panspermia! ("Biogenesis" is a scientific term for the generation of life from existing life, which is what panspermia is all about.)

Another possible interpretation of "biogenesis" is that it alludes to "birthday", the beginning of someone's life. In this case A-Rod's birthday, July 27, which happens to be a pentagram date... last year coinciding with the start/genesis of the London Olympics.

What happened at the Olympic opening ceremony? As far as symbolism/multicontextual communication, I wrote the following in "Olympics & Martian Resurrection" posted last summer:
If you watched the opening ceremony, you know how they turned out. Or maybe not. While some of the confirmations were fairly obvious, in your face even, like the "Tower of Babel" and the "Babylon Baby," there were other parts probably too cryptic for the average observer to discern. Especially the "Martian panspermia" segment. I am writing this article to elucidate what "really" happened at the Olympics opening ceremony...
So my assessment has always been that the opening ceremony on July 27, 2012 was heavily about - aside from the imminent (and now fulfilled) conception/pregnancy/birth of the Royal Baby - (Martian) panspermia.

Dots connect... big time (if heavily coded and subtle so far).

This is essentially what's going on right now heading into the mid August window anchored at August 15-16. And the assumption is that "Deep Impact" by definition won't be so subtle.

Related key dates:
  • ~August 13 resonates with last month's San Francisco jetliner crash, which was a form of "deep impact"
  • Around 2nd half of August is when Comet ISON reappears from behind the Sun (major comet resonating with Deep Impact)
  • ~August 20 is when Comet ISON will make its closest approach to Mars (resonating with Martian panspermia)
  • So on and so forth...

August = Orange + Deep Impact
  Aug 03, 2013
There is something extra special about the imminent Orange/Golden Apple Alignment (Venus-Sun-Mercury) coming up around August 5. (For those new here, we've been tracking Orange Alignments for many years now which have been consistently reliable time markers for major events of certain nature.) It's going to be pentagonal in terms of orbital geometry...

...directly echoing the previous Orange Alignment which also had pentagonal geometry!

Back to back pentagonal Orange Alignments...

And just as previously demonstrated with a Pope Shift event (Pope Benedict XVI stepping down that exact day), the configuration possesses very powerful energy and as we've been saying we can probably expect one or more impact events or portents early August anchored around the 5th, followed quickly by the next window around mid Augustanchored around August 16 which is not only another pentagonal date (Earth orbital position)...

...but also the day of Deep Impact in the movie Deep Impact.

There was of course a real-life Deep Impact event back in February right in the midst of the Pope Shift period (Feb 11-28)

It produced its own papal great-circle alignment with Rome and Rio, Brazil where Pope Francis just visited on his first international trip July 22-28, 2013.

These are just a small portion of multicontextual clues pointing to "big things lurking in August" mentioned in my previous July 14 update:
And it's all about to happen right now. The Royal/Grail/Martian Baby birth this week/month, followed by Pope Francis' trip to Rio, and some big things lurking in August. These are all heavily entangled events with profound implications.
Already we are seeing the most significant terror threat/warning in 10 years covering the whole month of August...

...setting the general tone for the rest of what's likely about to happen which should fit the term "Deep Impact".

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