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Jul 22: Kate gives birth
Jul 22: Deadly earthquake/Birthquake in China
Jul 22: Pope Francis arrives in Rio, Brazil
See below for context...

Jul 22: Kate in labor
Jul 22: Deadly earthquake/Birthquake in China
Jul 22: Pope Francis arrives in Rio, Brazil
See below for context...

U  P  D  A  T  E  S
Royal/Grail/Martian Baby & Pope
  Jul 14, 2013

Well here we are, mid July, the Sun is finally right next to Comet ISONand we are waiting for the birth of the Royal/Grail/Martian Baby. (See Comet ISON's Countdown To Grail Resurrection for detail.)

The stage has been multicontextually set by a series of recent world events including the Egyptian coup d'etatAsiana Flight 214 crashin San Francisco and life detected in an Antarctic subglacial lake.

We'll keep it short for now but the Egyptian unrest points to Mars (= name "Cairo" & Great Sphinx)...
 well as Orion via Robert Bauval's Orion Correlation Theory.


Orion represents Osiris the ancient Egyptian god of the Underworld... and Mars the fire planet was at Orion's "torch" position just a few days ago...

...interacting with the fact that every year the Sun sets alight Orion's torch on the summer solstice, or Prince William's birthday.

We have an earthly analogue in the Statue of Liberty, the world-famous torch bearer whose "birthday" so to speak is Independence Day, the 4th of July...

...this year closely coinciding with the coup d'etat in Egypt!

This was followed by the jetliner crash in San Francisco...

For us around here San Francisco has always been a major piece of the puzzle heavily woven into events/codes surrounding the Royal Union (Kate, William, and the Baby).

Here I'll just remind you that the city is in the "Golden State" (California) and has the Golden Gate Bridge as its landmark. Accordingly we can use the Golden Ratio (1:1.618 or 0.618:1) to reveal S.F./Golden Gate's geometric connection to the Tropic of Cancer which is the earth's latitude reflecting the Sun's angle (declination) on thesummer solstice... or Prince William's birthday.

And of course the relevance of San Francisco was dramatically acknowledged by the rise of Pope Francis earlier this year who took his papal name from Saint Francis or "San Francisco". Highly meaningful and timely right now as Pope Francis is about to embark on his first major trip outside of Italy to Rio, Brazil for the World Youth Day celebrations July 22-28. (Brazil or Latin America is something I kept highlighting as a key factor in the Pope Shift situation even before the conclave elected the first pope from South America.)

And it just so happens that Rio along with (more precisely) Sao Paulonearby sits on the Tropic of Capricorn, i.e. the southernmost angle of the Sun on the winter solstice, the most recent one marking the "end" of the Mayan calendar (12/21/2012). This mirrors the Orion torch position/timing of the Sun on the summer solstice.

saopaulo-capricorn.gif (49491 bytes)

As noted back then, a great circle (= straight path on a sphere) passing through Rio and Rome (= Pope location) pinpoints the "deep impact" location of the mid-February Russian meteor strike right during thePope Shift (Feb-Mar)!

In this context the Asiana Flight 218 "falling from the sky" in San Francisco seems to continue the papal "deep Impact" omen.

And of course within 24 hours of the SF plane crash came these news headlines:

Per our interpretation from last year, the Antarctic drilling projects by Russia, UK and US imply "opening the Underworld" and making contact with "alien" life forms, designed to reflect the hidden nature of the Royal/Grail/Martian Baby coming out of the "underworld" womb of Kate. ("King Arthur" returning from "Avalon".)  We used the parallel to accurately predict the pregnancy announcement back in December. (I also accurately predicted the royal engagement before that.)

For example, here is from my post published on STRUG (members only) more than a month before the royal pregnancy announcement (12/3/2012):

...From time to time I'd like to remind the readers that my brand of symbolism/synchronicity study differs greatly from the others out there in this important regard. Anyone can talk symbolism. That's easy. But prove it via pattern projection (future pattern assessment)? That's a whole another thing and I can't say that I see anyone else (bloggers, researchers, etc.) doing it successfully and consistently. Because it's very difficult. It's not just about observational skills, pattern recognition, base knowledge, and all that, but also about one's awareness of own psychology, philosophy, etc. It's not surprising that very few come out of the filters. But I digress...

What I'm sensing now is that this British team drilling into an Antarctic "underworld" to find "alien life" tapped in there for millions of years... has that same kind of vibe, i.e.foreshadowing a major Royal Union/Birth event. In this case, presumably, Kate getting pregnant. [...]

Assuming the window is valid, then the royal pregnancy is bound to happen within a few months in either direction from the December 2012 underworld drilling by theBritish team. [Update: Kate's pregnancy was indeed announced on December 3rd] How intriguing that it appears to be set up to resonate with the "end" of the Mayan calendar. As you know, the Mayan thing has a lot to do with their galactic "underworld" Xibalba associated with the idea of rebirth. Again, perfect symbolism. [...]

If we assume the pregnancy announcement (or 12-week point) to come around the "end" of the Mayan calendar, 12/21/2012, the baby would be likely to have been conceived in October, and would be born around early July 2013. [...]

Things are getting really interesting now... And let's not forget about the "Birthquake" aspect of all this, which is... ominous.
And it's all about to happen right now. The Royal/Grail/Martian Baby birth this week/month, followed by Pope Francis' trip to Rio, and some big things lurking in August. These are all heavily entangled events with profound implications.

Enough for now...

Future Knowledge
  May 23, 2013
I will be posting some information soon to get things around here more up to date. In the meantime, check out the new Intro recently added, "Future Knowledge", originally written in 2011 as my contributing chapter to The Sync Book edited by Alan Abbadessa-Green.

I plan to do some in-depth discussions on recent big world events from a multicontextual perspective revealing, for instance, how we could pinpoint it ahead of time (April "week of hell" etc.) and what the implications are for the upcoming months. Synchronicity is about patterns and patterns automatically and necessarily imply predictability. It logically follows that any synch heads or gurus out there who can't predict anything at all or regularly (i.e. most of them) would have to be compared to little kindergarten kids playing in a sandbox. Nothing wrong with that, but the importance of "future knowledge" cannot be overstated and should be viewed as a measuring stick for sync/pattern recognition/multicontextual awareness competency.

April hell fire - PART 4
  April 20, 2013
"Week From Hell"...

A pattern projected & fulfilled...
From March 11 update: "...great Trojan Inferno towards thelatter half of April. It'll be in April and beyond."

From March 28 update: "...the latter half April at the earliest [...] this is one of the most important celestial time markers of 2013, very heavily resonating with the Trojan War/Golden Apple theme we've been closely tracking since last year. [...] It will be chaotic and fiery..."

From April 7 update "April hell fire": "...a 'countdown' window right now [...] coming up around the latter half of April and beyond [...] The "Trojan War/Golden Apple (of Discord)" theme is basically not peaceful. Think chaos from hell..."

See more below (earlier updates)