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Nelson Mandela visits his former cell in the notorious Robben Island prison off the coast of Cape Town on February 10, 1995. He spent 19 of his 27 years in jail.

Mr Mandela visiting his old cell in 1995

Zelle MandelasSo werden wir angelogen

Die ersten Bilder zeigen Obama als er vor kurzem in Süd Afrika war.

Obama besuchte Robben Island (Robben Insel) und ist zu sehen in der Zelle von Mandela.

Das Bild zeigt ein Bett auf dem Boden.

In den älteren Bildern weiter unten ist Mandela in derselben Zelle zu sehen wo er ein Bett hat, und auch sonst gut eingerichtet ist.

Weitere Bilder zeigen Mandela in seinem Luxus Gefängnis mit Schwimmbad.

Ein gutes Leben hatte er im Gefängnis, wo er doch ein Mörder und Terrorist ist.

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Robben Island Jail: Obama Visits Mandela Cell
The US President visits the jail with his wife and daughters in what he called a “great privilege and honour”.
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This is what the world is being shown now

zelle mandelaPhotographs showing an empty room suggesting that Mandela had slept on the floor all those years.

This is the misleading message being sent out to the world

Here is Nelson Mandela himself, proudly posing in the very same prison cell, bed and all.

A few more actual photographs, long before Obama’s visit.

Who do you believe? Obama or Nelson Mandela himself proudly posing in his cell?

Still believe and trust the liberal media?

There are many more such examples. Ask yourself this:

If the media could blatantly lie, blatantly set-up this cell differently to create a very obscured impression of the truth, what else about the ANC (and Apartheid) have they blatantly and deliberately set-up to create a wrong impression, the impression they want you to have?

Nelson Mandela was not on on Robben Island for 27 years as said, but only for 18 years and in March 1982 he was moved to Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town (along with other ANC leaders Walter Sisulu, Andrew Mlangeni, Ahmed Kathrada and Raymond Mhlaba) where he was taken on frequent trips to see his attorneys and members of parliament. >From there in the 1980’s he was moved to Victor Verster prison in Paarl where he had a white chef / housekeeper (Butler?) / Secretary and lived in a house that was built for prison staff.
In 1985, Mandela was admitted to the Volks Hospital in Cape Town for prostate surgery, while Polsmoor Prison had a very well equipped hospital.

The media dishes up as “facts”, to obscure the truth. The same applies to the history of South Africa. Nothing is as it is being told.

The truth behind the media’s lies and fantasies!!
It seems the mainstream media is adamant about feeding us and the rest of the world a overflowing bowl of lies and fantasy and sadly most of the sheeple are stupid enough to eat it up and ask for seconds!!

First they show the cell on Robin Island where poor old Madiba spent most of his life before being released?? A blanket on the floor and not much else? Shame – how terrible ….??? So why did they not show the four bedroom house with a swimming pool, personal chef and medical professionals where he was held for years?? Why? Because it does not serve their purpose. Showing the world that for many years he was held in abject luxury would not garner the sympathy toward the ANC and hatred toward the whites in this country that they need to continue with their hidden agendas and murder of the Boer people!! The fact that for many years he could have opted to be released but chose to remain in prison is never part of the story in the mainstream media!!
But then to be fair to the old terrorist if Winnie was waiting for me on the outside I would also have opted for prison!!