Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011



As hinted not so subtly in our "Turkey window" trigger which was decidedly "Martian"...

...the most outwardly significant world event lasting the entire duration of the window was a "Martian Uprising"... in Cairo, Egypt.

Mars = Cairo

Nov 2011 Cairo protests (before elections)

Nov 20 Egypt protests: Death toll up in Cairo
Nov 21 Cairo clashes rage on, 24 people killed
Nov 21 Egypt's Cabinet resigns as protests intensify
Nov 23 Army concessions fail to end Cairo unrest
Nov 23 Cairo clashes continue; World pressure mounts
Nov 25 Egypt's new PM claims more powers
Nov 25 Mass rally in Cairo ahead of election
Nov 28 Egypt votes in first post-Mubarak elections
"Cairo" (al-Qahirah literally meaning "victorious") happens to be an ancient Arabic name for the planet Mars.


This was a direct continuation from the original Revolution period, late January-mid February 2011 (culminating in the ouster of president Mubarak on February 11), when Mars was "burning" with the Sun.


"As above, so below", and intensely "pentagrammic", expressing our mega-theme - "rising from the underworld":

NOVEMBER 22, 2011.

The trigger date November 22 was additionally marked by another Martian event in the form of "Phobos-Grunt", Russia's Mars probe, re-establishing contact with the controllers for the first time after going dark in low-earth orbit early November...

Nov 09 Russian Engineers Race to Save Troubled Mars Probe
Nov 09 Phobos-Grunt 'most toxic falling satellite ever'?
Nov 12 Russian Probe Will Likely Come Crashing Back to Earth
Nov 14 Russia Mars probe may fall to Earth in January
Nov 16 Shooting down Russian Mars mission an option?
Nov 23 It's Alive! Russia's Phobos-Grunt Probe Phones Home

Then a few days later (Nov 26) it was NASA's turn to launch a probe to Mars (called Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity)...


Nov 26 Giant NASA rover launches to Mars

This one was "designed" to coincide with another, heavily interconnected (we won't go into that here) alignment of the two recent "doomsday" space rocks, asteroid 2005 YU55 and Comet Elenin, with the Sun, like this:


Made extra special by an additional, pentagrammic alignment simultaneously produced by Venus. (I hope the readers are fully cognizant of the fact that all these pentagrammic alignments of the Turkey window are intrinsically major confirmations of what I had shown in ELENIN: Lucifer's Comet as the underlying message of the ongoing "extraterrestrial contact".)


If you take a look at the YU55 orbit, you can see that it and the Mars orbit are tangent, expressing "Martian contact".


The asteroid is also "Martian" in that it almost hit Earth on November 8, the exact day (in GMT) Russia launched Phobos-Grunt to Mars (still stuck in low-earth orbit).


Nov 08 Huge Asteroid 2005 YU55 Zips by Earth
In a sense, 2005 YU55 became a "double" for Phobos-Grunt as it "came out of the Earth" simultaneously on launch day (of Phobos-Grunt) and is now headed toward the "Mars contact point"... which approximately coincides with one of the apexes of an upright pentagram inscribed inside Mars orbit... where Mars will find itself around December 14, 2011.

PHI = GOLDEN RATIO = 1:1.618.

It becomes "magical" as we discover that this exact date pops up in a conceptually highly compatible "Mayan Phi-nix timeline" (phi = golden ratio = 1:1.618) employing as a temporal anchor the date of the BP Deepwater Horizon sinking in the Gulf of Mexico (start of the terrible oil leak disaster - oil "rising out of the underworld")...

As you can see, the relevancy of this particular time code is made very evident in the fact that the inverse of the golden ratio pinpoints the Royal Wedding (Will & Kate) which is another major "rising from the underworld" (or phoenix-Lucifer-King Arthur out of Avalon) ritual event of cosmic significance per "Lucifer's Destiny". So among other things, we continue to wonder about Kate's pregnancy situation, i.e. seemingly imminent announcement, multicontextually intertwined with the whole "Birthquake" scenario.

Speaking of that, Mars is "pregnant" as well... via the infamous "Face on Mars":

Mirroring each side of the "face" reveals a combination of a hominid face and a leonine face (as pointed out by researchers like Hoagland).

Taking it one step further, the hominid face could actually (also) be, as I revealed on this site back in ~2003, a pregnant human body.

We are talking "Martian Sphinx"...

Multicontextually speaking, it's been increasingly apparent to me that there is a growing correlation between the Royal Couple pregnancy/birth potentiality and that of Mars, i.e. life on Mars... "Martian (ET) Contact".

Enough for now...